Warframe: The causes & issues of “abandoned content”

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Warframe: The causes & issues of “abandoned content”

This video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends. I’d very much rather stick a rusty nail into
my eye than make a sponsorship be a part of a video. Anyways, it doesn’t take a genius to know
that DE kind of has a habit of releasing content and then rarely, if ever, touching it again
for what feels like eons. Conclave, Lunaro, Frame Fighter, Raids, and
Titania are but a few examples. I love having more things to do as much as
the next guy, but seeing several pieces of content be introduced only to end up gathering
dust feels like the developer version of how us as the players treat new weapons:
unlock them, craft them, max them, and then never touch them again, unless they happen
to be the new meta. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being
given more things to do. There really isn’t. However, when development time is used to
make several “sideline” sections of the game such as Conclave or Frame Fighter than end
up either never being touched again or only revisited when a new Warframe drops, it just
feels like resources are being put into the wrong aspects of Warframe. Again, don’t misunderstand me. I had fun with Frame Fighter, for about 3
days, but then I just went back to mainline content of Warframe, which is essentially
the ‘core’ of the game. As much fun as it is to mess around with Shawzin,
the Mandachord, Fashion Frame, or simply going open world fishing, that’s not what people
play Warframe for. They’re entertaining, sure. They’re additional activities to do, sure. But, that’s not what entices players to Warframe,
because after all, nobody’s ever come to Warframe purely because we have over 30 different color
palettes to decorate Warframes with. There’s the exception of Lunaro, which was
originally pitched by DE back in TennoCon 2017 as a brand new mode for players to jump
into and play as part of the Conclave. Naturally, it was dead almost on arrival,
for three simple reasons: At that point, it kind of becomes a question
of, “Why even bother?” especially considering that Conclave has practically
no bearing on the rest of Warframe, and like I mentioned in a previous video, nobody plays
Lunaro. I suppose I should rephrase myself. It’s fine for DE to make mistakes. It really is. However, burning time on ‘trying out new things’
when players just want more content to play is a bold and ambitious approach, but it’s
also time-consuming, not to mention that “trying out new things” can lead to content that nobody
ends up playing, like Lunaro. At the same time, spending too much time on
“trying out new things” also has the potential of causing lesser quality updates or events
to be made so as to not spend too much time away from developing mainline content, case
in point: Operation Buried Debts. The way in which DE makes, releases, and ignores
content sometimes gives off the impression that they’re becoming out of touch with their
playerbase, even though DE has plenty of resources they could utilize to better understand what
it is the players want to play and what they want to be improved. As we all know, though, DE also has a habit
of not using those resources at all. Being left ignored or given little to no content
to play results in players being bored, and naturally, that eventually results in people
leaving, whether it be temporarily or permanently. I am indeed aware that we’re in yet another
content drought, which is likely to end next week, but it’s a tad to early to claim that
“Warframe is dying,” considering that the lowest player peak we’ve ever had was back
during the extremely early days of the game, not to mention that Warframe has a distinctive
pattern: Warframe has never lost players for more than
3 months in a row. Or at least, not yet. Personally, I think it’s more accurate to
say that “Warframe is in another recession” rather than simply saying “Warframe is dying.” But I digress. The lack of stuff to do is a direct result
of Warframe simply evolving, I would say. We’re well past the point where Operations
were delivered on an almost monthly basis, because those were the days where the “big
ideas” such as open world or cinematic Quests didn’t exist yet. Now because the game is growing in terms of
the sheer size and scale of updates we receive compared to 3 years ago, it’s only reasonable
that continually making ever-more ambitious Updates such as the ongoing Railjack and eventual
New War takes increasingly more time and resources to develop. When you think about it that way, DE is kind
of forced to make bite-sized content for the players, simply to give them something to
do, even if it’s miniscule, because otherwise we’d be sitting here on absolutely nothing
to do while DE toils away with new Updates. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that
events should be poorly made or delivered with heavy levels of grind. Is it really wrong to ask for non-mainline
content to be given the same level of quality that mainline content receives? In my opinion, no. Being happy with being given hastily thrown
together patches in-between big Updates is the equivalent of being satisfied with eating
poorly cooked appetizers at any given restaurant as you wait for your main dish to finish being
made. In the words of Gordon Ramsey: thank you for watching.


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