What to Consider Before Quitting Your Job | Fast Company

Updated : Nov 19, 2019 in Articles

What to Consider Before Quitting Your Job | Fast Company

– [Narrator] You might
wanna write this down. Three questions you should ask yourself when you want to quit your job. Number one, why do I
feel the need to quit? We tend to quit something
when it makes us unhappy or uncomfortable, but
to ensure that quitting will really make you happier, you need to look closely at your reasons. If it’s pride and ego, think twice. But if you find that you wanna quit because your motivations no
longer align with your job, then it’s a valid reason to leave. Number two, have I done everything
to make this work for me? Sometimes, your frustration with a job may be because of a major change. It may be to your benefit
to try to embrace it first. Sometimes it requires you
to try different things to get different results. Of course, there’s a point
where no amount of change is going to give you the results you want, so when that happens, it
might be best to move on. Number three, what do I
have to gain by quitting? Everything has an opportunity cost. If you have a lot more to gain by quitting than you do to lose, then it’s a sign that you should at least
seriously consider leaving. Find secrets of the most productive people in Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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