Why Don’t Secessionists Just Renounce Their Citizenship?

Updated : Aug 26, 2019 in Articles

Why Don’t Secessionists Just Renounce Their Citizenship?

hey you know i’ll be secessionist the
tens of thousands of people who have been signing the petition saying they
want their status secede from the union obviously there’s not any states that
are dumb enough to do that especially when uh… uh… that they would they
would realize that they receive so much money from the federal government that
it would be immediately is significant probably the people
saying that texas has a balanced budget it’s balanced taking into consideration
the federal money that they would see i think that mac is lost on a lot of
people here’s another idea why not just for an answer citizenship
right if you are so desperate severed ties the united states because you think
he would be better off not burdened by an american citizenship federal law makes it pretty straight
forward to renounce his citizenship you have to need a few requirements you
appear before you have to be there in person at a u_s_ consulate consular or
other diplomatic office in a foreign country usually an embassy sometimes a
consulate sign and both the renunciation and you’re out why not do that if you’re so desperate
to sever ties with the u_s_ this somehow i don’t think they’re gonna do that this
is brewing in because your state will never secede from the united states is not going to
happen secessionists renounce their citizenship if everyone
who signed that that petition uh… renounce their citizenship it
would be the best thing that ever happened to the united states inouye in
history of its existence maybe mit romney actually had the answer when he
talked about self deportation and we thought it didn’t make any sense inouye go to another country and renounce his
citizenship because you know one of one of the associated with this country it’s
kind of similar to the mit romney idea isn’t it and then these people as sume will have a different view on the u_s_
immigration policy yes arson that that that will change drastically


  • Ok guess you didn't read the actual article at all did you? Want me to give you the politfact article too? I can do that.

  • So I still can't reply to any message you sent me because it says you have contact lock on, meaning that only people on your contact list can send you messages. I have even more information to refute what you told me.

  • Okay well let me go change my settings real quick and see if I can open it to everyone, if everything else fails then I'll just add you to my contacts.

  • Alright you should be able to send the message now, I apologize for that I didn't realize that my settings were set up like that. I guess they're like that automatically because I didn't do anything to them.

  • Not really. The minute you try to secede the oil gets cut off. Because the companies that are sending the oil to Texas from Canada won't be able to pipe it to Texas anymore. You guys get more in federal aid than you pay in taxes remember that.

  • But you dont understand is that if texas left the union they can make deals adn contracts with oil companies and other services like food, water, firearms, and so on to supply texas what it needs. Pretty much texas would be like how the US was born after the revolution. And federal money come on if texas left texans taxes would go to the state and not thru the federal government then the state. Youre cutting out the middle man plus the support from other countries.

  • False: Texas receives less from the federal government than it receives… and it doesn't use everything it receives, in any event.
    False: We the people as United States citizens are citizens of our states FIRST and our federal government SECOND. While this has been diluted by decades of indoctrination, the founding documents and the writings of the founding fathers make that abundantly clear. Renouncing our US citizenship is NOT the same thing as renouncing out citizenship as Texans.

  • So someone with backed up proof is wrong? Hmm. Makes sense, your party isn't known for facing facts.

  • So I speak a little truth and break your bubble of false thinking, and I am the coward? Ok. Sorry that reality has a liberal bias.

  • You're a COWARD because you hind behind snark and claim it as "reality" so as to drown out truth.
    You are incapable of drowning out the truth, so why do you bother trying? The sheeple will bleat your tune… but they were never a threat to you anyway. The people who ARE a threat to you, the people like me, are only growing STRONGER.
    THAT is why you should tremble, progressive coward.
    PS: I noticed you didn't post this on my previous comment, the one with all the FACTS on it. Nice try, coward.

  • …or maybe I'll just put it this way, in a way people can see your foolishness:
    A free union can only be entered into FREELY. This is why it is CALLED a "union," and not an "empire." The entities comprised therein are free to come just as they are free to leave. People moved to different parts of the country, settled them, and then CHOSE to join the union. If they cannot then choose to leave it, then they are not truly free at all… they might be free by libtard standards, but not in truth.

