Wells Fargo CEO’s resignation a political move?


  • It’s not a fantasy, banks are out there screwing their lower income customers….why are the banks always getting sued and settling out of court or losing…:

  • Varney: If Elizabeth Warren chose the Wells Fargo succesor I would short that stock tomorrow morning. HaHaHaHa

  • Big woop his severance will put on the golf course for the rest of his life. He's laughing at congress and those idiots.

  • Wells Fargo continues to be the biggest perpetrator of fraudulent foreclosures using forged documents and securitization fraud pledging the same loan multiple times to multiple (non-existent) trusts. The government and the judiciary has proven itself complicit in the continuing fraud. Your government has sold you and your real property OUT using MERS as their tool.
    Parents: do you you know where your mortgage (note) is?

  • You guys are such bozos Jonathan! You have no idea what you are talking about. I was there at Wells Fargo! I saw the debased corruption called it out and then got shafted myself! Regulated yes but all these organizations are sitting back and looking the other way! 15 years! We were thousands of us who reported the crimes!

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