URBEX | A weekend on abandoned oil rigs

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URBEX | A weekend on abandoned oil rigs

It’s 05:30 in the morning, we skipped the last night. What do we have here…. An engine. A boat…this is Andy. He’s trying to inflate the boat. This is our target, there are a lot of abandoned oil rigs here. You need the duct tape? And it’s flat again haha. We have some problems inflating the boat. We’ve got some serious engine problems.. It took a while, but we got it running, woohoo Pretty high waves Wet and wild. Wait, wait, wait It’s just too small. We’re going to check-in at our new
hotel. Looks surreal man, all those shells. So as you can see we made it
safely on the oil rigs. it’s really amazing it’s way better than a ever expected. It’s the first time I see such a thing. it’s really cool, and even cooler is that we
spend the night here, have a barbecue so it’s gonna be awesome man. I see an open door. It’s on the other side, but maybe it’s connected. Let’s hope sow. We just looked for an entrance for at least
2,5 hours. Couldn’t find any, so bad luck for us. We’re heading to the next one and hope
we’ve got more luck. We just need a sleeping place for tonight so we have to get in somewhere. Alright keep you guys posted. In the meantime the tide became lower, so we have another embarking point now. Hopefully we can get into the other.
-Yeah otherwise it would be really depressing. We’re getting close. The police boat is passing us. wtf? The police is gone, so now we can embark the oil rig. We’re gonna check if there’s an entrance. These boats just crossed us. They have blue, blue lights. It is good that we were hidden, laying down here. The door is locked, but you can simply climb over It’s pretty high up here. Hang on, brother!
-Yeah. I look down here for 50 meters, pretty sick. Mmm, this one is locked. a forklift standing in here, crazy. O, this is nice! Hey, they even have an evil mask here.
-Hahaha I hope we can get inside the main part.
-I hope sow. You can get to the dangerous stuff, it’s not locked. Some chemicals. An aircraft carrier man.
Police. O, there are two ships. We can climb to the top of this.
-Yeah we’ll be doing that. That would be cool. Or a crewshot, with the drone.
-Yes. Locked… is it? It’s not!
-That’s good. Can you go further?
-Yeah. The radio room, i expected a little bit more, like in the navy ships. That’s a transponder, so it transmits an emergency signal. -Cool like a sos sign? They locate you.
-Alright, better not do that tonight. Office. Looks pretty neat man!
Yeah it’s quite cool. Here are pictures from when it was built. Locked?
-Locked. The sick bay is normally cool with the operating lights and stuff. A bit dissapointing Ah yeah there’s the operating light. Is that all they have now?
They used to have really cool ones. ooo, i see a sleeping spot for tonight.
-Yes, perfect. Nice colors here.
-Yeah. Ah look here, like a private cinema. Oh, something for this evening man! Smoking room. Looks like we found a gym.
-Oh yeah that’s nice Do some excercise Is there still some kind of battery inside?
-I think it’s generating electricity by movement. Here is some heavy duty material. Yeah, leave this to the real men. You can see all the stuff is still lying here, it’s crazy man. I think i found the nicest place here, even i could sit here all day. It has a nice view. Ithink this guy even has his own toilet. Yeah he does…It’s insane. Looks awesome man, still in perfect
condition, even the coats are still here. So, this was when this thing was moving.
-Yeah. Must have been a lot of horsepower . All kind of flags here. What’s in here?
-Noisy c*nt haha. We’re gonna have some fireworks tonight. A good day man. One of the most epic explores again. perfect place for a bbq. This material comes in handy. So, it’s a indoor bbq this time, it’s to windy outside so it won’t work. Hopefully the smoke goes away. I think it will work right? Got some chicken, pork, bread…and we miss the most important thing.. the sauce. Sauce..
-The Jamaican sauce. Have we forgot the sauce? We moved with the bbq, because we smoked ourselves out. But it tastes well, it’s good. and outside….it’s f*cked up. Shitty weather mate !
There’s the boat.We are really lucky we tied it together. Looks like a magazine here. It looks like a warehouse instead of an oil rig. A lot of material, just stacked. screws, more screws, even more screws. If you think this storage is not big enough, it seems to have multiple floors, it just goes on and on I keep on finding new rooms, i just climbed
this ladder, it’s the only way to reach this. this so much bigger than I expected I
thought i would be done within an hour. But I guess I need a whole day to see
this. Oh it is nice, for a picture. We’re on top, we’ve got an amazing view over here. All abandoned.
Let’s flip to the other side. alright we’re about to leave, but
something just happened. It’s f*cking stuck now. Luckily for us Andy fixed the problem, 15
minutes later. Don’t fall down. Peekaboo -Hello.
Yeah, we made it, now we have to be sure we get inside. yeah, alright.
-Let’s go have a look. Everything is covered with mussels, sea stars. Seagull frenzy perhaps.
The green is perhaps sh*t or something. Totally different.
I didn’t see any door yet . What?
-It can’t be that easy. Perhaps that one is locked.
Okay high five! damn finally we deserved it man
after all this sh*t we had today. Well oh man, let’s explore man.
-Oh this is cool. Oh, this is cool, oh man we should at least make one picture here. What have we found here? We’ve found the perfect room. Alright, let’s bring it on. Alright, so we got bored of this game, we’re gonna play another game… *wrong side, must have been the fatigue 😉 This is the only way to go up. It’s really steep, but we’re gonna make it. Holy… This is cool. It’s completely intact didn’t expect it here.
Let’s check if it’s open. Also locked. At least there was one open. This is the drill, completely intact, pretty cool to see. I can buy new sneakers man. The sun has just set. I was just to late to make a picture Andy has got it, lucky b*ast*rd. This really starts to annoy me man, those mussels. *We found out they fell down from the “towers” Everywhere. So we made some fast pictures, the sun is already down so, we gonna eat with a nice view. If Andy can open the bag. No fancy bbq tonight. Cheers man !
-Cheers Bob. The active company.
-Well that’s nice. So it’s pitchblack outside we’re just gonna
explore see what’s nice… Because we have to leave early tomorrow because I have to get my plane. So everyone came with a helicopter and stayed here for like three months or so.
-Yes. Radio room. Ah, you look first. It’s open. Ah yes, i saw this from the outside. It’s quite comfortable. It’s a real design chair man. All the clocks are working. It’s a real big screen, jesus. This is the most sexy calendar i’ve ever seen. Huh?? It’s from may, june 2017.
-What? I know.
-WTF? I hope they don’t come to work tomorrow.
Yeah but the bunkbeds and stuff is gone. Just recently, but it looks from the
outside it looks like it’s been ages. -Yeah. This is the most crazy discovery of the day. The clock is working. Ok…. This is really strange but yeah they
cleaned everything so it’s definitely nobody working anymore. definitely abandoned, but recently abandoned. Also from may 2017 At what time does the Sun Rise, probably early? -Early.
O man. We find some new pillows. They’re packed so we can use them. Perfect man, perfect night can’t be better. Didn’t expect this man, earlier
this day, with all the bad luck. We can even wash our hands with the last water. O, a store. Thisis a free store. Sleeping spot for tonight. Pretty good. Well, goodnight Andy!
-Goodnight Bob. See you tomorrow. Goodmorning, i just see a silhouette.
-GM, that’s good because you cant see my morning face. O man…pfffrrt. It has been a tough weekend man!
-Yeah The pillows are really f*cked up.
They really smelled like seagull poo.
-Yeah. It’s the end of the trip so it’s time to
go. Everything went fine, luckily for us.


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