Trump Supporters Abandon Fox News


  • You mean these dumb ass fux news supporters are turning on there religion of stupidity. Trumpturds must be growing a brain.

  • It’s frightening to think about, the truth is, that the mindset of Trump supporters is the same as the mindset of the people that brought Hitler to power in Germany! It’s a mindless, thoughtless, following, like lemings, there’s no hope for them! We just have to hope we can get enough votes to get rid of him, before worse things happen!

  • There's nothing to differentiate this cult effect from religion/ theology. …this is how hitler came to power. … getting them to believe facts is like someone going against their "god"

  • This proved the fact that you can fool some of the people sometime and Trump have succeeded in fooling a lot of people
    for a long time. Why do his supporter not demand that Trump release his tax returns as previous presidents have if they
    believe he is so right.

  • You should ask them if they think Trump is responsible for today's weather. Ordinarily a ridiculous question, but in 2019, a totally legitimate one that needs to be asked.

  • The reason is that he gave some hope against the establishment with what they thought was frank talk, and now they just do not want to admit they were fooled. They think their favorite news source is lying because they don't have a news source. They're not following what is happening. They're following social media feeds. It would have been great if he was serious about some things he campaigned on, but he's full of shit and after I gave him plenty of chances, now I'm done. I don't have to take the responsibility when someone else lies. They just don't want to admit it.

  • I live in las cruces like 60 miles from El Paso, El Paso is notorious for being an incredibly safe place, one of the safest cities in the country. It’s been this way for decades there BECAUSE the high immigrant population. I remember discussing this in an Econ class back in 2014

  • The reason we have people believing Trump's lies is that for decades now both the Republicans and Democrats have been so corrupt and so ineffective at helping the middle class, working class and poor all they could do is point fingers at each other and say it is not our fault it is their fault. The total corruption of the media, Fox News, being the worst, has led them to not trust facts or figures anyone gives them. It has been proven that people's political affiliation has more to do with their personality than facts and reality. It also has to do with people tend to believe what they think is right and everyone should just do as they say. So when their side is in power we they all become blind to what is happening. Both sides do it.

  • Somehow…some way….there is a way to get Trump to start preaching Flat Earth arguments. If only for our personal entertainment, we must get Trump and his people to start claiming "Round Earth" is a liberal conspiracy with China. 😂😂😂

  • Trump is a racist, they are racist as well, however, some are still in the closet. Trump promise to return the good old days to America where racist come first right next to trump.

  • Most of us can't live with 2016 we know who got elected that shitty nov day it happen once before but Al dumbass Gore let the GOP take us to the cleaners,I get a attitude about both elections

  • Trump knows that his base only care about one thing and that is he's racist he knows he can say anything that he wants and they wont care and for those black people who likes and follow him for whatever reason i don't think they like themselves or their race

  • Donald Trump is the biggest liar…..damn those are some of the dumbest followers.  The republicans only accept him because he satisfies their agendas, so they will support satan if their agendas are met.   God is watching.

  • Trump supporters vote against their own interest but they don't care because they are ignorant individuals. When our economy crashes, they will be yelling for help from our government. It's coming since anything associated with Trump typically goes bankrupt.

  • "This North Korean dictatorship beliefs." I was thinking EXAAAACTLY that. For anyone out there who isn't familiar, just look it up. The fact Trumpers are treating Trump like this is absolutely terrifying. If you believe Trump never lies or does any wrong you are essentially giving him absolute power to do whatever he wants because his word becomes truth and law. That's how a dictator is made.

    Scientist have finally solved the mystery of the rapid decline in the insect population that feed on feces !!!

  • People want to know how to reach the Trump base. F!#= those idiots! It's a waste of time. You can see the glazed look in their eyes.

  • He speaks and spells like they they can understand him. This is what happens when we become a society who can’t afford a education.


  • The demons need Satan to lead them! which is the facts of the Bible and Nostradamus and if you want the truthlook at Fox Business july 29,2016 of Trump statements the go 3years before that on Oct17,2013 brag about mobs andthen close to the end make this statement on the David letterman show!

