Trump’s Plan To Cut Food Stamps Will Hurt His Supporters The Most

Updated : Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

Trump’s Plan To Cut Food Stamps Will Hurt His Supporters The Most

The Trump administration has been making some
changes to some of our social safety net programs. One of those being the snap program or food
stamps. And one of the changes they’ve made, they,
they’re, they’re getting rid of the broad based categorical categorical eligibility,
which basically just means that if you’re poor, but maybe you have a little bit of money
saved up and that money you have or the assets you hold put you just a little bit above the
poverty level, uh, now you’re not going to get food stamps. In the past before this thing was scrapped,
it would say, hey, it’s okay if you’re a little bit above the level, your income shows that
you would be below the level, but apparently you saved a little money. Maybe you have a house and it puts you over
it, so you’re okay. You’re not going to fall off the cliff. We’re still gonna protect you. The Trump administration wants to do away
with that because it’s gonna save them about $10 billion, uh, over the next few years. And that $10 billion they’re going to save
obviously has to go to the tax cuts for the wealthy. But here’s the kicker. This new change is gonna kick 3.6 million
Americans, including 500,000 children off the snap program. Or excuse me, there’s 500,000 children up. Sorry. It’s not just that they’re losing their food
stamps. Uh, they’re also losing their free and reduced
school lunches too. So basically we’re gonna, uh, starve children
to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy elite. Oh, but it gets so much worse too for the
president because the majority of people who are going to lose these benefits happen to
reside in red states. Out of the 3.6 million people, 1.9 million
of them are red states citizens. So slight majority, but a majority nonetheless,
Donald Trump has screwing over his own voters because he wants to put more money in his
own pocket through the tax cut. That’s what this is about, folks. That’s what this is. And to be fair, Trump’s not doing anything
out of the ordinary here. This is exactly what every republican president
since 1980 has wanted to do and most of them have to some degree. This has been the policy of the United States
since Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, cut the social safety net programs to pay
for tax cuts for the wealthy starve children in this country because the top 1% needed
a little bit more money in their pockets. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. What kills me about these stories, and again,
literally 40 years now, is how those red states are the people who put these Republicans in
power, who then turn around and take everything from them and yet then somehow try to blame. Oh, it’s not because of us. It’s because of immigrants. It’s because of people with a different color
skin. Oh, it’s because of people who worship a different
God than you. They create the problems for their own constituents
and then lie to them about the causes and that’s how they keep getting reelected. Red State voters got to wake up here. You do have real enemies in this country,
but it’s the people who you keep putting in office. They and they alone are the ones who are screwing
you over. They’re screwing you over to give more money
to their donors. They’re screwing their a you over because
they’re taking money from your boss and doing whatever your boss says. Maybe they don’t want to raise the minimum
wage. So Republicans are fighting that and you’re
the ones putting them in office. You have to wake up. You have to understand the damage that you
are doing to yourself and to this entire country. But it’s easier to tie it back to your own
personal experiences. The people you keep putting in office, the
people you keep putting into power are the ones who are making your lives a living hell.


  • Perhaps the poor who voted for him should get less food stamps. THEY are part of the problem with their ability to breed but not think. And poor people, why are you having kids you can't afford ? IM a low income senior and deserve more food stamps. Aging is not a choice,; getting prego with kids you can't afford is.

  • How can republicans abdicate for taking food from poor kids but not for taking an extra 2% tax for rich ppl. Hungry kids or rich ppl pay an extra 2 cents on the dollar??? Seems a no brainer to me.

  • It looks like Biden will win in 15 months so I am not worried and the very blue states will block these austerity measures so I am not worried at least not for the blue states in one of them I live!

  • Trump killed the Republican party. In 15 months this will be over and we can start reversing everything he did, no worries!

  • I have ZERO sympathy for any of his supporters for whatever they suffer under his "rule." All of his supporters need to be moved to wherever all the jobs that immigrants had are now without employees. They can do those jobs and get off of welfare.

  • Just take off energy drinks no substance no nutrition take of soda and candy no substance no nutrition there i fixed the massive amount of money wasted and help with the health problems in america!

