We Gave Up Retirement to Start a Winery | My Shopify Business Story

Updated : Nov 08, 2019 in Articles

We Gave Up Retirement to Start a Winery | My Shopify Business Story

Imagine quitting your job as a tech
powerhouse, moving to the countryside, starting your own business, and being close to the age of retirement. We are not really the retirement types. I’m Carolyn and I’m Grant and we’re the Westcott’s. Grant and Carolyn were long time corporate IT professionals when they packed up their lives in Toronto, Canada and moved to wine
country to start Wescott Vineyard. Yeah pretty much everyone said, “are you guys crazy?” Why do you want to take on that kind of risk at this stage of your life and what do you
know about growing grapes? And I think deep down I’d always wanted to have our
own business. Knowing nothing about wine, the pair brought in experts and their entire family to help out and are huge advocates for following your passion no
matter how old you are. If you don’t kind of take that first step into the off the
edge of the cliff, into the abyss knowing that there’s maybe a net there or
there’s a ledge just off it and then you you never get to experience the some of
the joys that we’ve had. You know when you start out to do something like this
you don’t know everything in front of you, you actually know very little about
what’s in front of you. It’s mostly about attitude and it’s mostly about zeal
and desire and those sorts of things. We share that philosophy that life is to be
lived and to push the boundaries, make yourself uncomfortable. I want to keep learning and keep challenging
myself until I draw my last breath.


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