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Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 2

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. So according to youtube views, we all really
like listening to horrific things that have happened to people in isolated cabins in shady
ass places. And I feel like its one of those things that
scare us from afar but at an okay level since its not happening to us personally. Just me? Clearly not. Either way, let’s just get into it, These
are the Top 10 Scary Abandoned Cabins – Part 2. Starting us off with number 10 is The Note. This one actually scared me to my core cus
of how creepy it is. Shared by redditor KillerOrangeCat, he said
hes a very high up executive in a big business, so hes pretty much stressed all the time. In the few weeks he has off every year he
liked going out to cabins and just being isolated, catch up on some reading yknow how it is. However he stopped doing that a few years
back after a harrowing experience. He rented a secluded cabin which was a one
and a half hour drive from the nearest town. There was no signal up there, no radio, just
you and your regrets really. Either way one night he was on the porch reading
a book when he heard a noise. He looked up to see a person in the trees
nearby and having expected hikers in the area he wasnt that bothered. The man waved to the user and the user waved
back and then the man walked off. A few hours later the user heard rustling
and looked up to see the man from before in the same place as before just staring at him. This time he didnt wave or anything he just
creepily stared for a bit too long and then left again. Weirded out the user went inside the cabin
and locked the front door, and by 10pm that night he started hearing noises in the driveway. The user got a flashlight and went out to
see some movements in the bushes and sort of ran back inside the cabin and locked the
door. He went to bed and during the night got up
to pee and then went back to bed. When he finally woke up he went into the living
room and realised, number 1 the front door was unlocked and open and number 2 there was
a note taped to the front door. It said “You might want to keep a light
on. You walked right by me for your piss break”. He packed up his things 30 minutes later and
was out like a light. And hence the user never again went on these
stress relieving getaways cus lets face it nothing about that story was stress relieving. I am stress induced. Coming in at number 9 is Blue Mountain. Back in 2013 14 year old Dillan Dakota Easley
was staying in a hunting cabin in Granite Washington with his foster dad Michael Piete,
his uncle Kenneth and a few other men. On the night of October 2nd, police were called
to the cabin and found the bodies of both older men full of gunshot wounds. Dillian was accused for the murders but according
to his testimony, both men stepped out to pee and Dillian saw what he thought were wolf
eyes in the darkness and then got a gun and started firing. Which hello, is such a bad coverup like at
least think of something more convincing than that. The shots that killed his uncle werent even
fired towards the woods they were fired back into the cabin. The third man ran to the truck mid shooting
and decided to get help. Dillian escaped from the cabin but accidentally
shot himself in the leg and so another man from the hunting party found him and duct
taped him to a chair. The boy ended up confessing and his uncles
wife went on to say had Dillan gotten his way, he wouldve probably shot everything in
the cabin. He has no remorse. Dillan who had a history of mental problems
and had been abused as a kid apparently reached his breaking point at the cabin despite the
foster family taking very good care of him. I dont know what couldve gotten into a 14
year old boys head to possess him to murder two people. Like and then he shot himself in the leg by
accident like so young so dumb i feel bad for the kid cus he ruined his life but i also
know i shouldnt. At number 8 we have The Ghost Cabin. So this story was shared by an anonymous person
who said this happened to her when she was around 11 years old. Now back then she lived with her grandparents
in a house surrounded by a lot of woods. She used to take walks into the woods all
the time since she visited her grandparents every summer and was quite used to the area. One day while she was on her usual path and
she walked a bit further than usual so by that point it started getting quite dark. She decided to make her way back but somehow
got lost, she couldnt recognise any of her surroundings and the more she tried to venture
the more lost she became. She eventually came upon a dirt path and started
following it hoping it would lead her out the forest. Out of the forest it did not lead, instead
it took her to an old cabin shed never seen before. It was withered, overgrown with weeds, it
was like the world was trying to forget about it. She knocked to see if anyone was in there
which she knew would be useless before she even did it. She went in and walked into a small bedroom
which looked like it hadnt been used for years. The more she explored the more she felt she
was being watched everywhere she went. She reckoned shed sleep there overnight and
try and find her way back home when the sun came up. She fell asleep and woke up to the sound of
a door slamming and someone walking through the house. The door to the bedroom opened and she saw
this insanely tall figure who laughed this disgusting shrill sounding laugh and then
the figure vanished into the walls. Thinking she was royally screwed she got up
and ran towards the door and heard this loud breathing sound coming towards her and then
she passed out. She woke up in the middle of the woods and
made her way home somehow. She assumed her grandparents wouldve been
worried sick looking for her but turns out she hadnt even been gone for one hour. The girl told them about what happened and
they went pale and silent and convinced her she was dreaming. And then never mentioned it again. Filling our number 7 slot is The Unwanted
Renter. So this was shared by an anonymous person
who said around 2000 he went camping with his family and they rented out a cabin from
this summer camp area. Most of the cabins in the area were built