  • He keeps doing it all he needs to do is smear some honey around their mouth to sweeten the deal as long as them idiots dont wake up and see the truth why stop

  • This will hurt the failing middle class who voted for him because the real poor don't have any savings or own a house

  • I don't think the Republican and Trump supporters are really going to appreciate that.. Donald Trump comes to all Time low, now he's going to start taking away from his supporters.hmmm! 🐖💨

  • Trump will screw over his own voters and they are too stupid to realize it! All his voters seem to worry about is that damn wall! Well voters, that wall isn't gonna happen!

  • I may be God but all Powers come from the Ghost so the Ghost knows all things were I am limited so the Ghost wiped out the Bahamas for its own Reasons instead of bringing it straight through to hit the US but if Trump was watching me he endangered everyone over this so the Ghost knew something and decided to Mock him yet again so we went around Puerto Rico to Mock him and destroyed the Bahamas to Mock him wiped out the Epstein Island to make a point and now the next round will be directly Aimed at Trump to have him Removed you have Sean what we can do our Storms are not to be taken lightly so now down to Business Trump must be removed or many Storms to come but this time it will hit the US full powered.

  • This is the exact opposite of what America needs the rich doesn't need to be richer and the poor does need our help the poor people that can work should but when under employed on a less than living wage we should help and take on these companies to demand a living wage this are the people creating the problem in the first place they can afford to pay there employees a living wage but choose greed for money over the people being paid fairly they know the taxpayers and government will support there low paid employees so they do have too thats appalling destructive corruption and totally wrong

  • Just more evidence that the Orange Bloatus, the Russo-Repugnikkkan Party and the CroMAGAtards are wrecking our representative democracy. These malignantly authoritarian rubes who continue to support Oink Bonespurs would rather die from diabetic gangrene then support any government plan that would benefit anybody who lives in an urban area and/or is a non-Caucasian. All indications point strongly toward Deplorable CroMAGAtards being the genetic cul de sac of Western civilization. – and of course, also easily manipulated by Russian intelligence operations. Wake up and smell the concrete, folks – Orange is the New Horrible. Rise up and resist the Idiokleptoplutocracy.

  • I really love your show very much and it's a great show to, love you all and thanks for this great show. You really tell the truth about how greedy and how the republicans don't care for the poor and the working poor. Republicans don't care for the elderly and for people who are handicap. All thay do is take money form the needy and then sit back and lie saying it's not about money. How sad you know they don't care for climate change and clean air and water. I also didn't like the way they treated president Obama and Hillary Clinton. The real reason why treating president Obama like they did is because they are very racist. They are racist against handicap people and poor people. They are against the wild life also and don't care at all. It's not just about that crazy guy trump it's all of the republican party. Thank you so much.

  • It will hurt his supporters the most but they won't care. Trump will go on a big rant about how it's the Democrats fault and they'll fall for it

  • This is disgusting. Fucking pro-lifers are happy the child is born but does everything they can to ensure the children go hungry and have no healthcare or a place to live. How fucking stupid are trump supporters? This is disgusting.

  • I hope all those poor Trumpbot's know exactly who's responsible for this – THEY ARE. Deplorables will be deplorables after all.

  • As long as tRump serves their racist, anti-immigrants, make America white again agenda, tRumpists will keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  • In the UK you are allowed a certain amount of savings and still claim social security. I think a single adult is allowed around £7000 in savings.

  • Everyone I know who get food stamps are pieces of shit who either sells the groceries for money or buys ridiculous things like candy or crab legs. Fuck em.

  • So what else is new, the unofficial Republican motto is " Fuck the poor 🖕." Wake up, America and VOTE BLUE in November 2020.
    🌊 Blue wave is coming 2020.

  • This is why it’s hard to hate trump supporters. Like I could get upset over you voting to screw ME over, but when you vote to screw YOURSELF over, all I can do is sit and ask why do you support this? It makes no sense. None whatsoever

  • No surprise. His tariff wars are doing the same thing and when it all blows up and we teeter on the brink of a recession, the hammer will fall on his core supporters.

  • And the Proud Boys severe housewives and likely have lots of skids. Don't they know that tax deductions for non-wage-earning people is socialism? To them it's okay if it benefits them. Ah, hypocrisy.

