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Rebecca Rebecca where did she go hello I don’t know where she fell down what’s going on Sharer’s welcome to the vlog check careful careful careful careful Grace Sharer check it out we are at the game masters house or so we think we know whose house we’re pretty sure the game masters house it’s completely looks at bandit on the outside but Rebecca’s Zamolo went inside she snuck inside this door right here to try to unlock the front door she’s inside right now all we heard as soon as she jumped in with some crashing noise and haven’t heard from her since so Grace and I are trying to find another way in she could be trapped in there with multiple game masters we have no idea what to expect this house is absolutely crazy it’s locked on the outside every door is locked look at this you see anything I don’t see anything Grace what that door the gauge is closed that was open I don’t know what’s going on with this house but everything is so weird the windows are all busted out well Rebecca is inside right now Grace we’ve gotta find a way in we’ve got to find a way in come on let’s go up to the front here what is this place it’s the weirdest place I’ve ever seen this I think is the game masters house look at this place grace it’s so creepy so much wood so much I don’t know chunk all this stuff what is this everything all the windows have double like blockage like it’s like burnt down I got busted out on the outside maybe that’s why the game master lives in here because he doesn’t think anyone would ever show up little does the game master know that we’re one step ahead of him because we saw on Rebecca’s house security camera that he is currently at her house and we’re at his house whoa grace check this out what this tank contains reclaimed water what is all these no drinking what are all these tools this is weird up to something yeah okay let’s get it in case we’ve got to find our way in Rebecca so we go we go on the front door I don’t know there could be more than one gamemaster and the rest could be in there well Rebecca’s inside so Sharers I think we gotta go we gotta wrap unlocking door look at this it’s a walk on this plank Rebecca Rebecca did you get your house open Rebecca are you saying are you okay Rebecca small supposed to be inside right now all we need to know Rebecca are you okay I heard her voice Rebecca Sharers did you hear her voice get it open quick we gotta get him the D message gets back are you okay what’s going on what happened I’m through and then I fell down the stairs into this like dark basement and I climbed out you guys is so creepy place is bizarre what is this place I have no idea I just got up and I like heard you guys and so I tried to come to the front door but it’s so hard to get here like I declined over so many things why is this place called on us if I can something light on there we go what is this place whoa this is the game masters house look at the ceiling if they call burnt what is that a camera up there what is that that thing I don’t know what that is well there’s like spider webs over there what is this place Rebecca no idea I honestly did not even look and just like heard you guys and I came to the front door I was like oh my gosh like I’m so freaked out right now this is like a game dice dice giant dice that’s weird how many are there 1 2 3 4 5 5 dice that’s such a weird game what do you weigh what numbers were on them shares rewind this number what number were on these dice who for the babysit for each person the game masters going after all right yeah you guys comment what numbers are on here we’re probably gonna have to use that at some point yeah it could be a clue really and there’s a J right a J shares my guess is this is the game masters like place where he creates all the games on all the riddles that he’s been sending to Rebecca that he’s been saying it’s a Chad wild clay and Vy that he’s now sending to us he loved games clearly I wonder if you think it’s like a TV even electricity in this place look if there’s no light bulbs looks like everything’s burnt out it’s a perfect place to hide so no one will find you yeah but could it be electricity oh wait there’s definite lectricity check this out Rebecca look there’s electricity this is all so he can definitely so there is electricity in here and there’s a box of nails why would he go there being nails all this construction equipment maybe he’s building like an elaborate game maybe trap us all in the game look up there like all birds so burn up there I wonder if we could get oh wait let me go back whoa this is where to take a workshop back here company what I didn’t even see that I ran through here I haven’t even gone in this run it’s back here it’s like what what what is this place Oh what is on another game grace this is the specialist thing back that’s out there Becca’s house Oh another one of his games we saw that when we were in her house yes it’s a court whole stuff same exact thing he’s tricking us oh my gosh all right what this is me oh my gosh he’s on his phone huh and that’s me oh my gosh Rebecca that’s your house with your pool for our challenge oh my goodness what is going on it’s on Weiss radio on what where oh my god I don’t know what did I’d say this is weird what is this please look there’s more pictures over here what was that I think I just dropped that thing huh what is on the floor but mud hmm yes that’s so weird what wait there’s there’s writing 2005 where it all started in 2005 what was back in 2005 no yeah I wasn’t even on YouTube in 2005 yeah and it was so creepy what I saw here whoa in my class like what is he so great look at this what oh my gosh yeah Oh Chad that’s the guy my photo hide evidence drone pad you guys this is the same paper that he used when he gave us riddles I’m not even joking it’s the exact same notebook Oh what is with a what is left behind is never forgotten GM the car is a trap GM one three six five does that mean what does that mean what are those numbers I don’t know it’s almost like a it’s almost like he was in the middle of like prepping frequent another hit for the next clue should we steal his notepad no no I think we should leave it here okay hold on take a picture of it so we know sure it’s comment down below all these coats we don’t forget them yeah janitor picture all of them we can think maybe we can look at it later for any other clues make it look like we know everything ever touched it okay I think what look you guys this this with the rainbow the waiter I had a clue that led to you guys and it was rainbow and he had different states with different Aero colors and then he put a rainbow at the you’re right I think it was a note that you guys were supposed to get because it said s – oh it was another act even starts the S and like this is the rainbow from that clue wait wait we’re ahead right now we got the pictures everything on the note let’s try to figure out what they mean okay but in the meantime let’s get out of here quick I don’t know where he is okay grab don’t touch anything get after his quick as we can we need to add together get that doctor vector how are you there’s a sieve here take this that could be a blue okay get out here gamemaster this is gamemaster my gosh isn’t this how he’s been hacking what is that what is it is it a book oh my gosh this computer it’s computer quick take a ticket ticket we’re taking that good you cannot let him see that we have this laptop this is gonna give us I know we gotta get out quick we should get up and run groceries out there Tech is there another snapping on those door what is this place there’s a bathroom back in there oh gosh Rebecca house how’d you come here with your window which me no I don’t see a window which window was it which window was it can we get out here sweet it looks like the clothes might be clear Rebecca quietly very quietly just go quietly just stay quiet it’s!


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