White House Caves To Fox News, Forces Resignation

Updated : Oct 11, 2019 in Articles

White House Caves To Fox News, Forces Resignation

was it her idea to resign let’s go to clip number four and find out they asked me to resign and in fact they harassed me as I was driving back to the state office from West Point Georgia yesterday I had at least three calls telling me the White House wanted me to resign so the pressure came from the White House and and the last one asked me to pull over to the side of the road and do it did you do you feel as though you had an opportunity to state your side of the story no I did the administration didn’t they were not interested in hearing the truth gay man that makes me so angry because look at look at the initial reaction at the White House and overwhelming reaction Fox News says something about his oh my god fire somebody fire somebody but who cares about listening to her opinion I mean I thought I’m so naive even to this day I thought Tom Vilsack might have pulled her in his office got neuroscience and I want it’s still too much political damage even though she’s got an interesting start I’m I got a guy let her go too much no he didn’t even listen he’s just like no no you resign right now right now right now Fox News is yelling at us as we speak man you know what that makes you that makes you a pushover you got there not I keep expecting them to be better than that and they’re just not that’s the sad part of it now then double AC P should have been better than that she’s got thoughts on that to clip number six the n-double-a-cp has not tried to contact me one time and they’re the reason why this happened they got into a fight with the Tea Party and that all of this came out as a result of that your reaction I would have appreciated when you look at my history of civil rights I would have appreciated having the n-double-a-cp at least contact me and Roland Martin to contact me to try to get the truth about what happened I’ve done more to advance the causes of civil rights in this area than some of them who are sitting in those positions now with the n-double-a-cp they need to learn something about me they need to know about my work they need to know what I’ve contributed through the years during your time with the USDA was there ever a discrimination claim filed against you no never I went out of my way to you know and we didn’t work directly with farmers at rural development we were working with cities with sewer problems with police cars with health centers with housing that agency is the one agency so we say uh that could build a city I didn’t do any work and I didn’t discriminate and I went out of my way to make sure no one who came to the agency was discriminated against look there’s two things they’re gonna say which is alluding to the N double ACP is they say hey you know you tea party guys some of your members are being racist that quote creates a big brouhaha we talk about that here so now the service around oh yeah how about you you better you know make sure you so Shirley Sherrod under the bus because we got a tape of her being racist and instead of checking with her they say okay yeah where do you need us to throw like under that greyhound no problem you roll right under the gray out right come on you gotta be better than that and they’re trying to prove their fair to fox news okay in in do you understand what fox news is doing they’re trying to find these black folks and pretend whether it’s surely shirato Van Jones or ultimately Barack Obama or the Black Panthers or whoever might be any black people they can find ago no they’re the racist the n-double-a-cp every one of these people I just name is on a their the Marxist they’re the ones i want to read history your wealth there was i want to take your money and put it in their pocket you know black folks are and they’re the ones that are being racist against white people and you gonna eat in a bet that that is dumb but to be fair you know we also wanna represent both sides so um the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is standing by a decision and he had commented quote uh as to why he is standing by his decision to fire her even though apparently they were totally wrong right but no he doesn’t can admit that so let’s give those oxide junior has a quote so in his written statement yesterday I asked for an accepted mr. eyes resignation for two reasons first for the past 18 months we’ve been working to come turn the page on sorted civil rights record at the USDA and this controversy can make it more difficult to move forward on correcting and justices second state rural development directors make any decisions are often called to use their discretion the controversies runner comments would create situations were her decisions rightly or wrongly would be called into question making it difficult for her to bring jobs to Georgia and he also repeated that the USDA has zero tolerance for discrimination alright that’s fantastic uh so let let me give you background you know why they were in trouble for their court sort of civil rights record because they grow testicle e discriminated against black farmers for decades so the way to fix that problem is to hire a black worker for being racist when she wasn’t racist at all towards white farmers 24 years ago who turn out to be a lifelong friends so we will fix our sort of civil rights record of be against black people by firing a black person totally unjustly genius move and then second of all where he says well look right or wrong she’s there she’s her record is being called into question okay then what’s the stop fox news from calling everybody’s record into question right or wrong in fact nothing stops them in fact you encourage them every time you do this so Fox goes all out that person sucks he’s a social but now is that racist whatever and then here’s Obama admissible we got bug do sense of the okay fire fire fire fire right or wrong who cares who cares Fox’s criticize us rightly or wrongly you cowards yeah we go ahead fire somebody else for no goddamn reason I can’t tell you how it’s I’m not mad I’m not mad at you I’m just I’m embarrassed for you as I as I look at the Obama administration and their pathetic you know cowardly cravenly giving in and groveling at Fox News at every turn it’s kind of sad to look at now Jay and I had discussion off air during the break don’t get me wrong it’s not like Obama said hey Vilsack go fire I’m sure he never even heard about right but he’s in charge of the administration so what are you gonna do now because now you don’t know you know now right what do you do not you do nothing you know bow your head to Fox News again


