Why These Millennials Live in a Retirement Home

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Why These Millennials Live in a Retirement Home

JONATAN SHAYA: My mom actually
told me about this new project that she heard from
a friend of hers. So I went to my computer, and I
started writing an application. EMIL BOSTROM: It’s
almost like a dorm, but the people aren’t young. They’re old. [MUSIC PLAYING] MIKI MIELONEN: In
Finnish culture, young people all pretty much
move out when they are 18. But now, they are not going
to get their independence, because they don’t have money
to move out in Helsinki if they want to live here. The prices are very, very high. Our project is called
A Home That Fits. This is one solution, for youth
homeless problem in Helsinki. EMIL BOSTROM: The application
process was quite long, because there was, I think, a
little bit over 300 applicants. I was really ecstatic, because
basically, I was homeless. Not on the street, but homeless. [SPEAKING FINNISH] JONATAN SHAYA: In
a normal apartment, it’s like the neighbors
don’t exactly talk to you. Because Finnish people are–
I don’t know– kind of shy. Here, they were very welcoming. I had this really
heartwarming feeling that it’s good to be here. I went to my neighbor. I was actually baking
some sweet buns. So I baked for her. And she was like, oh, welcome. Come in. And we talked, and
we drank coffee. [SPEAKING FINNISH] EMIL BOSTROM: The gap between
young people and the old isn’t that big that
we can’t be friends and can’t interact
and get along. So I guess in the
bigger picture, we can show the
rest of the world, and especially Finland,
that this is a good thing, and it’s worth investing in,
and that both young people and old people can benefit
from something like this. NARRATOR: Please check
out this next video. MAN: We were sort of like, well,
we pulled off this weird trick. How many other
places could we get into if we started doing this? It’s very enjoyable to
appreciate the world around you and to have the
opportunity to do so. NARRATOR: Thanks
for watching, and be sure to subscribe
to “Seeker Stories.”


  • This is an amazing idea. We should be learning the elderly but instead we abandon them. I'm glad to see in this big world there are still pockets of real community.

  • Not a bad idea lol it's like working for Disney but with old people, awesome parks, free food and cheerleader from every state each year lol.

  • I live in Finland and and as the guy said, Finnish people are quite shy, and that is true, we like to be on our own and have our own privacy, but it's amazing to see that something like this is possible here, even with our introverted culture.

  • Very nice idea.But what is wrong with staying with your parents unless you find a decent job and earn enough to buy your own home?? Why move out in just 18? One can study and earn from his/her parent's home and should save enough to move out at the age of 25-26..That is why Asian culture has strong family value and bonding.

  • This is actually a pretty wonderful idea. You only have to make sure through the vetting process that the kids will be respectful and not a bunch of frat bros; which in this case you did.

  • Over here, there are young one that live in retiring home but it's not their choice. They have to live there because they have disabilities and there is no place for them.

  • "I once imagined being the moon and needing the sun, so I could shine. Now i kind of expect those youngsters to be that sun to me."

    I really like how she described the relationship between the Millennials and elderly.

  • They also have some daycares in elderly homes, which I think is such a great idea 🙂 I would have loved to have done this when I was younger…

  • When I first saw the title I thought this was some new "hip" thing to do but this actually a good idea.

  • 1. I think that mixed retirement homes are a good idea.
    2. It's inspiring to see the lengths that they will go to have their independence.

  • Awww, this is so cute, especially as a Finn living next to Helsinki myself!
    Damn, I would sure like to meet Jonatan and ask about his experience living there.

  • young people are loud and listen to music and watch videos with high bass, old people will get irritated fast

  • I remember volunteering at a retirement home once and some of the seniors there rarely get any visitors. Seeing this, gives me hope that this trend might spread around. 🙂

  • In my 20ies I use to rent a room from an old Jewish woman. I would come home from being out and about and would sit with here in the living room. She was an tough ol gal but I learned a lot from her.

  • This is really great , it's awesome for the old people and the young alike! And the house looks really good , retirement homes in my country are hell i'm really happy that old people in Finland they live in good conditions 🙂

  • This is such a good idea. It was so inspiring to watch as it promotes interaction between young adults and the elders. It's also a good way to get more people to accompany and understand the older generations. Sweet story 🙂

  • This is a great idea and I have read that is also being implemented in the Netherlands. However it's frustrating as a young profesional to think of the future with regards to housing as a serious problem. Most of my friends in their 30's with several years experience in their fields, can't afford to rent a decent apartment much less consider purchasing one. The price of housing is becoming everyday more detached from the current economic reality and legislation needs to be implemented to allow affordable housing for everyone.