  • I'd like two say that these puppeteers can only hold two puppets at A time aaaand also these gals and guys are also pedophiles and enablers orange peel, murdochs, channel nine bosses back in Australia higher up upper scum britsh royale with dick cheese, that very rich conman that backed senòr orange peel to the white house etc all had parts and were in collusion* in covering up pedophilia high use of meth and torture to the point of A catonic state in which one forgets or to be more exact, repairs the areas of consciousness in which we* have suffered throughout that experience affecting aptitude in constitution of A sane or sound mind or even health, as what the threats said, implied and infesting the sane mind with nuances of delusions and then carried out if one were to speak out against family and friends or people I met along the way in circumstances were one particular person or A few were two dear friends brother, to count the number of brothers, William and that other dirty incestuous cnut, and made A whole satanic clan ritual over it and including the likes of Obama, Lobbyist WHO WERE from the NRA fucking Pauline running into the spotlight the first time and dumb enough to fall into the same barstardisation of Australia into something ugly and again plain
    un-australian the third time, the first I'd have to say looked like A mugshot of some ginger bloke with bitch tits and others and all the people I've mentioned soo far, I remember it being done in the closed down hospital grounds in Gladesville, also cops were present, ones I could identify and did I mention the ex prime minister of Britain! ?!?!
    These dirty fucks are A slight towards humanity (oh also that pedophile that stole such A great mans name and turned it into A more or less the same in terms of indentured serivitude and bad for the environment (mining sites often left untenable in land resources for flora and fauna) and of course I'm talking about Tesla, and the the rest of these companies that get their raw resources from A less then desirable method from cost of land and of life, anyway the only victims or enablers that were present as far as I'm concerned at the moment take your pic though I have trust in your faith as well, are Tony Robbins and Steve jobs, those people are connected and able to lay information at ones behest so I would assume they would be waiting, or if concussed by murdoch and jerks awakening like I,

    P.S. they queen's pussy stinks and I am pretty sure I bit the foul hag, ask Bono, I told the Edge I'd write A song about it, lol,
    Pretty damned sure with fucking so much intent I had bitten A cock almost clean off, lol pretty sure darn sure,
    Pretty darn FUCKING sure young girls were involved as well, known child actors….. and so forth, done with this shit laters I fill like barfing in slme fox pundits breakfast

  • FUX, even more than DUMP, is spreading toxic lies to morons. A switch to Trump Solo may lead to death by Koolaid.

  • Anyone else notice that the new liberal strategy is to attack conservatives using the exact things conservatives have been saying about liberals for years. Democratic Party's new slogan is I know you are but what am I?

  • To All The Trump Supporters think he is so great wait till you get your taxes back and you will see how they get there money back from your great tax break what a joke we have for a president

  • As far as who's paying for all the conspiracies and lies, ask any Trump supporter, they know. It's Soros, who else? Of course, he's rich enough to bribe all the scientists and the immigrants in the caravans and everyone else. lol

