Wanted (5/11) Movie CLIP – Wesley’s Breakdown (2008) HD

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Wanted (5/11) Movie CLIP – Wesley’s Breakdown (2008) HD

(SIGHS) (WHISPERING) Wesley. Hey. What’s up with you? What do you mean? You’re… You’re here early. Is… You seem
a little pepped up. You all right?
Well, yeah. Yeah. I guess I feel kind of different. Whatever. I’m gonna go
get some Post-it Notes.
Do you want one? No.
Really? Yeah.
Okay. Jesus H. fucking Popsicle,
I still don’t have
my billing reports, but you’ve got time
to sit here
and Google your ass off. Well, I know one thing. You’ve got your review
coming up next week, and I can’t wait to start
checking me off
some big fucking boxes. (HEART BEATING)
Attitude, poor!
Performance, poor! Management skills, poor! (SCOFFS)
Works well with others.
That’s a fucking joke. (HEART BEATING FASTER) What is this bullshit?
Who’s this prick? Some loser gets
his head blown off
at the Metropolitan… Shut the fuck up! She has one single
iota of tenuous power. She thinks she can
push everyone around. You don’t need this. (SOFTLY) I understand. Junior high must have
been kind of tough, but it doesn’t give you the
right to treat your workers
like horseshit, Janice. I know we laugh at you,
Janice. We all know you keep
your stash of jelly donuts in
the top drawer of your desk. But I want you to know if you weren’t such a bitch,
we’d feel sorry for you. I do feel sorry for you. But as it stands,
the way you behave, I feel I can speak
for the entire office when I tell you go fuck yourself. (WHIMPERS) Yeah. That was great, bro.
Who’s the man? I’m the man.


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