What Does AARP Say You Need To Have Saved For Retirement?


  • You're going to have to take RMD's starting at 70.5 anyhow! If you talk about a married couple where both have worked and each get a respectable Social Security check, plus any kind of a pension, even if it's small, you start to see that those stream of payments cover your current living expenses. Now that million dollar target becomes a bit smaller. The pension can be setup as joint and survivor, or you can take life insurance out to cover the cash out value thereby maximizing the monthy payment if you want to go with a single life annuity. A lot of people probably live on 50% of what they make after income taxes, FICA taxes, and money being put away for retirement. Next step could be to talk about traditional to Roth conversions to avoid the tax bomb when you do have to start taking those RMD's.

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