  • Apparently Dread locks dude isn't keeping up with the cult. There is a higher deity being elevated among them and that deity is the anointed one Donald Trump.  His evangelical followers which make up a huge segment of his base are looking to him as their deliverer from all the persecution they have been told by charlatan ministers has been levied against them by government. His false prophet Mark Taylor and others claim he will restore back to them materially all that they have falsely perceived to have been taken from them by others who strangely enough is thought of as their enemies instead of their brethren which they should love and witness to for conversion according to the true deliverer Jesus Christ. What is going on with Trump and the churches is either a fulfillment of New Testament prophecy or is the closes possible similitude to it. Of course one of his greatest attractions is that he appoints anti abortion judges. But even a pedophile hands out some candy to lure his victims. According to the apostle Paul and Peter the majority church will over time in the last days before Christ returns fall into a state of apostasy wherein they abandon the original teachings of Jesus and the apostles for perverted doctrines of men. This is done because the ministers are greedy money servers who make merchandise of their followers and the faithful or unlearned from lack of personal study (II Peter 2: 1-3) After the churches are defiled and utterly deceived the Antichrist comes into the fallen church in league with these antichrist ministers who pave the way for his revealing. They blindly follow after the Antichrist until they are worked up into a state of delusion, The prevailing false doctrine today is called the prosperity doctrine wherein for giving to fraud ministers God will reward you multiple more in material returns. This of course is a con and based on the same principle of most cons of giving something up to someone and getting back more. In this case that someone getting is suppose to be God but in actuality is  false representatives of God. Of course Paul's version of this giving and getting or sewing and reaping is referring to the faithful giving to assist the ministry and reaping back multiple fruit which is spiritual gifts, not material gain. Jesus told his disciples to give and men would witness this compassion/charity and heap more back to their bosom,  But this was not for personal gain but to finance ministry including more charity, The money servers have perverted these examples to say individuals who give to them will reap multiple financial returns. That is giving in the wrong spirit so neither spiritual gifts and certainly not material increase will be recompensed, This is apostasy. II Thessalonians 2:3-15 = 3- Jesus will not return , except there come a falling away first (apostasy of church) and that man of sin be revealed (made known in the church), the son of perdition (SOP). Sop- something offered up for appeasement). So the SOP is offered up by the charlatan ministers to appease their faithful of which have been giving to them but have not received their multiple increase, because it is a false doctrine (I Timothy 6:5-21). In this man they are promised to recognize their long awaited material harvest as he promises the same prosperity that the charlatans have been vainly preaching. His false prophet declares that he will restore all that has been taken from them, and will deliver the church and Israel to their material promised land. But this is the man of sin, a vile man with attributes opposite of Christ. It makes no difference to them as they are indoctrinated cultist believing anything their ministers and false prophets tell them. They can not recognize a lie, because they have been conditioned to accept a lie. 4- who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped so he as God sits in the temple of God showing he is God. This guy comes into the church and is accepted. So he apparently claims to be a Christian but actually opposes Christ through deception, lies, corruption. He esteems himself above even Jesus Christ so he can not publicly bring himself to repentance to a man he deems lesser than he. Jesus was just a man in history that came to be worshipped as God. The SOP is envious of Jesus and wants to be worshipped as God. So he sits in (establishes himself within) the temple of God (not a building, but the body of Christ/ the church that has fallen). He is called the anointed one. the one to deliver the church. So in this regard he is practically worshipped and followed after as if he were God. He becomes a form of false Christ or savior that has been anointed and sent to restore and save the church and to fully embrace Israel. But he is a corrupt political figure who has leagued with the charlatan ministers for political gain. In verses 6,7,8 Paul says there was one whom letteth or hindered the SOP from being revealed in the church until his predetermined time. For the mystery of iniquity is already at work (false doctrines in the churches even in Paul's time with the HS preventing the total apostasy of the churches) So the Holy Spirit that operated in the church during Paul's time and to some extent throughout the ages prevented the SOP from being revealed until his time. But once the church has become utterly defiled with false doctrine/apostasy the hinderer is withdrawn from the church as the Spirit will not dwell in a defiled body. This allows the SOP to come in unhindered and establish himself as there is no discernment from the Holy Spirit that this is the man of sin. 8- The SOP will be destroyed when Jesus returns to judge the world. 9- Whose (SOP's) coming is after (in the pattern of) Satan with all power (not supernatural power as Satan only has power to deceive. He is not God nor has God's power. So this is political, military, and religious power that is at the command of the SOP. and with signs (indicators that he is the anointed one such as false prophecies by merchandising self appointed prophets claiming this man has been sent to deliver and restore the church when actual NT prophecy says the church will fall and be judged. These charlatans will use all kinds of deceptions such as correlating his revealing with natural phenomena such as blood moons or eclipses. In the case of Trump people are searching for possible lineage to Kind David to put him in the line of Christ. The name Christ is actually a family name from his mothers side. The third attribute given him after the pattern of Satan is lying wonders. He lies by first nature meaning the truth is not in him. Like the great deceiver he can not help but to lie. Even if he tells a bit of truth it has to be exaggerated into a lie. He lies wonderfully and prospers in them. 10- Paul says those in the fallen church following the SOP with all the deceivableness of unrighteousness (deceived to accept unrighteousness as righteousness) will perish for not receiving the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11- For loving deception instead of the truth God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. So here God allows these people to heap up to themselves all the false ministers and prophets they lust for until they fall head over heels into deception and he throws in the SOP for good measure so they fall into a frenzy of delusion in anticipation of their great anointed deliverer and savior delivering the goods to them. That they (apostate church members) all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Verse 15- After warning of the apostasy of the church Paul says therefore brethren hold to the traditions which ye have been taught (original teachings of the apostles) whether by word (firsthand teaching of the apostles) or our epistle (letters from the apostles to the original churches/NT scripture. So clearly Paul is placing the SOP in the fallen church, not a third temple in Israel, and he is saying to keep to sound doctrine or you will be deceived by the antichrist ministers and then fall into utter delusion falling the SOP/Antichrist. This SOP goes on to make a league or treaty with Israel and breaks it leading to a great devastating war that leaves the world in perplexity and troubles as it has never experienced before. So this is worst than the nuclear bombs dropped over Japan in WWII. This apparently leaves much of the world destroyed and contaminated allowing the SOP to take advantage of the situation and control all who  survive and force the people to worship him as God, before Christ returns to judge all. He would likely operate from an underground government city and send his subordinates to force compliance on the people. Jesus returns to judge the fallen church for their apostasy and for following after a vile man of sin. Israel is judged for their continual denial of the Son of God. Only a remnant is saved. So the message is to keep to original Christian doctrine or be lost. Most of the churches today are apparently lost, and as such many follow after a lost man into the same pit he is bound for.

