Urban Exploration: ABANDONED 1818 House

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Urban Exploration: ABANDONED 1818 House

Built 1818 Looks like a newer kitchen Fireplace in every room Here is where the leak is probably the stairs to the kitchen there is the door that has the.. chain it goes down i guess you can bring things up I do not want to walk that much in this attic All the holes in the floor from the leaking roof You can see there is a lot of leaks You can see light of course my flashlight battery is dying guys so you are not going to get the best view of this basement come on….. it is probably the devil… 666 is what the wall said was down here screwing with my light it gets bright and then it goes back down so… cool little underground bunker All right guys I am going to get out of here so hopefully you enjoyed the tour Here is the pool and it looks like… a while ago i guess probably the bank that built this puts these board up so nobody falls in That water is nasty tiles the bug spray is coming in handy today I am walking through some really tall grass You can see it all the way up there hopefully someone can explain to me what this was for obviously transporting stuff up there just never seen that before no roof so it either caught on fire or collapsed it is pretty neat though it stone good thing I am not allergic to poison ivy so i dont get it that easy that is pretty neat brighten this up a bit trees are growing in here so it tells you this been here for a while


  • Looks like a perfect example of life interrupted by NAFTA and or the bank crashes since 2008. A house that's been loved, lived in, and cared for for 200 years left to rot. Banks only see the value in the land that they sit on. Strategic holes in roofs mysteriously appear and destroy them from the inside like cancer. It's not "cost effective" to maintain them. So many people would give anything to have a home like this. These videos make me sad inside.

  • it has a dutch style i think. the paints on the fireplace are similar to those you see in holland. also the hook over the upper window is quite common in amsterdam

  • I have lost count of how many abandoned videos I have watched, but this is my all time favorite! Other than the basement and the pile of stuffed animals, there was nothing creepy about this place. I want the kitchen and butler's pantry.

  • Great house Steve. Could that door upstairs to no where be a coffin door to remove a person who has died in bed.

  • do you have any idea how much all the wood is worth in that old house? all the trim, door frames, railings,banisters, and harths on the old fireplaces would make you a very wealthy person. I saw a cast iron sink as well, and lots of other very valuable antique wood that simply doesn't exist these days due to over forestation. the person that owns that house MUST have more money than brains…. ๐Ÿ™

  • I'm thinking it must be 1918 rather than 1818. The windows, doors, woodwork, hardware, piping, rads all look identical to a 1927 house I used to have.

    Thanks for the video. Nice work.

  • really nice place nice n big few items there i'd take that big box of cd's and tapes shame its just falling apart slowly

  • You have visited some really cool places, YOU HAVE No COMMENTARY, talk about these places , don't be boring, Talk !

  • Shame on the person that said gas and a match is what that house needed! That is one hell of a beautiful house Even in its state of decay! And still it holds on. I would not hesitate at the chance to restore it!
    And really wish you had taken your time walking through the house more. With so much editing it's hard to keep track of the lay out and such. But great find and thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh, how I did love that farm house too! They are both such awesome finds! Thank you for your great videos! I look forward to your next find and of course always be safe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It's in good condition for being that old, and abandoned. I wish I could fix it up. I would give the homeless people living there free room and board, if they helped. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • โ—๏ธ 200-year-old building in some fucking moron drills I mirror into the damn door
    What Einsteins do we have keeping around today

  • If I won the lottery I would buy the house and fix it up and see if there r natural woodwork. all the place needs isย TLC and a lot of it. thanks for showing it, were is this house located at?

  • absolutely love all of your videos and its content ๐Ÿ™‚ , just that zoom/focus noise ? ahhh doing my head in lol

  • This is an exceptional house, quite roomy for the period. Probably they had staff and staff lived on the third floor. The owners more than likely travelled quite a bit and so the outside hoist to haul trunks up and down. Fix the roof, sweep up the mess, a lick of paint and this would be an exceptional home.

  • wow…The home was beautiful!!! I see someone used water based paint to paint over oil based paint. That's a huge mess to refinish, but I'd do it just to own that gorgeous place. Oh my stars… the rooms were ornate but subtlety so. Some of the woodwork was stunning and impressive around doors and the fireplaces. Don't get me started on those fireplaces because they were amazing!! You've got to look beyond the forest to see the trees. It was a real dump in the kitchen. With a new footprint to get the older kitchen out of the butlers pantry, put the butlers pantry back in use as it should, and then refurbish the kitchen area to be a functional space, I believe that can make someone a perfectly usable kichen. That house just needs someone to love it again and be willing to do the place justice by fixing it up to its glory days. So lovely… thanks Steve for a truly wonderful tour.