  • @MannyZtheWolfWarrior No, that was on USDA director Tom Villsack. The Obama Administration and the NAACP didn't help much, either. At least they are willing to own up to this clusterfuck and appologize to this lady, formally and publically. Shirley Sherrod needs to be reinstated, and Andrew "Not-so" Breitbart needs to be sued for defamation.

  • @myentourage when someone of other race kills your father for racist motivations, go and tell me that you don't feel anger and don't have racial issues. the good thing of her story is that she got over it and learnt to see beyond colour and help people of all races. go and ask that white farmers if they think she was racist to them: they said she's a life time friend!!

  • @17R3W Evidently Obama was notified of the forced resignation afterward and was not directly involved.
    Don't just blame the president all the time; the government is too big for one man to have direct influence on everything that happens.

  • so why blame Fox, blame Obowma's administration! Obviously the WH has so many radicals being exposed by Fox they rushed to judgment in this case

    Fox isn't kidding when they claim to be highly influential

  • @Grooveraider if you are calling me a (log cabin) republican, think again. you are boring. yaaaaaaawn! Grooveraidr, you just lost the beat.

  • @Kylestyle05 i got addicted to watching the silly stories when i lived in Japan and the net was my only source of US news and entertainment. silly stories like where they beat up on little kids like Justin Bieber without knowing ALL OF THE FACTS. oh yeh, that was the point of my earlier posts. GET THE FACTS! i enjoy laughing at their elementary commentary on subjects over their heads. sometimes they are funny, but the tough guy act is played…

  • @tehant1liberal Did you even hear the story or are you just showing your ignorance. For goodness sake man, the white family that she was accused of discriminating against has stood up for her. Her father was killed by white racists and yet she spent her life helping whites and blacks alike because she saw past race. There are many black racists, but this woman doesn't come close to being one. If you can't see that, then you are as despicable as those black racists.

  • @MannyZtheWolfWarrior I agree! the day terrorists run a plane into the fox news building is the day I go out and get champagne and celebrate!

  • @xxdonaldqxx I didn't agree with Bush's bullshit but I had to sit back for 8 years whhile he destroyed everything my family worked for. so ya sit back and shut the fuck up and deal with it.

  • @xxdonaldqxx I only go with the facts and the facts say Republicans are a bunch of liars and democrats are trying everything in their power to help but get fillibustered but the fucking no good republicans everytime. fuck republicans

  • @saintsnbraves2 no fox news is the problem with America. It spreads lies and hate and racism and should be stopped. I agree with free speech but I don't agree with the freedom to lie and misinform the American people everyday.

  • When are you people going to realize that Fox News is not news it is entertainment…..like professional wrestling.

  • @bigcomcast yeah, whenever I go to America i tune in to FOX news to see what bullshit they're mixing up… it is funny to see what they can make up though 😀

  • @BirdValiant

    It depends who you ask. According to her the white house asked her to resign because of Glenn Beck.

    Glenn Beck says he had nothing to do with it, and the White house is insisting it was Vilsack who asked to resign.

    But Who are you going to believe? So far I haven't heard Shirley lie once, I can't say the same of the other parties involved.