  • Hears the patience.He is self destructing.Little Jack Horner stuck his thumb in the pie and said ,[What a good boy I am].

  • We already know that The Trumper's banjo players have less brain cells than normal people. No further proof needed.


  • is trump an epic meditation on the mistakes of taking one man's word over a planets of information that contradicts him or what?

  • I feel the frustration/exasperation you two feel. imo Part of the explanation why these people do this is conditioning and culture. These two have roots in deeply deeply held religious beliefs commonly abundant in the Deep South and Bible Belt. To be that fervently religious you have to give up reality and accept other peoples views and teachings without question– both needed to believe in a fantastical god. They are used setting rational thought aside, and are conditioned wholeheartedly accept the leadership of authoritarians/leaders without evidence, trusting these people and willing to give up their autonomy without question too– think preachers, the heads of church.

    In addition, Republicans have conditioned these people to vote against their better interests. And on top of that, we have far-right wing media building upon this by forwarding conspiracy theories and treating them as fact. All of these factors are leading to a perfect storm of stupidity. For those of us living in reality it is extremely frustrating and at times exhausting to deal with these people. imo No amount of fact checking will convince these people otherwise for, again, facts don't matter to the religious, only faith.

  • If they dont impeach trump, the Democrats will find a way to lose the election . If that happens this show is over.

  • Only thing that can beat a cult leader like T-Diddy is another cult leader like B-Diddy. Bernie looks like that cult leader, is white and just as old. Murica loves to make hard right & left turns… when we vote though we usually then end up jerking the wheel into a Good damn bridge embunkmant 😂😂😂


  • i can't feel sorry these trump lovers. no medical care, no food, no future and no homes. they deserve it

  • Before trump was running for President, I was looking through video of Occupy protests and Tea Party Protests and noticed the same people at both. One guy was getting arrested at Occupy and then was a leader at a Tea Party one. I was looking to see if I could find any of the same people at the first trump rally in the same city so I was checking the crowed very close after trump was done talking and leaving the stage. There was the music in the background but then someone came in and said something like if they had not checked out ???? that the booths were still open and they should check it out. Now I wonder what they did to the people who went inside the booths. I wish I could remember which city that was. I have tried finding it again but they all seem to stop after he is done talking.