  • Can’t have poor people owning stuff. This will make them payout their savings and sell their assets to pay for food. Then after that is gone they will qualify for food stamps again. They will be poorer and poorer. The rich will not only get the tax cuts but the assets of the poor.

  • And you just wanna scream "… Please, get the effin' hint already! <XO" at the delusioned supporters, regardless of whether it does jack or not.

  • i'm a veteran that is disabled and i'm 60+ and trump cut my snap by 90% trump's real slogan is "make america suffer to make putin great again"

  • Chump is so bent on undoing Democrat policies, especially Obama's, that he can't be bothered to take time out from tweeting to consider the ramifications of ANY of his decisions.

    This move is seen by him as a WIN-WIN. He gets folks off of food stamps, and by re-defining what constitutes poverty, he can make the claim that he is reducing poverty in this country when he is actually making it worse for those at the bottom of the economic scale.
    And a further win? He gets to claim he is reducing the deficit.

  • Yes, everything u say is correct, the thieves r the ones in power, these racists ignorant dont z or understand nothing, especially, that Republicans r the devils, greedy, gun happy racists murderers!

  • While you guys are right in that the Trumpets themselves deserve this, their innocent dependents and non-idiot neighbors do not. Please don't write off the red states entirely. Some of are just trapped in situations we don't want to be in.

  • Trumpanzees affected:
    – Cuts made to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security
    – Redefining of “poor” affecting who qualifies for public assistance programs
    – Removal of individual mandate guts ACA, removing more people off health insurance

    Trump is bipartisan, in screwing over EVERYONE that did or didn’t vote him in office.

  • Are you even allowed to use food stamps to buy healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Our government is so bought off I wouldn't be surprised food stamp recipients are only allowed to purchase the processed, garbage junk foods of select corporations like Kraft.

  • Let him do it! They asses deserve it for thinking a rich prick care for them.. They was so angry with the black man and white woman that Trump knew his Racism was going to get him in the white house! Also The Reason he also got in is because of the Russians plus African American didn't vote as much last time either..

  • Trump, is becoming another hitler, he cutting the poor off , so he can spend all that tax payers money, on his Hotels, spending on luxury furniture, spending on trips. The republicans are the one that are hurting your kids, parents, grandparents, etc. Wake up America, Trump, is telling he’s cutting all these programs to save money, but the truth is all that taxpayers money, is going to his kids, hotels, etc, they are making themselves rich at the cost of Americans that don’t know better.

  • WELL…they wanted him and they DESERVE what they get!! So sorry you won't be able to let your kids get lunch!! FOOLS!!!!

  • Trump is the ultimate con man but the rich aren't being conned, they're riding this orange puke for all they can. Disgusting human beings. Karma will be a mother fucking bitch to all these assholes. Excuse my language mom.

  • about time they cut it they should also cut free launch for those greedy kids we need a wall not health care or food programs ,tax the poor feed the rich message brought to you by Moscow mitch and sharpie don a Putin production

  • May trump's stomach shrivel up and rot. May he get a disease that will keep him from EVER eating again. May all the s*** pouring out his mouth every day turn into Real s***. And that also goes for all that corrupt Trash in Congress!!! May their eyeballs drip down their faces so they'll be as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. Evil, demonic Filth!!!!!!!

  • Yes but those people are cult members, and are perfectly willing to go down in flames, to prop up another wealthy person, because they have low self-worth opinion.

  • By the looks of trump, he never went hungry for even one hour of his life! He needs to experience hunger among other things! God, I wish there really was such a thing as "the ghost of Christmas future!"

  • Fuck Trump supporters. We fucking warned them, and they "drank our tears" instead. May they suffer more than anyone else by his policies.

  • I think you miss the point about Trump supporters. They have always had a boot on their throat, now they get to put a foot on someone else's throat, vent hate and anger, and that is all that matters for them. They are to stupid to ever wish for more and to scared to know what to do with it if they got it.

  • Typical b.s.
    Trump supporters have jobs,are making fair wages.
    No food stamps affect the illegals and to sorry to work liberals.
    Lowest unemployment numbers across the board in decades and you're crying about losing food stamps?
    Who needs them these days?
    Let's save them for the recession you idiots are praying for.

