Understanding The “Cusip Conundrum” (part 1 of 2)

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Understanding The “Cusip Conundrum” (part 1 of 2)

the bond renegade and the studios going
to be about the usa command remark so testifying name com what is accused of
conundrum and simply put kids a conundrum is the
problem that individual investors have uh… with trying to price chopper up on
them effort offered to them so and previous videos i’ve gone over post
trade execution alphas so that you can figure out how well or
how poorly he bought the bond well just as important work not much
more importantly it would be free trade analysis and research so how do you
price a bond make sure that you can’t be better than the current offering bethany the beginning of the key to
conundrum of that inorder prices carrying and drop it you’ve got to have it security
identifier which is accused of uh… most of the time when you were
looking at an offering uh… you will not have the key to the front
of you or if you have the usa in front of you you
won’t be able to find the offer um… in order to procure carpet or you’re gonna be required to open a
separate account and establish a separate login at
another brokerage firm before you can even see the key separate bb offer to
begin with uh… lips big right in there and as part of my effort you guys may already understand
that i’m only going to use tools that or
readily available to you to help you out they should be free easy to use and
readily available and if you have to watch this video then uh… you probably have access to any one of these tools and
techniques and going to get the so uh… the corrosion eric to by bonds online
kids i really can’t type of uh… reporting uh… so i discussed where allot of folks will
require you to open an account uh… dishonest and that is the first part of
a problem that’s part of the the keys of conundrum yet over-the-counter or
establishes a dummy account or log in somewhere we’re not going out writing them out of that castle organ
and look at the other parts accusing conundrum so what’s going on that are offering to spy on them in the
local shows offers so that’s why were quicker on our print quicklist missouri state dept finance bor revenues sexism people please prepare there’s no q sapir anywhere so in order for me to do a genuine
apples apples comparison of those bond over another dealers offering uh… i mean a couple things uh… ultimately wide needed now it’s price the executive besides the offering uh… but there is not disappear so i want to go back to them featured offer and wondering wonderful publicity sapir let’s look and don’t know that i think it was a key
sapir either so that’s fine or show you how to you find a q_-tip per the issue and try and
narrow it down so we’re gonna use another tool we goto
commonly that’s emma the m_ m_ a_ dot m_s_ barbie dot org and good research elitism you need to know when you couple
things that we want to get a close to the bond as possible without missing a
research soul but the state the coupon and maturity i’ve only wanna see these ten only thirty-seven maturities some put in place only wanna see four percent coupon for
the four percent two four percent click run search right not bad here we have six securities six issues home okay here we have she very similar bonds very similar
sounding bonds how are you know the difference uh… four percent four percent same maturity same day today they’re both refund urs and they both look sub so watkins how we’re going to print when you drove down further on the month but they always hear the movies an s_
and p_ when other committees rating to the
movie single eight scale goes a one eight two eight three um… and this is probably an s_ and p_ kabhi fetch but normally at this for a
fair trading you’d seen additional slash and which would be third um… it’s fairly common previously movies s_
and p_ infection that order but since we don’t see another foreclosure any hash mark it’s probably going to be and i think he so it looks like this one right let’s just check it out ’em and the called park all term one point two and and this will be if you’re watching and
listening it would really help retail investors
out if you guys could put that called ada in
here i don’t think it would be real hard okay but that would be very helpful since we
don’t see the confirmation here am among canal spend thirty minutes in the
ls trying to get a pre eyes we’re gonna go to another tool and it’s kinda hard to talk
about individual bonds to retail well go into
fidelity so fidelity uh… is acceptable and you’ll see me you that
all i and some of the videos that we talk
where that would be over find bonds over here we don’t have accused of here we found the key is uh… but we
can’t be sure that it’s the right one ’cause there are two very similar we
think it’s this one so what’s jack five nine three three three november test uniforms hero euro always zeros never the letter no right-click the bond eight to a plus looks like it’s those just double check
recall at one point two we could be pretty sure but this isn’t that b bond that’s being offered right here it’s being operate here at a price uh… one oh two wanted to do that offer durenberger bond
at one oh two fidelity shows it here let’s go back a page infidelities offering his actually much
better so we see that there is a dealer on
fidelity’s network that will offer this better then and maybe put other themselves they
could be someone who’s just posting on their
platform or click here so u_p_c_ those bond down hopefully now not a fun accused of and you can see that is being offered a
elsewhere i will go over how you should attempt to
buy bonds rishabh er montana complete video but uh… since where he recorded dist point that out too we’ve got about a minute left on my
paper the session there is a party to this video and um…
just click right back we will discover the rest of the key to conundrum and uh… what a back here in a minute
leave everything open just click on expedia


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