  • @JimboVids Who else would you blame Dumb F*ck. How STUPID are you?
    Fox has worked with Breitbart in the past & they know he's unreliable.
    You actually think Fox is a Professional news service? This is definately their fault. They accept a story that is so false, that every other news source debunks it in 1 day! Whatever happen to FACT-CHECKING the story before U run it.

  • @xxdonaldqxx not all dems are honest. we got a few we need to get rid of. also ya when my whole family owned a business for 12 years we were making money abd everythign then every business around town went out of business because we had $4 to $5 dollar a gallon gas. nothing is left in my town now and this was all before Obama was even mentioned as the candidate to the democrat party! it wasn't our mismagangement it was the economy!

  • @JimboVids What the hell are U talking about F*ckNuts? The entire issue with this is the FACT that Fox News straight LIED, they ran this story without any proof that is was real (Really it was Debunked in 1 day). They demanded her resignation, yet the woman turns to be just the opposite. If Fox would have done their job this dent even make it on tv

  • @JimboVids
    this is typical Fox News Reporting. This is no different then the Rev Wright video, anyone that watched Wrights entire sermon knows that (it was completely taken out of context). Isn't it ironic that fox couldn't find 1 white person in Wrights church that thought he was Racist. Fox just knows Idiot T-Baggers like U will never research the truth on your own.

  • What's hilarious is that Fakes News still has the ability (after all these years) to successfully inject their highly toxic brand of propaganda into our mainstream. Every single person who fell for this race baiting BS should go back and take the "GOP Politics 101" course for being so stupid. The documentary "Outfoxed" also comes to mind right now. WOW. UNBELIEVABLE.

  • The video speaks volumes about this lady. She made the comments and now has to live with them. The White House acted with good cause. They have a zero tolerance as most employers do, for these types of comments or acts. Don't blame fox news, they were not the only news agency reporting on this story. TYT is only going after Fox, because they hate Fox news and look for any reason they can to hammer them. At least they report the news and not hide it to protect a political friend.

  • Fox news is NOT a terrorist organisation. I don't recall Fox news flying a plane into a building, blowing up a train, holding someone hostage or threatening voters at polling locations by holding an ASP! (expandable baton). So, please check your labelling. Now if you want to call the Black Panthers a Terrorist organisation, that would be a good fit for them.

  • Basically the tea party got shown up as the true, idiot racists they are and had to fire one of their racist leaders.

    So Fox News freaks out because the publicity is SO terrible;

    Fox "Oh No! Everyone is going to see what a bunch of thieving racist DICKS we are!"

    So Fox demands a non-Republican gets fired to distract from just how racist they are.

  • The America Treason Network is now dictating policy to the executive office of the United States. Golly, during the Bush2 Regime it was the other way around.

  • @RHYMEMAIDEN1 ; Of course Obama and his staff are pussies: they are career politicians, and their jobs come before fairness and justice and decency.

  • i am so fed up of the obama admin kissing these far right people asses like fox news the tea party movement and these other far right news network, these people are not true americans they are trying to polarize the country with any opportunity they get, where is the outrage on fox news for the tea party guy who messed up this woman life by editing the video, these people have their own agendas, and it has nothing to do with the good of America

  • That fucking racist bigot Shirley Sherrad said she was uncomfortable talking to the white farmer. Are you fucking kidding me? That farmer seems like the nicest person on earth.
    How the fuck can anybody defend this racist bitch is beyond me. How many white people did she fuck over??? I demand an investigation.

  • If Fox news had made the white house do this then america is in trouble.Just think of the problem with Iran.You better be very afraid of this administration keeping you safe wow.

  • @wildcat111 No, check out George Soros thats who got Barry Obama in.Soros probably owns this blog site,he has an agenda and Obama's onboard with him.You watch Hillary Clinton will be the next one to run being she stepped aside this time.

  • @codyharley1 You're proof that Fox appeals to knuckledraggers with the IQ of a brick. Google owns the site, you Muppet, and Obama's campaign contributions are readily available for anyone with a brain to sit down and read. Turn off the TV and go educate yourself, you pathetic buffoon.