  • No SNAP means no Medicaid. It's disgusting that so many will go without health care coverage. These people can't work due to illnesses but the government doesn't consider them "disabled enough". Cancer survivors dealing with the aftermath of chemo and radiation treatments come to mind.

  • 🙋🏼‍♀️Hi Farron, Your waiting your breath. The people in these red states are too stupid to realize or believe their savior, Trump is screwing them over and letting their children starve. So if grandma has put away a few dollars so she can buy a new ice box because hers broke and she’s been keeping her food in an ice chest, she will lose the food to go in that ice box. I would love to see Trump and every member of the GOP lose everything. I’d love to see what they would if they had to starve. Some people just don’t understand because they have never known what is was like to do without. If Trump keeps doing these things our nation is going to be destroyed.

  • Supermarkets will slash a few jobs and raise prices on food. Perishables will end up in landfills.Food banks may benefit with more donations from grocers yet their needs will greatly increase. Rob Peter to pay Paul. A $3 daily food budget is now $6 to $10.

  • To be fair, the study about the impact of this proposed measure does not look at party affiliation. But they say that 34% of elderly Texans will lose their SNAP benefits, and elderly Texans are indeed probably more conservative than elderly hippies from California… 😉
    And the SNAP eligible people who own their house or have some savings might be a little more conservative than the people who don't have such savings, but we'd really need a survey about it to know for sure.
    In any case, as Farron keeps repeating, Trump is a horrible person indeed. This is so disgusting. I hope Congress will block this, it just does not make the least sense.

  • Trump supporters should starve to death. They're brainwashed sycophants whom believe in dangerous ideology. Good riddance.🤷‍♂️

  • lol its funny because most food stamp recipients are conservatives, can't wait to see how the hillbillies react when they lose their precious food stamps because of Trump. they'll probably blame 'the left'

  • The real problem is that most red state voters have a lot of conspiracy theories that they believe to be true when their lives never improve despite voting Republican all the time. This is the effect known as the dumbing down of America. Farron is correct. Red state voters, WAKE UP!

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get people into the Presidency, both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court that will look out for the 99% FIRST AND FOREMOST. Let's turn America red, white and blue, but mostly blue.

  • So this evil policy has a silver lining?
    The good thing is that the one thing that will prevent a revolution and actual change is keeping people fed.
    An empty belly will motivate even the most pacifistic person to take up arms and fight for their lives and their children's futures.
    So Trump seems to be destroying the conservatives just like Boris Johnson in the UK is doing. Good riddance!

  • I'm glad I still have my food stamps even not not a saporter and dumps puppet
    . Nothing bad happened to me or my family. Also I don't feel bad for the drump saporters of losing their food stamps. Like I said the dummy and cults domt deserve nothing.🙄

  • This is what happens when you elect a wealthy white man to the white house….They hate those programs…because they hate poor people, no matter what color they are, some of them look like them.


  • The people whose expectations about making American great again were to recover the corner store, the township gasstation, the fruit stand at the farmers market… Basic survival businesses.

  • This is great! Now some of the Trump supporters in the Rust Belt, Bible Belt, and Appalachia will feel the pinch. There are more white people on welfare after all.

  • i am disable due to 2 small strokes i had on January; I use a walker to move around, a back specialist found out i have spinal stenosis, I started having seizures due to the strokes and i am on medication for it, I have slowenes due to strokes, i tend to forget things, I was diagnosed with Major depressive disorder, single e, Panic disorder and tomorrow i am going to visit my PCP, with the hopes, if i can see him because I think i have my right arm dislocated. So, on Saturday i received a letter from my local work force telling me that I have a mandatory appointment scheduled to "attend for employment planning meeting." It will last 4 hours and i need to stay for the entire session.

    In the letter it tells me: As an individual receiving supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) benefits in Texas, you have a responsibility to look for work The Texas Work Force Center is ready to assist you with services that will help you get a job, or lead you to a better job if you are currently employed part-time.

    if unable to attend this meeting, contact the phone provided before the date scheduled to provide a good cause reason and/or reschedule to avoid an interruption of your SNAP benefits. Failure to come in to this appointment will result in a loss of your (SNAP) benefits.

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