Why I will never explore an abandoned house ever again – full story

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Why I will never explore an abandoned house ever again – full story

I just want to start by saying that this was
my very misguided idea, I regret it immensely and feel terrible for bringing my friends
into it. You don’t need to tell me in the comments
how stupid I was because I am very much aware. In 2010, when I was fifteen, I became interested
in ‘urban exploration photography’. I absolutely loved seeing beautiful, eerie
photos of abandoned shopping centres and hearing about all the awesome vintage stuff people
would find at these places. I was originally thinking of going to famous
local ‘urban exploration’ sites, like a very well known abandoned mental asylum
called Larundel Mental Asylum. There are many creepy and weird af pictures
of this place online, and many stories of paranormal things happening there. About a week before my best friend, who I’ll
call A, her boyfriend who I’ll call G and I were going to go, I got talking to an acquaintance
who I’ll call S at a party who warned me off. She told me about how she and her cousins
went there a while back (they were all very into spiritual/supernatural stuff I believe). Nobody else was there that night except them,
and apparently they got horrible vibes as soon as they walked in. While they were exploring upstairs, one of
her cousins felt an overwhelming force pulling him towards a room, and just before he opened
the door, he fell through the floor and slashed one of his wrists so badly he nearly bled
out. She said she would never go back or to anywhere
like that again, but if I ever found a cool house to let her know. So I was like screw that, not going. I mostly gave up on the idea and just didn’t
think about it for ages until I found ‘the house’. So, I was going for a bike ride one day a
few months after this and decided to take a different route to my normal one, and ended
up running through this weird little pathway at the bottom of a dead end street, and kept
riding until I ended up at this park. I had never been there before, and was very
like… disorientated at this point. Like I was basically lost in my own suburb
more or less. Anyway, I ride through this park to try and
find a water fountain, and end up going down this long path which led to nothing except
this really high, stone wall covered in dead vines. The stonework on the wall was a really unique
design, and it just seemed really odd and out of place, so I felt this urge to see over
it. I stood on my bike and even then was only
just able to look over this wall and I’m not short. What I saw was a very, very weird mansion. The garden was absolutely overgrown, a sea
of green broken only by greek marble statues poking out, and the house was yellow? And the bottom floor windows were all broken
but I could see that black and white checker (parquet?) flooring and more statues inside,
the windows on the top floor were boarded up except for one that had curtains. There was also a fountain in the garden that
was all cracked too. It was the most odd and out of place house
I’d ever seen and my instant urge was to photograph it, but I didn’t have a camera
or my phone. So I rode back through the park and picked
a house number to remember, and managed to make my way home even though I got really,
really lost. I instantly message A and G and S, the girl
I met at that party. I told them I found this incredible abandoned
house and we need to check that out. My best friend immediately got super excited
because the plan was we were going to start a blog and she would write about places we
explored, I would take the photos, and her boyfriend was excited because he is super
into horror movies and wanted to film stuff. S was a bit reluctant. She said the statues sounded kind of creepy,
but eventfully decided she would come. So we made a plan to go on Saturday night,
because G wants to film at night, and we’re all scared of being seen by people in the
park so it seems logical. We’d meet at A’s house, and G would borrow
his dads trailer to bring a ladder so we could get over the wall. So Saturday night rolls around. At this point I was nervous because it hit
me we were breaking in/trespassing and if we got caught my parents would flip and never
let me go out again ever. But, I ended up at A’s, S arrived, and G
arrived. We ordered a pizza and hung out for about
an hour, because we decided to leave the house at midnight. It was weird because it should have been awkward
– A and S were only sort of friends, S and I barely knew each other and S and G had never
met, plus G was a seventeen year old dude hanging out with three fifteen year old girls,
and yet we were all just vibing so much and so mutually excited/nervous that it was really
cool. I remember distinctly thinking how the four
of us were going to be best friends and do this all the time and how cool the blog would
be and already planning where to go next. So we left at twelve, and made it smoothly
to the house number I’d remembered, and G parked the Ute, and then this is where we
encountered the first problem, because I led us down the wrong street, and it took about
