Top Six Amazing Abandoned Mansions of Ireland Part 1

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Top Six Amazing Abandoned Mansions of Ireland Part 1

One of the first things you learn as an urban explorer is that your idea of what’s going to happen is rarely what actually occurs That’s exactly the situation we found ourselves in at the start of the Odyssey as we investigated the derelict mansions of Ireland on Day one we were hit by a freak snowstorm and later car issues We have forged ahead and were able to visit many forgotten places on our tour of the island The following are six of these amazing lost mansions of Ireland and their unique stories Number one the mansion of stairs The first house we’re visiting is not only obscure But very hard to access the house was built in the mid 1700s and is considered one of the Georgian great houses It later was used for sports related activities and now has lain empty for over a decade waiting a sympathetic new owner Who would restore it? Approaching from the wooded park lands horses watch from the fields The first thing you see is a large overgrown stair leading up to the imposing columns front You Routing the side to ivy shrouded lion’s glare from under their cover The stables remain in good shape and the entire house even from this side appears Well sealed with metal panels in order to keep out the damaging weather and vandals Around the far side the twisted woods and to the gray and forlorn feel of this lost house This is one that can still certainly be saved and we wish it the best as we head to the next site Number two cool hauls Ever since the planning stages of this journey. I was struck by the appearance of this unique building also built in the 1700s Amazingly this house has only been abandoned since the 1980s Consistent of a very long row of stables and staff housing the building itself then stretches further in a giant L shape With the long history a number of interesting characters lived here One of its first owners was married to a lady Elizabeth who after their divorce Became a well-known mistress to many nobles and later married a Duke and became an author her own son died in the Mid-1800s after cutting his own throat in a delirium In the following years the next generation of the family spent much of their wealth on Feeding the starving during that famine years in Ireland The next generations also had strange ends as the owner in the 1930s was found dead in tragic and mysterious circumstances while in Sudan with the British Army of the last two sisters in the family one lived till the 1960s under the man’s name John which he insisted on being called and the final sister died in the mid-1980s leaving the house to slowly fade and become the overgrown shell of today with dangerous slipping slate roof tiles on This very windy day. We stayed well away from them and the collapsing roof, but still captured some of its magic Number three creeper quartz another 1700s lost mansion this amazing Italian at pile was home to a long line of Barons the first of the named vote this massive structure upon their fastest state lands a Gatehouse wood towers and a long road with bridges stretched up to this great house The most famous baron the third of his name was well known for open conflict with local herders who he imported foreign labor to outlive labor boycott from in Time all servants at the estate were to become Protestants which set up a long conflict that put him in the sights of the IRA Who attacked his other properties in the area? Likewise like the herders His new servants were treated poorly and lived in small bears cell link rooms on one side of the huge mansion Where they were paid little for their work Finally an even more chilling Lee. The Baron was later apprehended in the 1920s after two children Claimed he sexually assaulted them on a train. He was never prosecuted due to a court technicality the overgrown back courtyard is still surrounded by a large and rotting stables and work houses a Sharp twisted and rusty fence sketches. It’s old perimeter Extensive new security systems surround the house today as it gradually succumbs to decay since the last baron shot himself in the 1970s It stares out upon the vast open fields as a reminder of the sometimes callous and pretentious display of wealth and power in its era that’s it for today subscribe and follow me here for part two as we continue the journey and Visit the derelict remnants and the dark histories of three more amazing lost mansions of Ireland I’m Bringing you to a world of lost places lost mansions Mental asylums They need abandoned locations industrial sites And more subscribe and explore with me today You


  • Love these mini documentaries. I feel like i say β€œwow” too much but….. WOW.

  • It's such a pity that these majestic buildings are left to the mercy of mother nature. Many thanks for sharing

  • There's tons of Old houses here from when the English Lord's were living in Ireland, bummed I haven't been in one yet, all bricked up :/

  • Fantastic!………The content of the video, the photography and narration are all excellent!……………..I just want to see more and more!…………..It's so addictive!………………old Tich.

  • I love the historical background inserted in the video. Having faces to the names in the stories really pulls you in. It’s really a shame you couldn’t go inside the buildings. I bet the ambiance and condition of the houses would have been top notch. Your work continues to get better.

  • Hi I would like to say when I get older I would love to be an historical architectect I am two young to drive so I like to cycle to many abandoned buildings I have Been to many of these houses have you any advice for me going urbex I have no fear of the building or the dangers they pose but I make sure to wear hard hats and not to make any stupid mistakes like destroying them or damaging them like I said I don’t mind the scaryness of them but the getting cot part really scares me pls tell me any advise you have thank you very much

  • These Ireland mansions are beautiful! It's a shame they have to do all those posted signs but it's understandable, I bet the insides were just as amazing, I love knowing the back history on places it makes it so much more interesting to see. Those red bricks…….so out of place in the viewing of the front of the 3rd mansion.

  • If only the bricks/ mortar could talk what stories could be revealed.
    Beautiful vids, Sir πŸ‘

  • This is the second post I am watching and I absolutely love your style .you don’t bring a bunch of nit-wits along to keep getting in the way your narration draws you along and keeps you there and interested . You use good vocabulary. Like you are educated &didn’t drop out to be a YouTube star .keep it up I’m hooked thank you

  • Wow amazing! Like all the others, I love your narration.. I just wish the video wasnt so shaky and have so much movement.. Tends to make the watcher dizzy


  • What are the locations of these mansions ? I’m from Ireland & never heard of them. Love exploring them! There’s 1 near where I live too, not sure how long it’s been abandoned though, it’s on the boyne near Drogheda

  • Left to decay…… yet they care if people see inside? Vandals? So what! FREAK FLAG FLIES again. "I don't want it, but you can't have it". Ridiculous thinking!

  • Love how you tell the history of the places really enjoy the videos guys much love to you all πŸ‘ β€οΈπŸ‘ β€οΈπŸ‘ β€οΈπŸ‘ β€οΈπŸ‘ ❀️

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