Who is Abiy Ahmed? Nobel Laurette and PM of Ethiopia

Updated : Oct 26, 2019 in Articles

Who is Abiy Ahmed? Nobel Laurette and PM of Ethiopia

The pace of change in Ethiopia has been
alarming for the last one and half year it is almost like observing a different
country and and this is why recently Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been
awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize There were a couple of great things that were
unthinkable unimaginable lately But he has done all those things in the
Nicholas way and is important to learn what are those things that Mr Abiy Ahmed has
done and has been awarded Nobel Prize Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic
multi-religious Society, a landlocked country a lot of issues, poverty aside
Ethiopia has boder issues with the neighboring countries then it is a huge
population and there were economic issues then there are
thousands of political prisoners in Ethiopia, there was media censorship and
censorship in the country and there were protests going on all over the country
and there were group Fighting’s inside the country on the bordering region of
the country. Since 1995 there has been elections after every five year
same thing happened in 2015 but the people were not happy with the elections
in 2015. When a government came into power the Prime Minister could not
manage things there were not consensus on his leadership and they were issues.
He suddenly resigned from his office and Mr Abiy Ahmed who was minister in his cabinet
had to be sworn in and at that moment nobody was much hopeful that thing will
improve with that quick pace but mr. Abbey did he lifted the state emergency
order the release of thousands of prisoners and allow exiled dissidents to
return home and he unblocked hundreds of websites
and TV channels and other censorship on media and above all he ended a
long-standing conflict with the neighboring state in Eritrea by agreeing
to give up the disputed border territory and in the process of normalizing
relations with the longtime Foe. Within six months of coming into power the
border with Eritria was opened because the only access Ethopia has
to Sea is through Eritrea and he appointed women to half of ministerial
posts. Abiy belongs to our Omoro community which is largest majority community of
Ethiopia his father was a Muslim who married four times and Abby’s mother is
a Christian from Amharic tribe in early 90s Mr Abiy joined military and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel then in 1997
he founded information network and Security Agency which is responsible for
the Sabbath security in the country he graduated in transformational latest
leadership and business management or one degree obtained from England his MBA
and PhD are from these Adis Abhbas University in 2014 he completed his PhD
and as he entered into politics in 2010 he was pursuing his PhD but meanwhile he
was also involved in politics in 2016 he briefly served as a minister of Science
and Technology later on he was appointed the prime minister actually he was not
much known to the European community till the time he became prime minister
but there were many people who knew him already
actually in 2017 he delivered a historic speech which was what much appreciated
cross country he said that we have only one option and that is to be united not
only cooperating and helping each other but uniting in order to live together
the other option is to kill each other and really in real sense he has made his
motto on October 11 2019 he was a watered Nobel Peace Prize the neck
election the election which are held every five year sure dude to be held in
2020 next year the very winner of the Nobel Prize this success is likely to
help mr. Abbey to get reelected because he can change the fate of Ethiopia he can
really deliver things that Ethiopians want

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