  • @islandmuffin Your hero, Sarah Palin, labeled Obama a terrorist and was blamed by the Secret Service for a spike in death threats against him. Classy broad! And what about Malkin, Hannity, Ingraham, Savage, Beck, Boortz, Arthur, Levin and the rest of the hate merchants on the right who spew venom over the airwaves on a daily basis? You conveniently left them out along with Fatso Limbaugh, who has injected more hate into our discourse than anyone in history. Thanks for the laugh, wingnut!

  • look this was some guy on you tube that hacked this video together. Fox picked it up because it was a popular subject. This is why Fox news is the number one rated news channel in the world. They talk about what people are already hearing about. Every other news channel out their is one sided. This is the Second time the white house jumped on the race wagon without the facts. When are they gonna learn. Maybe they should hold another beer summit.

  • @calimar28 I say we just let people like you continue to prove that Neanderthals still walk the Earth in 2010! You betcha!! The old "Malt Liquor" joke huh? You wingnuts are too dumb to even keep up with your brethren over at the Stormfront site. Those slope skulls over there even make you morons look bad. LOL

  • @calimar28 I call them hate merchants because that's exactly what they are, and their DOCUMENTED HISTORY OF HATE proves it. And bragging about their ratings in a nation of 300 MILLION is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Now I challenge you to show me a Republican in 2010 that isn't running on the same STALE platform that Republicans have been using for decades, and I challenge you to name a Republican president that has gave a damn about the US debt in the last 30 years, and we can talk more.

  • @Kylestyle05 I'm a MOREHOUSE MAN. Enough said. I'm sure that if presented the challenge, he would bring an actual mop to the debate. He could probably borrow the one you use at work. There is no reasoning with a man who flips out so fast and gets as emotional as he does. Fact:The WH did not pressure the UDSA to fire her. Fact:The WH is not afraid of Fox. This President has denounced Fox as not being news. Did you forget? Fox's game is divide and conquer by using distractions. Open your eyes.

  • @saper321 The only thing U demand is to "Keep sucking on NUTS", U stupid ass T-Bagger. U dumb F*ckers are such a joke. Minorities & Women had to fight for the right to vote, but the ignorant inbreds in your family tree got it at birth. U obviously haven't watched the real video or maybe U are just too stupid to understand it.

  • @saper321 She had good reason to dislike whites, the KKK murdered her Dad, she grew up in Segregation & went to Segregated schools.  I wonder who's idea it was to keep the races segregated? Could it have been Racist White people? In spite of that she found a way to treat white people as her equal. It took over 100 years for white people to lose their "Jim Crow" privlidges, & U DumbF*cks are still crying about it.

  • Another lying video Turks!?
    She was FIRED by the White House before anyone had said ANYTHING about the video on FOX.
    I guess the Turks have changed their name to The young propagandists. Hey Goebbels, how about stopping the yellow journalism!?

  • Hey Goebbels, sorry I mean Creel, sorry again I mean Cenk, how much stimulus money gets funneled your way through the propagandist machine of Soros/Obama?

  • FOX News; disgusting!!!
    GOP reps; dumb cunts!!!
    NAACP; no precaution!!!
    WH & USDA; embarrassing!!!


  • @Kylestyle05 Was that Roscoe's crack a racist joke? It was a weak as your school. I see that you mop floors at Fox. The undersecretary of the USDA called Sherrod to assert the pressure. That pressure came from Vilsack. V sought her resignation before the WH was fully informed.The WH supported his decision based on the evidence. Support is not pressure. Pressure is the hidden racist pounding in your head just waiting to be released. No surprise that Geraldine Ferraro graduated from your school.

  • @PlaymateMama Very serious. Distraction..throw out some fabricated story that has nothing to do with real issues Americans face. Divide the democrats on how that issue was handled. Hotheads like TYT who attack the WH vs. cooler heads like Julien Bond who recognized that a mistake was made on many sides and that it can be reconciled now that the truth has been uncovered. The hotheads discredit their own party over non-news. Conquer..effects of hotheaded division will show at the polls. U R blind.

  • The bitch said from her own mouth that she didn't help a farmer because he was white. She needs to be gone forever.