  • It looks like someone was trying to fix it up and perhaps ran out of money…the integrity of the roof should have been a priority over the fancy fixtures. ๐Ÿšฟ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ›€

  • great video.big house .all those staircases and rooms. the tiles on the fire surround were so nice. thankyou. thumbs up x

  • Absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Every time I see something this beautiful, it's very upsetting knowing I'll probably never have the chance to fix one up. In the meantime I'll keep wishing.

    And I'll leave it at that.

  • Beautiful ass house, and lovely fireplaces. Wheres the property brothers when these homes need them. I bet hlf of the homes u explore could b saved. Crying shame ppl dont try to sell or just give up.

  • This was excellent! This house doesn't look like much from the outside, but it was glorious on the inside, with so many rooms and compartments! It had such class and fine detail everywhere. Why did they let it go?! You are always so thorough and interesting with your video tours, Steve. I really appreciate your work. It shows you put in alot of effort, and that your whole heart is in it. I wish I could be part of the team that's gonna fix up this house and get it ready for sale, cause I have alot of ideas!

  • Way don't they use your video's to show your picture to surch for a new owner in sted to arrest you people to give those beauty's of houses a seconden chance .

  • I like your videos, however you need to slow down while panning a room with a lot ofย thingย ย in it because people can't focusย  at fast. what state are you in?

  • Thanks, Steve! I love this house, with all the detail and beauty. Wow, I'd love to take it and make it come alive again!!

  • Steve your page is very interesting some of buildings you go in , a person could imagine what they looked like in their heyday , does it ever make you sad when you see the decay and vandlisiam, and that GD graffitti in these places. The craftsmanship and architecture is great ,makes you wonder how they would've looked tottaly restored. Well keep on exploring.

  • you fail to show this great house in a systematic way. start at front entrance and work to from there. pan each room. dont be afraid of show all. instead it you show choppy footage.

  • Brought to you by your local greedy bank. Banks are letting these beautiful monuments to history just rot to the ground because they then can write them off on taxes as a total loss. It is a lucrative practice for banks to let a house die rather than take less and let the house be saved. All hail the banks!

  • Ok its an 1818 house with what a 1980's basement , maybe Chris Christopherson and Wesley Snipes had there vampire hunter headquarters down there…ok maybe not but still weird- bunkers cubby hole – battery draining demons, lol great vid- cool house.

  • This will be the 2nd time I watched this- @4:08 watch this thing in a bag light up ! You think its the sun but its not , it continues to pulsate- man those 2 big eyes?
    If that wasn't enough @5:00 watch at the bottom of the stairs a big shadow apparition appears to start up the stairs ! wtf

  • Love this house! It should be rescued by some one, if it isn't too late. I wish the video was longer & more focused on the woodwork but I understand that you have to make the call when you're there. To me this house doesn't seem almost 200 years old. Maybe there was another home there originally and that's where the1818 came from. It is old, I just don't think it's That old, but I'm certainly no expert. Thanks for the videos, I've watched a couple and the quality has been good on all, so I'm subscribing this time. Keep it up!

  • That little room down the steps in the basement had a little peaked roof on it…looks like a springhouse (for keeping food cold in the old days.

  • Really awesome features of this old Mansion. I hope that it was saved or at least some of the treasures were removed. Those fireplace tiles are amazing. I'm a sucker for built ins also!

  • Omg, that house has a black lantern that looks exactlly like ours..lol. Our house was the first one built on the block but it was built in the 70's, and basically on a huge famers field. Anyways SO wicked seeing that lantern. We are the only one who has one one our block. U dont want to get hit in the head with the iron rod thats attached to it ( cuz u can just pull it out) ๐Ÿ˜ That thing'll fucking hurt.

  • I love your video so much. I'm getting started in exploring old abandoned places. I would love to go to some of the places you've done.

  • I didn't like that weird noise you do with you camera. Fire places were the only source of heat in those days

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