ZERO Pensions;  Short Window Retirement Planning Helps

Updated : Aug 31, 2019 in Articles

ZERO Pensions; Short Window Retirement Planning Helps

why do you think the media has been so
receptive to this type of opportunity I mean is this a huge problem it’s
happening right now the retirement things been very interesting way back
when there used to be pensions hmm but with a global economy the stagnant wages
for the last 15, 20 maybe even 30 years people changing jobs 12, 15 times in their career pensions have just dropped
out they went this way the CD and the floppy disk and they’re just not there
anymore and people don’t know what to do so people are interested retirement
board survey said that 64 percent of people have less than $50,000 and
savings for retirement and the idea of retirement is you should be enjoying
yourself at that point in time and most people seem to be scurrying around just
trying to cover the ends it’s not happy

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