Trump: John Bolton Was Clashing With People In My Admin | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  • Doesn't matter, what matters is that Bolton, who's a warmonger, is no longer in a seat that can create more unnecessary wars. 1 problem solved.

  • Bolton's presence lent credence to Trump's more bellicose foreign policy statements. In reality, Trump transactional views has led him to withdraw from the world by reducing or eliminating expensive overseas military and diplomatic commitments. Our adversaries may now seek to accelerate Trump's withdrawal by increasing the expense of and threat to those commitments.

  • Wait!
    Did she SERIOUSLY just say that It's, "surprising how Trump unceremoniously fired HR McMaster last year"?!?

    Lol have these people NOT been paying attention?!? 😂

    Edit; she must be drinking WAY too much coffee or Red Bull or something lol if she opens her eyes any wider, her eyelids will flip back up over her head like two baby stroller shades! 🔘🔘

  • On 9/11 2001 … millions & billions & trillions of $$$ were made by corporations & govt. officials…. & they were able to pass the most intrusive piece of legislation in U.S. history (THE PATRIOT ACT) which consisted of over 22,000 pages that was somehow written & read by congressman & senators & passed into law in less than 30 days after 911. And why does it seem that the name Bush keeps coming up in these files or someone who is related to or connected to the Bushes in some way or form? The best government money can buy…

  • Our hearts with all USA here in Australia and feel for you with all this mess n lies with TRUMP not bieng a president for you all.because he only looks after himself as in here

  • I'm no Trump fan but Bolton was a horrible choice and in no way should of have had the job in the first place. I'm glad he's gone and I hope Trump joins him soon in the unemployment line.

  • So this is like a movie where the monster gets killed by an even worse monster. If Bolton was the voice of reason when it came to hosting the Taliban right before 9/11 then I guess he was the least of two evils.

  • Democrats screamed Russia Russia Russia for 3 years. They were deflecting from the truth which is China China China. They think we're stupid!!!

  • No. He keeps his friends close and his enemies even closer. Most will pay a very heavy price, many will be executed. Let Trump drain the swamp

  • I tried getting through one of Bolton's books. Do not waste your time or money. They are the product of a buffoon, nothing more. A struggle to even get into it!

  • The Democrats 16 year plan to destroy America failed. If we let them bring us down to a third world country we couldn't help a single soul.

  • Bolton was called a bully in his dealing with people before he was picked in the Bush administration and he proved to be one then being fired for his actions and statements. I think trump loved him for this very fact but he just kept getting into trump's way and refused to be cowed by trump like all his other yes men. Bolton should never have been allowed back into public office and if this was anyone else as president he never would have. Trump loves swamp creatures and Bolton was one of the worst

  • Hillary was going to let China connect 5G with massive electrical power. They were going to crank up the juice on us. We'd all be very sick or even worse.

  • Runnning the country without a full staff since he was elected. why isn't anyone doing anything to stop this CRIMINAL IN CHIEF?

  • I hope Democrats invest a lot of money into cyanide tablets because when Trump gets through with them they're going to need them

  • This reminds me of what happened between Herman Goering, and Joe Goebbels. Each doing their best to appease their dictator. Each vying for the top spot.

  • The POTUS who sacked his hand pick Security advisor, J Bolton, for only two reasons , which I believe to be that loyalty was one and the other is Trump has no thought through plan but acting on his impulsiveness at the time. American values will be lost further if he wins another term.

  • Funny how these trolls think that Trump should drain the swamp the way they wanted drained. Look troll run for president and you can drain the swamp however you want

  • This is exactly how are National Security is in threat mode. As Donald Trump so-called fires John Bolton. He gets to do more corruption in the meantime and then you'll pass it on to whoever is next that he picks. On top of it are National Security is being held up by Moscow Mitch in the Senate. Aka the Grim Reaper. Democracy is dead everything is slowly morphing into the hands of with Donald Trump wanted.

  • OK, so everyone in the Trump Regime is thrilled that the divisive John Bolton got the boot (or quit).
    Take a deep breath.
    Now , its time for all the alley cats to fight for their favorite replacement. Unsheathe those claws. May the yowling begin.

  • I seen hundreds of buildings being demolished and all I seen was white dust. On 9/11 I didn't see any white dust just pyroclastic looking black smoke

  • Bolton was there to expose his Deep State Cohorts.
    DJT loves to have the baddies close at hand. He loves they think he’s a dolt.
    DJT is a genius. 4-D Chess.

  • * * * "Oh Canada"
    The USA will trade you a T. for a T. Please, Please, Please ? On second thought I have many friends in wonderful Canada and sending Trump there in exile would be dreadfully cruel as Donald is the "ANTI-CHRIST"
    PS: Also Trudeau is handsome and possibly dishonest, while Trump is definitely a dreadful, lying, bigoted, racist, psychopathic, BUTTE UGLY CRIMINAL MAGGOT.
    OI vey !
    Impeach Trump at: Change. org
    * We MUST do this for our children.

  • I think we should take a very close look at how closely related the democrats plan is to the deep state plan. They are identical. COINCIDENCE? NOT!!!

  • Hello.

    Ol triple F as I like to call Drumpf.
    Fragile flip fingers because he cannot refrain his twitter baiting. Maybe I shall call him Twitter Baitor? What say you?
    Let me know and we will put it on.

    Good luck

  • I wish Trump would hire me just for one day. I'd fire every single one of those deep State traitors. And hope the god Trump pardon me after he's re- elected.

  • Good thing this albino cow plop is away from the arsenal. Every move he makes screams nut job.

    Republican beliefs are based on emotions and religion. Basically feelings and myths. Neither of which have anything to do with building roads and bridges, securing peace and prosperity, ensuring a healthy population, guaranteeing the earth remains a fit planet to live on. Republicans thrive on hatred, retribution, judgment, manipulation, deception, with death as a punishment and threat. Humanity will not survive the Republican obsession with god, judgment, and punishment. There's no cure for these people, they simply can't be allowed to hold positions of power and responsibility. This truth is self evident. You can't be a public servant if your ideology is delusional, and you have no idea how important the truth is.

  • Over 120,000 Sealed Federal Indictments. Dems can't sweep them away if Trump wins. Media is tripping over their own lies. Dems are bewildered. Deep state is panicking. PUPPET MASTERS on the run. Trump remains calm and in control

  • What a sheil this lady is. We haven't had another pearl harbor either. A stupid talking point from a mouthpiece of the white house.

  • The Puppet Masters own large investment companies like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street who have almost 20 trillion dollars in Holdings. Soon that will belong to the United States coffers. Thanks Mr. President for making America Rich again.

  • Look trolls no one's ever going to touch Trump whenever he leaves the White House there are f-16s with highly classified special weapons packages above his head at all times. This is a military operation. Know give your Mommy a kiss and go to sleep

  • Trump is nothing like bathhouse Barry. When he goes abroad he brings aircraft carriers, Destroyers, nuclear subs. This is not a game!!!

  • Personally I wish Trump would tweet a little more often. Funny how the Democrats hate the fact that the president is communicating with the American people directly

  • John Bolton has long had a reputation of being difficult. No one is surprised that he's gone. MSNBC will do their best make this development insult Trump.

  • It doesn't matter who you are! If you do not bow down to your Idol god drumpf,

    you have no place in the hole of the bottomless pit!

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