  • @Kylestyle05 You are a racist because of the Roscoe's crack. The Roscoe's crack was made because Morehouse is a predominately Black institution and the racist in you could not resist saying it. Nothing to do with economics. Stop trying to dig your way out. You sound like Breitbart trying to dig himself out of this non-news that he created. You are the s…l…o…w… one. The WH didn't call Sherrod. The USDA did. But on your premise, she is a racist because everyone SAID she was. Fordham LOL

  • @Kylestyle05 Let me slow things down for you. You believe that the WH pressured her because she SAID they did. Fact:The calls were from the undersecretary of the USDA, not the WH.But since you are so easy to believe something to be true based on what is SAID, but is not factually evident, then you should believe that she is racist because Breitbart SAID she was. But you miss the point.Don't take what is SAID as fact idiot.Have a nice King holiday next year. He went to my "wack ass" school. lol

  • @Kylestyle05 When you lose your head and lose your grammar, the debate is over. Morehouse Man wins again… Flawless Victory! Guess you weren't able to use that mop at a debate after all. Oh well, there's always tomorrow when you go to work. You can hate on my school all you like. Any brother who does is simply angry that his application was rejected. Still unclear on the Roscoe's/economic joke. Keep your mop job. Comedy nor debating are for you.

  • @Kylestyle05 Yaaaaawn… you're done kid. Hang it up. You have challenged your superior and lost. The boy rape thing was weak the FIRST TIME you said it. That must be a fantasy that's stuck in your head or something.

  • @Kylestyle05 Hope you and your office buddies are having fun at work. It must be so late in the states now. How's that working out for you? I'm 36 and only work because I want to. It's the creative, "tap dance" side of me. And although I did not "tap dance for your entertainment", I am sure that you and your friends have heard my music. So, I have "moved along" rather well. The firm I go with is Greenburg/Traurig. They work for me. So whoever you work for, make sure you mop the corners.

  • @Kylestyle05 You again? Thought you had work to do. When that water dries up, you're going to have to redo the entire floor. You sound like a Republican. Always trying to call others gay, when you are the closeted homosexual. You can throw any insult at me and my school. The fact remains that you did not attend and we all know how it stings. A Black man (if you really are Black) being rejected by the most elite Black school in the country. Go to therapy for the pain, but first finish mopping.

  • @Kylestyle05 Is that supposed to be some racist Huckleberry Finn crack? Did your white friends tell you to say that or did you pull it out of your back or Rosco's/economic jokes? You are weak and boring. You were defeated on the issue and defeated on personal attacks. Just take the "L" like a man. Now go home and slap your daddy for not using a condom and slap your mom for letting an alcoholic have his way with her. You were a waste of sperm. You should be the oster child for abstinence. Bye.

  • Well, it's all about racism. The history of this country was founded on it and there is no other way of looking at it, unless your are guilty of it. The youngest of the generations are not as focused on color of the skin but some of these old farts are too old and thick to see it any other way. So don't cry bout using racism as a excuse, it's too late and sometimes, not all, it is the reason. I'm just sorry that I will not be quiet about it.

  • Coming from a fellow Black man, Obama is acting like a pussy.
    Sad to see that that brother is more concerned with popular opinion than making the best decision.
    Thats one reason I respected Bush because regardless of what people thought, he made decisions based on what he believed and not what others thought.
    By the way, I am not a republican.
    Lets call a spade, a spade.
    Obama seems weak.

  • @eirefrance Wow, "corporations sponsor conservative think tanks = fascism"?
    Wow, brilliant idea!

  • @knave2 – All those things you talk about are not conservative values. BP is a left wing corporation. Lobbyists lobby for more legislation. Increased police = increased government, the Patriot act = more government.
    The foundation of Conservatism is and always has been, about small limited government and it has NOTHING to do with Fascism. ( a word you clearly dont understand)

  • Obama picked up a fight with Fox, lost it and then threw this lady under the bus when escaping.

    LOL!!!! Jimmy Carter 2.0 in the making.

  • @tegao70 : It is unfair to indict Fox News without mentioning that Glen Beck did not follow the rest of the Fox News clowns. Glen Beck is the one person i this entire Fiasco that comes out looking like a reasonable sensible decent human being. On this issue Glen Beck stands head and shoulders above the White House, NAACP and all other media personalities. Obama should take some lessons from Glen beck in human decency.

