Urbex | Abandoned UFO Village, take a look inside!

Updated : Nov 09, 2019 in Articles

Urbex | Abandoned UFO Village, take a look inside!

In this episode we continue our adventure in Taiwan and drive through the amazing Taroko National Park. We’re going to visit one of the most popular abandoned places on Earth, the Wanli UFO Village. Pretty funny.
-Cool Where’s the blanket? Ah it’s there. After all those years we finally visit the UFO village…. and it’s raining cats an dogs. Non-stop rain. We arrived, we parked on a secret spot. We didn’t see those houses yet right?
-No. We’re going to search them. We only have a few hours left so we need to hurry. We’re lucky, the weather is slightly better for the moment. Quite a lot of houses. Cool. I think that’s the most famous spot already.
-I think it’s a little further. Some seem to be in use.
-Yeah there are cars parked in front. Cool to see it after all those years. The surrounding is nice aswell.
There’s the first one. This are Futuro Houses, designed by the Finnish Architect Matti Suuronen. They resemble flying saucers descended to Earth. They’re made from plastic, so it’s easy to airlift them on any terrain. Originally they were designed as ski chalets. The square retrofuturistic houses are called Venture Houses and were designed by the same architect. The Venture Houses never became as popular as the Futuro Houses. The strange thing is that nobody exactly knows when these houses were built, where they came from or when it became neglected. Is it open?
-Let’s check it out. At least we can look through the windows. Really cool. We wanted to spend the night here, but due the storm we decided not to. Quite a stench here. Samson and Gert. (Dutch/Belgian TV) Bob talk like Samson. Gert, it’s a really nice UFO village, but why did you left me here? An awesome interior.
-Nice one. I would like to live in such house. The floor is made from puzzle tiles. A lot of rubbish. All the futuro houses are exactly the same. All yellow.
-You also have the white ones. The Venturo houses are not that special. Everything is made of plastic. We’re going to the next one. It looks like an airplane door. Hey neighbour!
-Hey neighbour, good weather isn’t it? Let’s go inside another one quickly. This is the view. Less messy. Some are totally ruined while others are still in a good shape. This one is in use.
-Mmmm. It;s looks really good. Well all curtains are closed. It could be. All the same. Another one which is in use. Cool place Bob.
-Yeah it’s an unique place. That one is extended while maintaining the old style. A lot of rubbish lying around. Ohh, found a cool one with interior. This one still has the interior. Cool. Epic bar stools. The floor is unstable.
-Even the bathroom is intact. The bedroom. This one is preserved pretty good.
-Even the toothbrush is still there.
Pure decay. No sings of vandalism or tags in this country. A lot of personal items are left. This one is the best. I regret we didn’t sleep here. Can’t have it all. Better than expected, I thought only 3-4 houses would be abandoned. It’s half the village. I think there are 20.
-At least. Those yellow ones.
-Maybe like 15. Somebody walks there. Take care. A B&B here would be epic.
-That would be a great concept. We have to hurry to see the other locations today. The door was blown away. Lovely. Nice overview. So here lives somebody. I could see somebosy coming outside. Totally decayed. So, no luck at this location. Too bad, there’s security. You can see him standing. Poor boy. Soaked. Completely wet. So we’re done with UFO Village, we want to visit an abandoned pool. But there’s a guy so we’ll try to get inside with this translation. Don’t film too obviously. Did you translate who we are and what we do?
-Yes. If this doesn’t work out we go. At least we tried.
-In another country we would have been sent away already.


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