  • Is that PrankInvasion at 0:05? If he is, enjoy intercourse with Bernie Sanders who isn't a Socialist but a pedophile.

  • All of my friends when I was a teenager were in their 50's and another group in their 80-90"s. Old people rule! They give no fucks and are down to talk about anything. Plus you learn a lot which is extremely good in any professional environment. They expand your mind in such a way that their is a mindset that everyone is truly equal and should be treated as such.

  • man, this kind of living condition is perfect for me. i love the elders as a matter of fact, i spend more time with them than people my age which is late 20's. also when i was still a kid up till my highschool years, about half of the time im the one who's taking care of my grandma. i was her grandchild and her nurse. i've always been close to elders since i was a kid. i just enjoy their company, love having conversations with them and you learn a lot from them. i find it really sad where i live now that most elders are being ignored and neglected. a lot of younger people here doesn't even respect them. this needs to be applied here in the US.

  • Revolutionary! Homeless 19 year old's in the U.S. just end up on the street, sleeping underneath a highway overpass with the constant danger of being attacked or killed, getting themselves into 72 hour hold psych wards over and over again so they can shower/sleep in a bed/eat, couch surfing with friends or strangers which can be dangerous, being in a shelter, occasionally squatting in abandoned buildings/living in their vehicles until the cops come to arrest them. There ain't no program for them to get reduced rent by living in a retirement home. There ain't no programs at all. You have to fend for yourself, and people don't give a fuck if you're suffering. The ones who DO care don't have the ability to help you, because they're struggling with housing security too! The American Dream??? It doesn't exist. More like The American Nightmare!

  • I wish the U.S. had this, I've always thought elders had interesting views and opinions. I think living with them would a great experience.

  • This is such a great idea. It's obvious… but so hidden – I love it. This is what we used to do way back. Before the industrial revolution, before the modern advent of what we have now. The old and the young used to sit, side by side and teach and laugh and learn. What a wonderful thing to get back to. I do hope this spreads.

  • Perhaps the world is gradually moving back to the way it was, where the 'old people' were venerated and respected and whole families stayed together. It's a place where everyone has a job and everyone feels needed and indeed, is needed.

  • Very cool Idea! Just make sure it is safe for the residents..You young ones can Learn so very much from us seniors! Good idea please pass this on the usa!

  • i came here thinking it's about stupid kids who put their parents in old age home, turned out to be something so beautiful 🙂

  • i came here thinking it's about stupid kids who put their parents in old age home, turned out to be something so beautiful 🙂

  • I was in a nursing home recovering from a bicycle accident. As a patient, you can't leave. You only get four hour accompanied outside trips with friends or family. It's depressing, if you can't leave. The food isn't that great especially if you are placed on dietary restrictions. Plus, many residents are miserable. The nursing assistance from the Filipines were very caring, however. Also, some residents have no vistors at all. Or fsmily just visit for a short time. It felt like a medical prison.

  • Finland needs to get out of the EU. Between the banksters who are creating the asset bubbles that have caused the housing prices to soar and the migrants who are taking housing and additional resources, the housing problem would probably be solved.
    Folks, this sentimental little film is propaganda. Designed to distract away from the real issue. Do yourself a favor don't buy it and if you are living in the EU demand a referendum and vote out.
    I live in the US and I going to vote for Trump. The first guy in my lifetime who is putting the citizen first, and talking about investigating the FED. I'm longtime Democrat and I'm sick to the teeth of these globalists with who have screwed us over using this type of propaganda.
    Don't buy in to it. Pure Propaganda.

  • I hope we start something like this in the US. Not that housing is really a huge problem here, but shuffling our elders off to places out of our way certainly is.

  • I know this really handsome guy named Jimmy that's 25. I tried to be his friend but he blows me off. He knows I'm gay and I like him. We worked together at a grocery store where he was my manager. Old people would poop in the elevator and bathroom stalls and he would whistle.. say it stinks and laugh like it's funny. He would clean it up every time and remain in a good mood. He quit there to live with his pap in a nursing home cleaning bathrooms. I almost never get to see him now.

    I saw him getting coffee and asked him to let me take him to star bucks and buy him coffee and he said while exhaling "Nhooo…" like he was saying absolutely not.

    Then I asked him when hes coming back. He said "never. I love my job. It's the best place to work. The best people.

    I asked if he cleans up shit. He said "Everyday. The bathrooms there stink. Poop on the walls and floor. That's what they hired me for."

    I feel really jealous. Jimmy would rather clean up shit and hang out with old people than hang out with me and let me buy him coffee. I though we were friends at one point.

  • I think this is a good idea ! I am 55 years old and I am looking for housing for me and my 14 years old granddaughter and it is not easy .

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