  • You can't refute my evidence so you go on a bullshit rant. Good job looking like a giant tool. Your party isn't growing stronger, its falling apart. I have posted clear evidence to refute everythin you "claim", evidence you haven't even tried to refute. You just claimed they recieve less than they pay. Which is false, thanks to GWB.

  • Yeah, you pretty much just outed yourself right there as nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece flailing against the inevitable.
    1.) I GAVE evidence. It's right there, in black and white. Would you tell a woman or a man they could not get a divorce? In what way is joining a union of states any different from joining in a union of marriage?
    2.) You have posted ZERO evidence. You have only posted opinions about how our cause is "useless," then point to your opinion and call it "evidence."

  • 3.) You want proof that Texas funds more of the Federal government than it takes? Try BASIC MATH. Excluding the enormous welfare system that the feds have royally botched, Texas contributes FAR more than it receives. This is why some states (cough, California) that are suffering through bankruptcy and debt crises are still afloat… because OTHER states (cough, Texas) contribute more than they take. Where else would the money come from? Even Bernanke can't print THAT much fake money, genius.

  • 4.) What you call a "rant" is actually called "expounding on evidence." Look it up; turns out there are these things called "objective facts" and "objective figures." You have had it pointed out to you SEVERAL times on this very video thread by other users that the whole "Texas can't take care of itself" crap has been debunked by economists on the right AND the left. Yet you, smug and sanctimonious as ever, keep lobbing it as though it will become truth if you say it enough. You've been caught.

  • 5.) Lastly, no one made ANY mention of "party." I am NOT a Republican, and I resent the idea that, like you, I would be so intellectually-stunted as to feel the need to buy into the two-party system. I am a Libertarian, but in Texas I am registered as a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement Party. So yes… my party IS going stronger, which would make your scrawny ass ILL-INFORMED in addition to being a COWARD.
    Boy, these things called facts are fun. I think I'll throw some more out there.

  • A few fun facts, as I promised.
    Fact 1.) During the years of 2000-2010, Texas added a million jobs. That's more than the other states in the union… COMBINED.
    Fact 2.) Texas leads the nation in production of alternative energy, as well as in the construction of new alternative energy production sites. Moreover, Texas leads the nation in production of beef, oil, and natural gas, is the 2nd highest producer of computers and electronics, and has a vibrant lumber industry.
    Fact 3.)

  • Fact 3.) Texas currently holds 25% of the nation's oil reserves. More than that, 95% of the oil and gas that the US receives through pipelines originates from Texas. While your lord and savior BHO might have grand dreams for an oilless future, it's time hasn't come yet, so… we're sitting pretty over here, coward.
    Fact 4.) Regarding your lame attempt to lie, the figures for Texas money going OUT and Fed money coming IN sits at about 5/4. For every dollar we send, we get back about 80 cents.

  • Fact 5.) Texas is among the leaders of the world economy–yes, the WORLD economy–in the following products: cotton, rice, citrus, cereal produce, sheep, goats, corn, hay, wheat, sugar cane, peanuts, cabbage, cement, crushed stone, lime, salt and sand and gravel. I know you don't believe in Him, but it's easy to see why many think God really DID bless Texas.
    Fact 6.) The Port of Houston is the largest port in the nation, and the 6th largest port in the WORLD. Not bat at all, if I might say so.

  • Fact 7.) Texas is the only–ONLY–state with its own power grid. No chance for the bureaucrats in DC to twist our arms through shutting off the power. Plus, since we have the largest amount of alternative energy production, we'll probably end up being oil/energy-independent WAY before libtard bastions like California.
    Fact 8.) We have our own defenses (something many states lack) in the Texas State Guard, the Texas Air Guard, and the Rangers (who answer directly and ONLY to the Governor).

  • Fact 9.) The Texas Constitution maintains that "…the maintenance and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired." Since the dawn of LBJ's "Great Society" in 1964, the federal government has encroached deeper and deeper into the self-governing territory reserved by the US Constitution for the States. Like Mexico before it, Texas finds itself at the mercy of a so-called "federalism" that is at heart rapidly becoming Centrist.

