What happens when female bodybuilders retire? Part#2

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What happens when female bodybuilders retire? Part#2

Hi, guys! Nature of bodybuilding channel with you today! Because of the incredible interest to my video
about what happens with female bodybuilders retire, I’ve decided to make another video
about this topic showing you the other top FBBs and telling you about them a bit. So let’s start. The first in our list is Vickey Gates who
used to be Ronnie Coleman’s girlfriend. By the way, they dated for almost 7 years. Judging by the photos from Vickey’s instagram,
they are still on friendly terms anyway. Let’s circle back to the time when Vickey
competed, particularly to the 90s and early 2000s. She took part in Ms Olympia contest for 8
times and got really good places. Apart from 2003 when she finished the 7th,
she never went lower than 5th place. In 2000 Ms Olympia she was about to win the
title but because of the several changes to the contest she wasn’t able to do it and
finished only the 2nd in the heavyweight division after Valentina Chepiga. She is literally an uncrowned Ms Olympia. In my opinion she deserved to win Ms Olympia
contest. If she had won, then we could have seen a
couple of Mr Olympia winners. Unfortunately, it never happened. Vickey Gates finished her career in 2003 and
now she is 56. I think that she looks great for her age. She still keeps fit and involved in bodybuilding
sphere as a personal bodybuilding coach. Well the next sports person is actually Valentina
Chepiga who won 2000 Ms Olympia not allowing Vickey Gates to date Mr Olympia as Ms Olympia,
so to speak. I’ve already made a video about Valentina
but I would like to show you her current shape. Taking into account her correlation between
her height of 165 cm or 5’5” and weight of 62 kg or 137 lbs she wasn’t that big
in comparison to Vickey. I believe that Valentina was like a current
women’s physique competitor. So, may be because of that you can’t see
a lot of differences between her competing shape and her current shape in the photos
from her instagram. It seems to me that sometimes she almost brings
back her competing shape, which is incredible for a 56 year old woman. Number three in our list is Andrulla Blanchett
who was also 2000 Ms Olympia winner but in the lightweight division. In my opinion, despite being in the lightweight
division she was more muscular than Valentina, the winner of the heavyweight division. Anyway, Andrulla like Valentina still keeps
fit and can even show off her biceps nowadays. In my opinion, Andrulla just lost a bit of
her quality and separation but she still looks like a bodybuilder maybe not so extreme but
I don’t think that lots of women can look like her at the age of 52. For instance, Andrulla has recently uploaded
a video on her Instagram where she performs chin-ups relatively easy. So, in a nutshell, Andrulla is phenomenally
fit for her age. The next sports person on the agenda is Juliette
Bergamann. Currently, Bergmann is the most successful
Dutch bodybuilder in the world, by being the only Dutch bodybuilder to win the Ms. Olympia
title, particularly 2001 Ms Olympia defeating Andrulla Blanchett. She won the light weight division and overall
that year. Since 2009, she’s been the president of
IFBB in the Netherlands, director of IFBB in Thailand and a member of the IFBB executive
council. As for her shape, I haven’t found any photos
showing her current conditioning so the photos just show how she looked when she was young
and how she looks now. Anyway, judging by the photos it’s obvious
that she is one of the most influential people in IFBB now. Finally, I want to show you the current shape
of Yolanda Hughes who took part in 6 Ms Olympias from 1992 to 1995 and from 1997 to 1998. Her best placing was in her last Ms Olympia
when she ended up finishing the 2nd after Kim Chizevsky. Yolanda now is 55 and her conditioning is
also increadible. So guys, I’ve chosen 5 female bodybuilders
who were in their prime in the late 90s and 2000s to show you what actually happened when
they stopped competing. I haven’t placed them in a particular order
in this video. Just so that we can see that unlike male bodybuilders,
who tend to loose almost all of their gains when they stop competing, females in general
tend to lose their muscle quality, separation, and striations, but they still keep fit. There are off course some examples when females
become almost manlike after bodybuilding or even powerlifting career. But these representatives were and are all
top female bodybuilders with incredibly successful bodybuilding career and they still look feminine. So, the bottom line is that it is not only
about what performance enchantment drugs they have taken in order to transform their bodies
but how and when. And what lifestyle they started to follow
after their careers ended. But this is completely the other topic. Well guys, thank you for watching. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
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  • Glad to see a second expose’ of FBB after Bodybuilding.
    Most of them are still healthy if not happy as they are no longer in the stress of workout regime, dieting and competition pressure.
    Of the five, my favorite 4 are Chepica, Bergman, Hughes and Blanchette.
    Chepica would have been in the same power, beauty and grace category as Sandy Riddel, Denise Rutkowski and Kim Chizevsky. But she had a line that she just didn’t want to cross and I can respect that. Now she is just a 56 year old Dream as she isn’t competing .
    Bergman is the Queen of Symmetry and still is. Her comebacks and 2001 win was both a surprise and honor. When she evolved she really did evolve with a iron goddess physique.
    Hughes is a dazzler with her gymnastics and dance choreography. Her body too is a artistic spectacle. She will never overthrow Lesa Lewis, Laura Creavalle, Iris Kyle or Queen Lenda but it was up there!!!
    And Andrulla, when she went pro in the mid 80s she was a warrior becoming a goddess during her Olympia days. Each year was a body that needed to be worshipped and loved!!! She was U.K.’s Golden Statue. After a disagreement she just quits and I would have love to see her how she looks like if 2002 was to be her final contest. She has no regret in retiring and still looks as sexy she was when she was a Olympia!!!

  • I wonder if their clits went back to normal size. I dated a female bodybuilder and she was on so many steroids, her clit was about 3 inches long. Seeing they stopped using steroids do their clits go back to normal size

  • I remember many years ago when i readed many magazines and watched this ladies!
    I admire all of them ,some of them like Cory Everson and Lenda Murray are legends!

  • Does anyone have any info on Sharon Marvel. Rumors has it that she passed away, again it's a rumor so reply if you know. Thanks…

  • Plain and simple steroids destroy their body's just like they do to men! No respect for these roiders.

  • It may depend on what era we are talking about. "Golden Age" bodybuilders like Cory Everson and Rachel McLish were beautiful when they were competing and still look great as they have aged. Even Lenda Murray still looks great in her fifties.

  • Is all mostly diet not the drug medicine. If they diet hard they will show all the muscle separation. Steroids should be legal in the US and alcohol cigarettes overdose of sugar should be illegal

  • From the looks of these women, they seem to keep their shape well into their late 40's and 50's and still looks good.

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