Touring TWA’s Abandoned Terminal and Flying Economy on JetBlue | TPGtv Episode 11

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Touring TWA’s Abandoned Terminal and Flying Economy on JetBlue | TPGtv Episode 11

People may think spring break is just for
college kid but I disagree. My birthday falls during the first week of March and I usually treat myself by traveling somewhere warm this year I was thinking
about Costa Rica so when the folks at JetBlue and Barclaycard invited me down
there to hear the details of their new new highly anticipated JetBlue co-branded credit cards I jumped at the chance. However in keeping with TPG policy I paid for my own flights and hotel After all I wanted to earn the miles and points This is TPGtv While I was excited to get to Costa Rica
as an avgeek I was really excited for a special tour that my friends at JetBlue
had arranged the airlines terminal at JFK T5 as it’s known today actually
includes one of the aviation worlds landmarks. The Trans World Airlines Flight
Center TWA was once one of the largest airlines in the world but it was eventually
taken over by American Airlines in 2001 and all that’s left is this magnificent
building. It was designed by FinnishAmerican architect Eero Saarinen who also designed the St. Louis Arch For travel geek like me it was like coming
to a place of worship. The terminal opened in 1962 but its futuristic design was way ahead of its time walking around I felt like I was a character in The
Jetsons I felt even luckier because this was the last tour of the facility
as it is today JetBlue has partnered with the developer
to open up a chic new hotel here in 2018 in the meantime had a flight to catch I typically fly JetBlue in the Northeast to
smaller destinations like Nantucket but the airline is much more than just a
regional carrier in addition to a top notch transcontinental service called Mint
the airline is rapidly expanding its international route network to
destinations like Colombia and the Caribbean and is even considering
service to cuba JetBlue also recently announced it would be adding its swanky Mint Business class seats to several new routes including those from New York to
Aruba, Barbados and St.Lucia Unfortunately my aircraft didn’t have a
Mint section on it, but JetBlue economy seats are among the most spacious in the
sky at 17.8 inches wide and with 34 inches of pitch I booked an even more
space seats towards the front of the plane which has an extra four inches of
legroom. An even more space seat would have cost me $65 but I was able to redeem 800 points for it since
I’m a Mosaic Elite member however each time you purchase an even more space see whether with cash or points you actually earn 200 points so it really only cost
me 600 points. My ticket came to $300 in airfare plus $45 in taxes and fees and I earned 2,700 TrueBlue points on it 3 points per dollar spent on the base fare 3 more points per dollar for booking online and an additional three points per dollar thanks to my Mosaic status after my redemption for the even more space seats I netted 2,100 TrueBlue points as I learned later though the new JetBlue + MasterCard earned 6 bonus TrueBlue points per
dollar on JetBlue purchases as well as 2 points per dollar at restaurants and
grocery stores and 1 point on all other purchases so if I had had it when
I booked my ticket I would have earned 4,500 TrueBlue points on my ticket and
netted out 3,900 points after the even more space seats
redemption nearly doubling my earning the card which has a $99 annual fee also
offers a sign up bonus of 30,000 points when you spend 1K in the first 90 days if I had booked my ticket as an award It would have cost about 18,200 TrueBlue
points however the JetBlue + MasterCard also offers a 10% on award travel
redemptions which would have saved me about 1,820 points in this case even more
space seats are practically the size of domestic first-class seats on other
carriers though a bit narrower and I was so comfortable that I promptly fell
asleep when I woke up I was starving JetBlue is known for its awesome
selection of free snacks including Tara blue potato chips Snyder’s pretzels and
Keebler graham crackers among others not to mention Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and teas
but I was hungrier than that so I decided to taste 4 of their specialty eat up
boxes including the shake up, the pick me up, the perk up, and the vegan friendly
pump up, with things like red pepper hummus multigrain crackers and chocolate
chip cookies which was my favorite The JetBlue + mastercard get you 50% off
in flight purchases including cocktail snacks & movies so each of these boxes would have cost me just $3.50 instead of $7 one of the other things I really like
about JetBlue is their staff who are so consistently friendly this is Jessica And just after finishing chatting with Jessica we made our final decent into el puerto de la beria, and a gorgeous 92 degree Costa Rican Day. On the next TPGtv I explore the Andaz Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica and get over my fear of heights… eventually


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