  • Now, I'm not going to list this as a "fact" because it's not a quantifiable, figure-based fact. Instead, it's a fact of principle and history, just to be clear.
    We have the RIGHT to secede. Just as a woman trapped in a failing marriage has the RIGHT to leave their union and become independent, so to do we. We do not NEED to leave… Texas is OURS, not YOURS. It does not BELONG to the federal government… it belongs to US.
    THAT, my cowardly liberal lion, is FACT.
    Tremble, progressive coward.

  • Actually NO state has had the right to secede since the Civil war. Guess I accomplished you getting your panties in a twist and trying to use anything but refute the evidence that I have. None of these points refute that you get more federal money than you take in, in taxes. The only reason, and it shows, that you guys even get a balanced budget is because your state cuts education funding. No wonder you are the last in education.

  • Hardly in a twist. For someone who has an (admittedly-terrible) "show" on YouTube, you are certainly ill-informed.
    1.) There is no mentioning of the issue of secession in the Constitution, but it IS clearly mentioned that each state joined as a sovereign entity, not a part of a collective. What evidence there is in the Constitution points in the favor of secessionists. Aside from the egregiously-retarded "White v Texas," there is NOTHING stating that states don't have the right to secede.

  • 2.) As of 2009, we paid 161 billion in federal taxes and received a little over 220. Now, while on the SURFACE it appears that we net a clean 60 billion in that year, this is not the case.
    A quick look at the ledger shows that the spending comes from increased federal military industrialization (something we wouldn't need) and a HUGE ballooning of welfare programs (under Obama, duh). Part of our desire to secede stems from those very extravagant expenses the feds have PUSHED on us.

  • …without the need to grossly-overspend so much in welfare and military surplus, we would find ourselves where we were pre-2005… FAR, FAR UNDER the amount we give back.
    Now, stop hawking that lie you've been pimping about how we can't exist without those federal dollars. The only thing that would suffer is the excessive amounts of welfare (which is another federal overreach, and not their job to handle) and military over-spending (which, as a liberal pussy, you should be glad to see dwindle).

  • 3.) Texas isn't "last in education." I keep expecting you to give facts, but all you have is propaganda and lies that you trumpet so that the few sheeple who care about you will bleat your praises.
    Worst States in the Union (Education):
    46- Arizona
    47- West Virginia
    48- Mississippi
    49- New Mexico
    50- Nevada
    Maybe you shouldn't talk so much about "education" until you GET one, idiot.
    Is that all you got? Please, keep lining them up… you're making me look good in front of your own subscribers.

  • Now, let's put a cherry on this sundae and send you home, little boy.
    -Your assertion that "NO state has had the right to secede" is not only grossly inaccurate, it's simply untrue.
    -Your assertion that we take more than we give in taxes is technically accurate, but tremendously misleading in how the facts are presented.
    -You assertion that we are "last in education" is a lie.
    I don't wear panties, so they're not "twisted up," but I think I just took yours off and gagged you with them.

  • Fun fact, don't call things facts without proof. Especially about something that doesn't exist like your god.

  • A racist religious conservative? I'm shocked! You sir, are one of a kind. Not a stereotype at all, nope. Not in the least.

  • Sooooo you resort to racial slurs because you lost? Got it. The Civil War took that so called right away.

  • Most secessionists produce in this economy. Without them, this country would fall on it's face. Beside that fact, good luck trying to renounce your citizenship. Look up Ken O'Keefe and realize that the US can and usually does reject people renouncing their citizenship.

  • You can't refute what's in the article so again my point stands. Sounds like the typical uneducated redneck with Fox News talking points. Come at me with real information instead of someone else doing the thinking for yo with fear mongering tactics.



  • Because they want to be a citizen of their state, not in confederation with the other states. They don't want to leave their state. they just want their state to leave the federation.

  • California could do it d-bag!ย  All our money goes to poor states in the southeast!ย  What if WE leave???ย  The USA is SCREWED!!!

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