Urbex | Bladerunner 2049 abandoned power station

Updated : Oct 24, 2019 in Articles

Urbex | Bladerunner 2049 abandoned power station

In this episode we visit an abandoned power station where also a part of Bladerunner 2049 was filmed. We tried this power station already in 2012, but were seen by guards, even while it was pitchblack. All seems abandoned here.
-It’s always less abandoned as we think Yeah often in Eastern Europe. We can easily walk in that lower part. We should walk in this trench, so we don’t get seen. It’s completely rotten. It doesn’t look good.
-I go back. I almost fell down. Some kind of polyester. Something to see there? It’s not done to walk here. rotten aswell. We check it from the edge, maybe the other cooling tower is in a better shape. Don’t make too much noise btw, the guard could walk outside. It’s at least 20 metres deep. We’re going to check the other cooling tower. Hurry up. It’s a tough door. It’s easy to walk here?
-Rotten aswell. I see, let’s go to the power station. To the left?
-Yes, cross it and hopefully we find an entrance. An open door. We’re in the coal conveyor. We’re not alone as you can see… There’s a car, a bus.. And another car in the garage. It’s gonna be exciting. I’m hot. The floor is rotten here.
-Indeed, because there’s no roof. We have to take care. Here’s our long expected guard on his bicycle. He cycles happy -and ignorant on the terrain. The power station is so decayed, we get inside for sure. Holes everywhere. You can walk in from the ground floor, everything is open, crazy. That also means he can cycle inside. More thrilling.
-They also check the inside of the power station. It’s huge. There is somebody.
-Where? Check the control room?
-I’d love to. There it is. The heating still works. 01:45 PM. He was here at 01:45. It’s 3:08 now.
-We’re lucky. The computer is also still on. They write when they do their rounds. At one day he was also here at 03:15 PM. So this part is not totally abandoned. We go? Run?
-Yeah. Also cars drive here. Fresh tracks.


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