  • @tegao70 I never watch Glen Beck. I had the impression that he was a goofball so I don't know what he says about other issues. I watched everything he said on this issue though and he was reasonable and sensible like a true American and not like these other traitors. So just on this issue alone Glen Beck is far and away the winner and all others are losers.

  • @tegao70 : Not mad at you. Just thought it was an oversight. I agree abou the rest of those clowns at Fox News but on this one Glen Beck was not part of that pack of hounds from Hell.

  • @knave2 Oh "Reich wing" youre clever now! You found a word that sounds like another word huh? You have no idea what the right and left is. It is pointless to talk to you in a language you dont understand. The Thrid Reich was left wing. Lol. The Patriot Act was intended for terrorists now the Obama Administration simply calls conservatives terrorists so, everything the left claimed Bush would do, he did not, and then the left did. Tell me what discriminative policy the republican party passed.

  • @knave2 HAHAHAH "Obama cant close it"!!!! YEAH RIGHT.
    Do you have any prove that the Patriot act was used on citizens?
    "All eugenicists are right wing."
    Have you ever heard of Mararet Sanger? Or Woodrow Wilson? The Nazis were socialists, that = LEFT WING.
    Senator Byrd was a DEMOCRAT. Besides I told you to tell me what discriminative policy the republican party passed and you couldnt do it. By all means try again.
    You are a fucking tool and you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • @tegao70 Sometimes it is hard to believe that you guys are this stupid. It is AMAZING how dumb you really are.
    You cant tell me any racist policies that EVER came from the republican party but the simple fact that Obama is black means they are all racists?
    Please go die. Just slap yourself to death for the future of man kind. Your mind is fucked up beyond repair.
    How is his 'the color of his skin the centerpiece of the discussion'? Because YOU make it the centerpiece MORON!

  • @tegao70 – WE? I dont sit around thinking about ways to make the democrats look racist. Dont try to turn this around, the democratic party is the party of race and you feed on. This is a response to false accusations.
    I ask you a racist republican policy and you say. "KKKKKKKK"
    Lol. Just turn around and walk away you fucking idiot. The KKK was an arm of the democratic party. DEMOCRAT do you fucking get it? Nooo.. cause your a fucking zombie.

  • @robm425 If you're an "Independent" then no one labeled you anything…..errr…wait that's the same talking point that the majority of wingnuts are parroting in a sad, pathetic attempt to distance themselves from that disaster known as the GOP in hopes of "snookering" TRUE Independents into voting Republican this fall. Nice try, chief, but you're BSing the wrong person. Have some guts and be proud of who you are!

  • @KingDingaLing090 Yeah, whatever. A weak mind that can't even follow a train of conversation long enough to keep from looking like an idiot is not worth discussing. Face it, shit for brains, once you stop hating yourself for those peksy gay thoughts, the healing can begin. And you can look back at this thread and realize just exactly where you looked like a tool.

  • @knave2 Sanger was a socialist democrat. Left winger.
    Woodrow Wilson was a progressive democrat. Left winger.
    The KKK were democrats and Byrd was member of the KKK and a democrat intil he died a month ago. He voted for Obamacare.
    You cant give ONE SINGLE SOLITARY LAW that was racist. Hahaha..

  • Breitbart released the footage where she so called "redeemed herself" at the same time he released all of the racist stuff.
    She said "Its not about race, it is about those who have and those who dont have"
    That was on Brietbarts video. And as far as him racebaiting, those were her own words, Shirly Sharod called the entire tea party racist, millions of people.
    "And when was the last time you saw a white president get so much criticism?"
    Thats an easy one. George W. Bush.

  • @KingDingaLing090 Can you name an idiot who is so focused on supressing his homosexual urges he can't stay on topic? I caaaaan!!!

    But, to answer yoru question: The disparity in legal actions taken against users/sellers of crack vs cocaine and meth. Republicans had control of the Senate in 1986, so they helped pass a bill that was intended to disproportionately punish blacks. Thats one.

