Top 10 Scary Abandoned Prisons

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Top 10 Scary Abandoned Prisons

Hey everyone Welcome back to most amazing
top 10, Im your host Che Durena. Prison is terrifying, you literally take the
most dangerous people in the world and shove them into a confined space together in hope
to rehabilitate them but it really just makes them more dangerous. I hope I never end up in prison, Im far too
pretty, it would be like bears on honey, I would be done for. Well whats the one thing that could be more
scary than prison, well how about old abandoned prisons that are packed with the ghosts of
all the criminals who couldnt make it out or were killed on death row. It might just be worse and that why Im bringing
you todays list of top 10 scary abandoned prisons. As always make sure you like comment subscribe
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facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other hosts a little bit better and
without taking any longer lets get into this list. 10 Moundsville penitentiary, west virginia Take me home, country roads, to the place,
I belong, west virginia, ok thats enough of that. I think me singing will haunt your dreams
worse then any of the places we have on this list. Well first we have the Moundsville Penitentiary,
This place was opened in 1879 and quickly became one of the most violent prisons in
america. Thats basically being the heavyweight champion
of violent prisons. In the time that the prison was open there
was 36 homicides and a ton of executions. So you better believe that this place is packed
full of ghosts that walk the halls. One of the most famous ghosts wasnt even an
inmate. People have said theyve seen the ghost of
the maintenance man who worked there. He was brutally beaten to death by the inmates
because he would inform the guards when the prisoners were misbehaving. Snitches get stitches baby, the game is the
game. The Moundsville Penitentiary is known as one
of the most haunted places on earth. So the moral of the story is dont snitch or
your gonna end up a ghost hanging around a bunch of people you snitched on. 9 Bodmin Jail Now were going to shoot over to Cornwall england
and check out the Bodmin jail. I would have hated to go to jail back in the
day. Im sure it would have been easier to break
out but the conditions would have been horrible. Now at least they have purell. The Bodmin jail is one of these old school
hell holes and was built back in 1779 and managed to stay open for 100 years. Now it stands as a major hot spot for paranormal
activity. They got it all at the bodmin jail. Weird voices, footsteps, loud bangs, soft
touches on your bum followed by a wet kiss. You know all the normal stuff that ghosts
do all the time. The most famous ghost that hangs out within
the walls is spirit of Selian Wade. She got locked up for drowning her kids, so
its safe to say shes terrifying. Its said that whenever mothers come to visit
the jail Selina will harass them trying to get the visiting mums to forgive her for her
heinous crimes 8 Cripple Creek Jail When the population of a town starts to sky
rocket a few things will always happen. Rent goes up and then you have to move into
a place with 67 roommates. Jobs disappear so you better behave at work
unless you wanna start selling off you self respect for money and of course the local
amenities are usually not equipped to deal with anything. Thats what happened in Cripple Creek in the
late 1800s when the gold rush hit. People lust for striking it rich over night
shot this town up from 1500 to 50000 in a very short period of time. This of course made crime shoot through the
roof and then forced this small town to try and find a way to manage all the prisoners. This lead to many deaths at cripple creek
jail, both on the side of inmates and guards. Its actually said that one of the most famous
ghost hanging around the jail today is that of a female guard. Its said she stays behind to keep the other
ghost imprisoned, give this girl a promotion, she has allegiance even in death. 7 Eastern State Penitentiary This penitentiary in Philadelphia was opened
for 42 years and had the reputation for being one of the most brutal prisons of all time. Inmates were treated worse than cattle. They would be kept in near total isolation
for 23 hours a day. The rooms that they would keep them in had
no windows so that means that no one was getting any sunlight. You gotta get that Vitamin D baby, staying
away from the sun for so long its bad for your health. Well I mean so is going to jail. Guards would also torture inmates in burtal
ways. One thing they would do is put inmates who
had missbehaved into a place called the hole. This was a dark pit in the ground with zero
light and hardly any room to move. While in the hole they would be given just
enough food and water to survive and after their time was up the guards would pull out
their nearly lifeless bodies and throw them back into a secluded cell. Many inmates went mad or died from the isolation
and ghosts have been spotted all over the prison, especially in the rooms where these
tortures would take place. 6 Arat county jail Now were going down under to Australia, a
country built by criminals must have had some of the worst prisons of all time. Imagine being so much of monster that you
get locked up when your living among criminals. You would have to be a baby eater that kicks
puppies. Well the Arat County Jail was a place were