  • But yet cnns ratings have dropped %28 since the probe ended bc of ccns fake news narratives for two years.

  • They support a president who is STUCK ON STUPID so his supporters are just as STUPID for following him !!!!!!!!


  • Trump studied Hitler's speeches b/c of their effectiveness in gaining the support of the people, and has used the same basic format in authoritarian speech delivery that Hitler used: that if you prey on people's worst fears by appealing to their base, self-centered, self-preserving emotions rather than reason, and incite a resonating emotional response, then you can say or do whatever you want after that point and they'll remain a dedicated follower. It's why Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and he wouldn't lose a voter:

    "Donald Trump's ex-wife once said Trump kept a book of Hitler's speeches by his bed":

    Since he is also the most successful con artist in the world (probably the only thing he's truly "best" at), he combines "used car salesman" tactics with authoritarianism and regurgitates the opinions of his supporters. That's how you sell things. You tell people what they want to hear by finding out what their needs are, making them believe you can fulfill those needs and that you're the only one who can fulfill them, and then instilling fear in them by telling them that if those needs don't get fulfilled then very bad things will happen (which of course are all lies).

  • Trump and Putin and those Traitors the Republican party are destroying the word of law trying too take women's rights away from them there fucking traitors have too vote them out in 2020 and Trumps supporters should all be loaded ☝ on a banana ⛵ their all as dumb as dog shit

  • To
    All my brothers and sisters abandoning fox. Welcome came !
    Let’s all work to be Americans again, working together!

  • i've got a theory on Trump supporters, i think they voted Trump because they hated Clinton and thought Trump would be a new style of President, but are now so ashamed of what they have created, they lie and spin to defend/protect themselves…what you think

  • Several things I took a spider outside (I didnt see the spider walk away from the cup though)

    I am playing jewel quest 2 but probably shouldnt be

    Roundup knows what this all means and I am not okay

  • They need to open THEIR MOUTHS IN the mirror and do their own dental work because they know more than anybody!
    OH WAIT– they don't get DENTAL work

  • If they think Trump is the only one not lying, don't they know he gets many of his ideas and conspiracy theories from Fox?

  • What I find disappointing about this piece is that it doesn't get close to exploring the reality of what's happening until literally the last word in the commentary… deity.

    A significant proportion of voters in the US are taught from an early age that believing in stuff despite the overwhelming evidence against it is the ultimate virtue. They are further taught that the very act of believing will improve the situation. To protect their belief systems they are trained to instantly completely disregard evidence that might undermine their faith. Whatever that evidence is it is invalid, they can tell because it disagrees with their beliefs.

    Over the past 5 decades the GOP has taken aim at the US education system at the local, state and federal levels, manipulating the content of textbooks and curricula so that graduates of the education system emerge with their belief systems completely unchallenged.

    All Trump has done is manipulate the existing ideological infrastructure for his own benefit.

    You are not going to undo this with logic or fact-checking or deep-dives or persuasive rhetoric – and if you ever thought you could you simply don't understand the fight you're in.

  • Explain the logic to me, please. Everything the government says is a lie. Trump is now the government. Everything Trump says is true.

  • Facts reporting and/with emotions; thats real real human research justice seeking 👌👍👊🧐👀🔍🔎

  • tRump supporters are inbreeding buffoons. Incest screws up the brain. That’s why they are so damn stupid. Look up what incest does to the brain. You get tRump people. Just sayin’.

  • ​SPURS~ needs to spend a single day with the Kurd moms, children, dads, elderly fleeing in deadly fear of horrific imminent death. Heinous Shades of Hitler and Stalin. ..Trump and Putin, KNOWINGLY causing genocide! Shaming ALL decent people.

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