What Will Life Be Like Where You Retire?

Updated : Sep 11, 2019 in Articles

What Will Life Be Like Where You Retire?


  • I don't care who you are we owe are existence to the elder generations and they are treated at the end of theirs lives disgustingly some feeling like they have been thrown away to die .
    Now a days some people put their parents in a home just to get at their money society is sick but that's what money does .

  • Educate them with technology and make technology easier and more accessible to them. It's quite sad , however most people place their elderly family members into retirement homes/nursing homes and then leave them to die all alone even if they live a 10 minute drive away. My opinion is that if technology like Skype is easily accessible to elders then they could at least narrow the communication gap slightly between the generations and I believe that younger people would be more willing to make a Skype call as compared to actually visiting (Just my opinion).

  • I volunteer and work at a couple of senior's homes, and to say that they're "efficient" or "clinical" is an understatement. The larger one, where I perform part-time, is much brighter and (at least feels) more alive. But it seems outside of the norm, from what I've seen and heard.

    The other, where I volunteer, is dark and dreary, and definitely fits far more into the "clinical" note. Residents are sometimes left to sit out in the hall in the middle of the day. There never seems to be enough staff, and the majority of the way they get their programming is through volunteer organizations, like the one I work with.

    To get care anything close to what you're describing, people have to pay through the nose, especially for specialized care. How the current younger generations will ever manage to afford it ourselves when we hit that age (if we need the care) is beyond me.

  • Out of sight, out of mind. Since the elderly compose a small part of our population, presently 13%, they do not have the collective political influence (strength) to change how our society supports their needs in the later stages of life. Some nursing homes may be more compasoniate and considerate, and forward looking in how they treat the elderly ; but the industry has a long ways to go. I base my comments on what I've read and my expereince with my elderly father who is 90 and refuses to even set foot into an assisted living home. I think the industry needs to do a better job of changing the perception or reality of their industry.

  • what i've been constantly debating to myself is about all the possibilities around us and in space with other forms of life i'm not talking about what they look like i'm talking about what they would be able to have access to within their bodies i mean would there be a limit on their bodies like on ours or can some for example change whatever part of their body to anything they thought of

  • Unsubscribed, this could be an amazing channel, sadly it's content is directly influenced by it's sponsor.
    I feel like they lied to me.

  • Mr. Robot President,
    An excellent video! Featuring plant and animal life as positive factors in improving well being is fascinating. I will be interested to see how it goes with the young people. Here at NxGen Wealth we commend you for your FW: Thinking and the positive impact it is having as we develop new ways to deal with the privilege of caring for our elderly.

  • The time when i reach 60 and beyond, technology to that point would be so sophisticated and complex that it would take care of me, and free humans to do other things.

    The elders of the future will likely have enough to do with their lives, from endless activities to leisure and vacations etc..

    But the elders should also know how to use technology instead of complaining how difficult it is.

  • it's nice to discover that these ways of living are changing in such a positive direction. Very encouraging video.  I always try to do my part helping manifest this to happen.

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