they would send these kinds of people. What made this place especially terrible is
that it was a prison for the criminally insane, so their were all sorts of treatments performed
on patients. And by treatments I mean lobotomies without
anesthesia along with shock treatment and an array of other horrible things no human
should have to endure. Its said that you can still hear the screams
of the people who were tortured there. One of the most famous ghosts that lurk the
halls is that of nurse cary. A nurse who defends here ward and tries to
stop people from coming in. She still doesnt want the public to know about
the terrible things they would do to patients. Well the words out cary, everyone knows your
a turd. 5 Tower of London This is probably the most famous one on the
list, The Tower of London is over 900 years old and a major hot spot for tourists. If youre a ghost this is the place to haunt,
you get to scare thousands of people every year and probably photo bomb everybody. Imagine being THE ghost that everyone talks
about at the tower of london, how glamorous. It was originally made as a safe haven for
the royal family but got converted into a person after not that long. Everything went down there, prisoners would
be tortured, tried and executed all in the big brick building. So you can imagine there is some major bad
mojo floating around. The tower is constantly guarded by the royal
guard and when new guards are stationed there many of them have reported a crushing sensation
in their chest. Im guess the ghost want to see if your a punk
weenie before they let you work there. The most famous ghost is probably that of
Queen amberlynn, one of the wives of king henry the 8th. She was beheaded at the london tower. 4 Ohio State Reformatory For those of you who are movie buffs out there
youre really going to like this one because this is where they filmed shawshank redemption. Yeah one of the greatest movies of all time. And if you also like hostile encounters with
ghosts, like being shoved or yelled at, then there is no reason you shouldnt visit this
place. The place was built in Mansfield Ohio between
the years of 1886 and 1910. This place was a hoot and a holler when it
went up and quickly got a reputation for having some of the worst conditions at any prison. Jolly Gee sign me up mister. In fact, in 1990 the prison was shut down
because the conditions were inhumane. My god it sounds like a great vacation spot. Now they just keep it open for ghost tours. If you decide to go you should prepare yourself
for everything from phones malfunctioning to cold stops, to straight up being pushed. You know what they say about those Ohio state
ghosts, they are great hosts 3 Alcatraz If you live in north america then this is
probably the most famous prison to you. I mean its one of the most legendary places
in the world, some of the worst criminals ever spent time there. By spent time you know I mean were forced
to stay there because of their horrible crimes. Al Capone being probably the most famous criminal
who was caged on the rock. This place was so rough that murders, attacks
and suicides were commonplace. A murder going down at Alcatraz was like someone
who leaves negative youtube comments owning a girlfriend pillow, extreamly common. Even before the prison was built the native
americans would use the island as a place to exile people and they believed dark spirits
to live on the island. There was even a case of an inmate saying
he could see glowing red eyes in his cell and started screaming. In the morning he was found dead with strange
marks on his neck. 2 Karosta Naval port Prison Lets run over to a Soviet prison that was
opened in the year 1900. I wouldnt want to get thrown in a russain
prison now man, imagine back then. They probably didnt even have blankets, you
had to keep yourself warm through mental toughness. This place was built in Latvia and was used
as a detention center for russian military who broke some war laws. I dont know what war laws are but you can
tell me in the comments. It stated on record that no one ever escaped
this jail, and it was built out in the middle of nowhere so if you ever did you would probably
just freeze to death and get eaten by a bear. Now you can go their and do something called
extreme night, where they let you spend the night in jail, a place that is haunted by
dead war criminals, Thats a hard pass for me. Shepton mallet prison We are going to top off this list with the
shepton mallet prison in Somerset england. Until the year 2013 this prison was the oldest
operating prison in the world. It was built in the year 1625, I didnt even
know that was legal. If I was there I would keep asking, is this
up to code, even though I know the answer is no. It would be my little dad joke I tell until
someone shanks me in the liver to shut me up. This place is so old that there are unmarked
graves around the prison from prisoners who died from smallpox. Goddamn the pox got you while you were IN
prison. Thats a huge bummer. The prison is famous for housing some of the
most dangerous prisoners in england and its also suuuuper haunted. There was even a ghost attack, where a guard
was assaulted by an invisible assailant and burned. Alright everyone that is our list, thank you
all so much for tuning in. As always make sure you like comment subscribe
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gonna be a good boy from now on so I can keep watching cartoons and not become currency.


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