who wrote this? (Norm Macdonald Super Dave)

Updated : Nov 20, 2019 in Articles

who wrote this? (Norm Macdonald Super Dave)

NORM – Some gold-plated chains would make a nice retirement gift for a very, very good slave SUPER DAVE – Are you serious? SUPER DAVE – Are you serious? NORM Well This was written years ago SUPER DAVE – did you just write that??did you just say that?? NORM – No, i`ve read it. Yes SUPER DAVE – you`ve read that?? NORM – It`s an old … and obviously… SUPER DAVE – Oh, my god almighty. I`m not part of this!
NORM- No,it was written… SUPER DAVE – No, I`m not part of this!No you can`t read that! NORM – You know the Harlem Shake? SUPER DAVE – I’ve seen it on every single commercial NORM – you’ve seen it, then you appreciate this joke NORM – I remember back when the Harlem Shake was just a black fella holding me upside down off a fire escape trying to collect his money SUPER DAVE (crying from laughter) – That is so funny. That is so fuckin funny.

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