  • @eirefrance What topic? Your homosexual tirades?
    The disparity of actions taken against users sellers of crack vs. cocaine and meth applies to white people and black people and mexicans and any other race. What does that have to do with black people?

    The ONLY reason race is an issue is becaus THE LEFT IS MAKING IT AN ISSUE.
    The Tea Parties dont give a flying fuck what color Obama is, yet people like Shirly Sharrod accuses them of racism. You cant roll out of bed one day and go from video games to politics and then act like you understand what is going on. People have been accusing Bush of being a NAZI for a decade. Wake the hell up you stupid fuck

  • @KingDingaLing090 Have I been on a homosexual tirade? Ooooh, someone's seeing shadows in the night. But the topic is: corporate funding of free-market think tanks. Until you changed the topic to race. As if that had something to do with free-markets. Whats next, gay marriage? Or is that too close to home?

  • @WingChunGeologist Wait? You think Obama is "left-wing"? Haha, thats hilarious. But, if you think thats funny, heres a real whopper!! That shit is entirely fucking made up!! BP employees aren't B, and they only gave a few dollars more to Obama than a Republican in Congress. But, whatever, wingchun, thats what the internet is for, right? Making up crazeeee shit that you don't have to factcheck. Woohoo!!

  • Shirley Sherrods husbands Charles Sherrod – "Finally, we must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections. We must not be afraid to vote black and we must not be afraid to turn a black out who votes against our interests…we’re running someone for an office that blacks are going to take this office over."
    How do you like that? A Former racist who’s now a non-racist and accuses others of being racists is married to a racist.

  • @eirefrance BP is a founding member of the Democratic Cap and Trade lobby. That is a bill that is intended to decrease oil use by increasing the price of oil. It is the most intrusive bill ever introduced to the US congress, and it would give the government the power to every aspect of our lives. Obama said he was going to "kick BP's ass" so he attempts to pass legislation that they helped create. Hahah.. liberals or whatever you call yourselves are utterly clueless. Stay out of politics please.

  • @WingChunGeologist There is a video called "Al Gore Confronted in Chicago" that shows a politician in a congressional hearing who asked Al Gore about his connections with Ken Lay and Enron. Im not sure if that question is in the video but it should be, I cant find the full video of the hearing right now, but Republicans grilled Gore about it. At least that guy in the begining of the video did at some point during that hearing.
    And I heard about Charles Sherrod's racism from Andrew Breitbart.

  • @KingDingaLing090 BP is a founding member of cap and trade? And you call "liberals" the clueless ones? Oh, thats precious. You're precious. You're just a little a ball of idiocy all rolled is gooey caramel, with your little Worldnetdaily t-shirt and your crush on Glenn Beck. Careful there, dingaling, you're drooling on your new t-shirt. Oh, oh, there, thats right, big boys wipe their chins.

  • @KingDingaLing090 Hey King dingleberry, why would a Republican own hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock of a "wholly left-wing organization"?

  • @eirefrance Because Republicans arent conservatives and they all know which way the ball is rolling.
    Are you going to prove me wrong or are you going keep leaving me weird messages?

  • @KingDingaLing090 And Democrats are left-wing and are the ones rolling the ball? Haha, face it man, there is no such thing as a principled conservative. Even "principled libertarian" Ron Paul is one of the top congressman getting taxpayer funded federal pork for his district. Can you name a principled conservative? Or is that too weird a message to leave you with?

  • Has anyone else noticed how controversial Obama has been in his two years they are trying every trick in the book to make him look bad. If this keeps up America will soon be in the midst of a race war and it will be the RACIST white people against everyone else. Notice I capitalised the word RACIST so if this does not apply to YOU do not reply to me.

  • @eirefrance You have no idea what I just said to you. Talking politics with you is like talking to my plumber about astonomy.


    Fox News said ZERO about this at the time of SHERROD'S FORCED RESIGNATION. Check the TIMELINE. Glenn Beck defends Sherrod when 1st commented.

    TEA PARTY is not RACIST.

  • Glenn Beck pretented to defend Shirley Sherrod. Which we all know is phony. (he don't care about Sherrod). His real motive is to make Obama look bad, and to keep blacks divided This psychological game has been going on for years.

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