Von Miller on Peyton Manning’s Retirement

Updated : Aug 28, 2019 in Articles

Von Miller on Peyton Manning’s Retirement

So Von, good to see you again. So your quarterback,
you told me he wasn’t going to retire. I said what do you think, and
you said no Peyton’s not going to retire.>>[LAUGH]
>>And he retired.>>I mean that’s what I thought, I felt like he still had some time
left physically and mentally. But one thing that Peyton’s always
been great at is timing, and it’s great timing for him.>>Yeah, now did you buy anything for
winning the Super Bowl, did you get yourself a gift?>>[LAUGH] I bought myself,
so I didn’t get a car, so I got Super Bowl teeth, that’s what I got. I bought myself a grill.>>[LAUGH]
>>Two grills.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Can you explain grills to me? I don’t really understand. So they fit those on you,
you get them fitted.>>You get them fitted.>>And then they’re diamonds. And where-
>>[LAUGH]>>Why, first why?>>[LAUGH]
>>And then where would you
wear something like that?>>It’s a Texas thing. Nobody’s ever seen me with a grill,
I typically don’t wear it, it’s just something that I got. Wear it here and there,
it’s not really everyday. If my mom, she would tear me
apart if she saw me with them on.>>Yeah.>>But we all like to have them.


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