half an hour to find the park, and G was carrying this heavy ladder and getting really pissed
off. So we finally find the park, and I just remember
feeling a bit uneasy. It was very, very dark. No lights in the park or streetlights were
on, and it was really sort of still and quiet. So we start walking, I was leading the way
and not even that sure that I was going the right way. The park had a really unpleasant vibe at night. It was odd in the day but something just felt
really isolated at night. So we find the path and walk down and sure
enough, we reach the wall. We were ages away from the car. I had assumed it was quick but I’d been cycling
the last time and not carrying a ladder and a camera. So once we reach the wall, G starts getting
excited. A is nervous but pumped, so am I. S is uncomfortable. She goes ‘I have a bad feeling about this’
the minute we reach the wall. G climbed up and looked over and shined his
torch and freaked out, saying ‘those statues are creepy’ he sits on the wall, and A goes
up, then me, then S. we’re all sitting on the wall looking down at this sea of weeds
and statues. S looked at me and shook her head ‘I don’t
want to do this’ she said, and I said ‘you can wait here’. She was too scared to wait, so we pulled the
ladder up and climbed down it. As soon as we set foot in this garden I was
just filled with dread, I think we all were. The statues were very creepy and human like. Up close their faces were just wrong looking,
like features were weird sizes and they looked really unsettling, like their arms were twisted
weirdly. We were completely silent, G is filming, and
I’m taking pictures. We reach the back door and it’s unlocked. A goes ‘that’s weird’, and we all nod. Once we step inside, we’re in this huge,
empty room filled with objects (clearly statues) covered in sheets. G pulls a sheet off one and we all scream. It’s a Greek statue with a horrible, humanlike
face painted on, grimacing. ‘Let’s get out of here’ A says. We realise S has stopped in the doorway. ‘I have never felt such bad omens, we need
to leave’ she said. I walked over to her but G was like ‘no,
this is creepy but it’s probably some local kids, blah blah blah it’s a safe suburb,
also my film etc.’ and says he’s staying. I was too scared to walk back through the
garden/park without him, so we stayed. S is silently crying at this point, I felt
like my heart was going to explode. So we keep walking through the house, I’m
shaking too much to take pictures. We pass empty room after empty room, all filled
with sheet-covered statues. We reach the bottom of a marble staircase. S is shaking, A is squeezing my hand so hard
it hurts, and G even seems hesitant, but we start walking up. Once we get to the top it’s clear something
is very, very wrong with this house. There are no doors except one at the end of
a hallway, but every room is filled with odd, wrong looking furniture. Chairs painted red in a pile in one room,
tables that are too high, painted odd colours. Something was really off. We open a cupboard in one room and scream,
at a horrific life sized mural of some sort of bizarre person with inhumanly long teeth
and hands. At this point even G is freaking out. He was like let’s just check the last room
and then get out. So we all walked slowly towards the door. Inside was a nursery. A black crib, old wooden toys? I can’t recall what they were but maybe puppets? And strange paintings of clowns (I think,
or maybe more akin to the mural of that person/thing) on the walls. We didn’t even step inside, G said let’s
go right now, this place isn’t safe and we head downstairs. As soon as we get down we all freeze, because
some of the statues have been moved up against one wall. We drop our stuff and run to the door. G kicks it open and we run through this horrible
garden to the wall. I remember when I was nearly at the wall,
S just screams, and we all turn to see a light is now on the nursery room. We scale this wall, jumping down and leaving
the ladder, I sprain my ankle but don’t look back as we all run through the park. We got in the car and we’re all crying and
covered in cuts and scratches and my ankle is swelling already. G gets to S’s house to drop her off, and
just says ‘we’re never doing that again’, and then nobody says anything, he dropped
me off next, then they left. I had to sneak in through the back door so
my parents didn’t see me and freak out. S deleted us all off facebook that night and
I never saw her again. I had horrible nightmares for a month afterwards
and my ankle has never been the same. I didn’t tell anybody about what, and neither
did A. We’re still best friends but we NEVER talk about it. Her and G broke up not long after the event. My name is Chills and if you’re curious
to see what I look like without all this darkness, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt. With underscores instead of spaces. And feel free to send me a DM if you have
any questions or suggestions. And I’d just like to say thank you to C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y
for writing this story, the link to the original post in is the description.


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