Urbex | Abandoned hot spring hotel on a subtropical Island

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Urbex | Abandoned hot spring hotel on a subtropical Island

In this episode we travel to the vulcanic island Hachijojima, also called the Hawaii of Japan. It’s located 300km south of Tokyo and has a subtropical climate. Unbelievable.
This was once a road. Heavy decay. Crazy.
This hot spring hotel was once the only one on the island, but the hot spring dried up. So the hotel went bankrupt and this is what’s left. Crazy it was reliable on one spring only.
-You can’t control nature. It has cool decay though.
-Typical japanese decay with the wallpapers coming down and the wood. When they don’t construct it in a good way it decays faster. Quite a lot of stuff is still standing here. Slides wit hthe food they served. Some good sushi. We didn’t see an Asahi vending machine often.
-Is there something inside? Nope. Completely empty.
Too bad. There’s a can of coffee on the floor. No expiring date. Check the view. Really cool.
-I barely had stunning views like this in an abandoned building. This room is in a good shape compared to the rest we’ve seen. A nice first location on the island. What a nice island. Tourism dropped a lot in the past decades, because Japanese people were allowed to travel outside of Japan. So nobody visits the island anymore, causing the big hotels to close down. A typical ryokan, you have a basic room, the mattress is in the closet. And when you go to bed you take it out. These are still in a good condition aswell. You put it down.. And the room is transformed into a bedroom. A funny concept.
Such rooms look simular.
Same lamps, a lot of wood, sliding doors. Low ceilings.
-Indeed. I miss the thea can with the cups. Maybe in another room.
Let’s put this back. The rooms even had a console. It looks like a Nintendo. I don’t know it, do you? Looks like a Playstation or Nintendo.
-Pretty oldschool. VHS recorder. Every floor has a shared kitchen. They could all cook here. Here’s the tea pot. You put the herbs inside and there’s a filter when you pour the water into the cup. The closets are falling apart.
-It looks trashed but it’s natural decay. How many years it’s abandoned you think? I couldn’t find any info on the internet but it’s abandoned for at least 15-20 years I would say. Such a shame. Such nice view and location. We going to visit even a nicer one !
After this we are going to sleep in another hotel…. which was once the biggest in Japan.
Also abandoned because of the decline of tourists. So we still have a lot to see. A great prospect. The have a swimming pool on the roof… it’s clogged. Once it will collapse.
-Yeah the roof can’t carry that amount of water. Crazy it hasn’t collapsed yet. These corridors are really decayed compared to the rooms which are next to it. The wind constantly blows through the corridor. Another good looking intact room. Also funny with a decoration around the peephole. It’s all about the details. In this room you can see the contrast of decay. A detoriating safe with the key still on it. Completely rusted and when you look here… A tea set, and when you open it… It looks brand new. In remarkable good condition. Not even dust on it. Funny.
-We can make some tea, I would drink out of these cups. We always forget beer on the most epic spots. Crappy taxidermy. Polaroid pictures. It’s already destroyed on the pictures.
They look recent. Or maybe it are pictures after a typhoon. No clue, wierd !
Maybe pictures from another explorer. We’re in this building now. There are a lot of more buildings to see. This will be the hot spring section. From here you can’t see any of this.
-It’s completely hidden. Probably because it’s abandoned for so long everything is overgrown. Bamboo grows really fast. It’s overgrown in no time. Here’s the game corner with arcade machines and fruit machines. They left it all.
-And they’re really oldschool. Way older than the ones we saw in Fukushima. Really…. So cool back in the days. Do you recognize this guy? He has a boardgame aswell. Something digital. A digital screen indeed. Pong, do you know the game pong?
-Who doesn’t know pong? Let’s get a drink at the bar. Nice with these doors. The bar with drinks collapsed. And here there’s no vandalism aswell. Some kind of animation/theatre room. Funny with those chairs withouth legs. Normally you have to take out your shoes here.
-Oops indeed. What a view. We’re now in another part of the hotel. Pretty intact aswell. A totally different type of room. This looks more European with standard beds. Anice drawing, probably inspired by Hachijojima, the vulcanoes look the same. The view is probably good aswell. There’s the hot spring section. There’s a round building. And a swimming pool. The dinner room. Not really stable. The ceiling always come down pretty quick in Japan. The kitchen. What a mess. It looks they left in a hurry. So wierd. I keep on saying it. A sushi boat. Always present in a Japanese hotel. When something fails the Japanese people want nothing to do with it anymore. That’s why everything is left. Everyone turns they back to it. 15 more sushi boats. Sushi served continious. It makes me hungry.
-I was thinking the same. We only ate this morning.
-We have to make movies. The dishwasher didn’t have to do the dishes anymore. The hot spring part is completely overgrown. We made it ! Imagine it was summer, even more overgrown. Not a hot spring but a subtropical swimming pool now. This is the hot spring tub which dried up. No more hot water. I like the decay here.
-It’s the real “I am legend” It’s a beautiful location, big…
For how long are we exploring here? We only explored this hotel after we arrived on this island. And we have to hurry because we want to sleep in the most epic resort of the island. And cook, so we have to buy food. I hope we get inside. Stay tuned, in the next episode we visit a famous and one of the most beautiful abandoned hotels in the world.


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