back in the 30s so they were well maintained but never refurbished so they were old as
hell. Either way on the second day the guy went
for a walk with his brother and just felt off. His brother felt it too but couldnt put his
finger on it, so they both brushed it off and decided to continue their walk. A few minutes later they noticed the furthest
cabin in the cluster had all its windows purposefully closed. They walked past it and all of a sudden the
lights came on and they heard a huge thud. The brothers thought it was really weird but
also knew hunters used to rent out the cabins often so they didnt really think too much
about it. The next morning they were having breakfast
with the camp director and asked him how many cabins he planned on renting and mentioned
the cabin from the night before. The director replied by saying you need to
call the police, we arent renting out any of the other cabins. The police came and after a 2 hour stand off
arrested a man who had been illegally camping in the cabin for 3 weeks. He was unshaven, starving, he was armed with
a shotgun and pistol, had 2 bags full of stolen valuables that he had taken during other violent
break ins. Now at number 6 is the Torture Cabin. And i feel like this one carries with it a
lot of speculation since nothing about this cabin is really known for sure. It was shared by reddit user godbullseye who
said he was hiking in rural Kentucky when he found a cabin. Kind of lost with no signal he knocked on
the door hoping whoever was inside could give him directions to the closest trail but no
one answered. Which in and of itself isnt scary since it
could easily be a holiday cabin not a residential one. Either way the user decided to look through
the window as any curious human would and he saw a very basic cabin. But when he scanned to his right he saw this
bed with leather restraints at each corner and a dog leashed tied around the top of the
headboard. Sort of like someone was leashed to the headboard. I mean honestly this could be one of 2 things,
the first is it really couldve been a torture device and if thats the case lets hope whoever
was leashed to the headboard didnt die. And the second thing is that someone just
has very BDSM like kinks and fetishes and if thats the case we dont kink shame people. Coming in at number 5 are The Akeman Murders. Now depending on how old you are you may have
seen a show called Hee Haw from the 70s. It was a variety show that had a lot of country
music in it and one of the cast members was David Stringbean Akeman. Him and his wife Estelle lived a modest life,
during the Great Depression the only luxuries they had was a car and a colour TV. they lived in a small cabin near Ridgetop
Tennessee and Akeman was known to not trust banks so because of that, rumours flew around
that he kept a lot of cash at hand and hid a bunch in his home. On November 10th 1973 the couple came home
from a performance and were shot dead pretty much as soon as they got home. The killers had been waiting for hours so
they had ample time to ransack the whole cabin and find the money but to no avail. They ended up stealing a few firearms and
a chainsaw. Turns out the money was hidden in their chimney
the whole time and honestly this murder feels like a waste to me. I mean i feel like if youre gonna murder a
couple for their money, at least ask them where it is before you kill them. Lets not pointlessly kill, lets at least kill
for money people. At number 4 is The Porch Man. So this one was shared by an anonymous redditor
who said growing up he used to go to this cabin with his family quite a bit but by the
time he turned 12 they stopped going. When the user turned 25 he learned that when
his aunt died she had left the cabin for him and so after inheriting it he sort of wanted
to know what condition it was in, he went out there and on the way up the dirt road
he saw the cabin. He hadnt turned into the driveway yet but
he was close enough to see someone sitting on the porch swing. Confused he backed up and assumed he had gotten
the wrong cabin but after double checking the address he was like no that was definitely
it. He went back and saw the man was still there
and instead of getting out to talk to him he went back into town and asked the police
to check it out before him. Which i mean is overcautious in my opinion
but i guess that worked out since god knows what wouldve happened to him had he gone himself. The police go check it out and the user waits
in a cafe in town. They take longer than he expected to come
back and when they do they show up a picture inside a folder asking if thats the guy he
saw. The user said yes and the cops tell him that
when the man saw them approach he ran into the cabin and resisted so he had to be handcuffed. Turns out the porch swinger was wanted in
California for murdering his girlfriend and so he had been hiding in the cabin for months. When the police got there he thought they
had finally found him, not knowing that they had no idea who the hell he was. If that was what he did with the police he
really probably wouldve killed the guy had he driven up there. Filling our number 3 slot is The Cellar. This one was shared by another anonymous redditor
who said during his second year of college he rented a cabin with his best friend Jack. the cabin was beautiful, isolated, near a
lake, it was just perfect. Either way the second morning they woke up
the user realised one of his sandwiches was missing. He assumed Jack ate it and asked him and he
insisted he hadnt. The user thought okay he either forgot or
doesnt wanna tell me but its whatever. That night he heard Jack moving around in
the living room despite him having an A1 bladder and being a deep sleeper. He called out but no one answered and the
next morning another one of his sandwiches was gone. At this point he confronted Jack again who
claimed he hadnt eaten the sandwiches and he hadnt been up at night either. The user thought Jack was just messing with
him but that night he found it hard to sleep. He saw that his bedroom door was a bit open
and that someone was behind it. He ran to it and to Jacks room to find him
asleep in bed. At this point he was like what the hell and
he even went outside and checked all around the cabin but found nothing. The next morning, Jack again said he was in
bed all night. That night again he heard noises and ran out
again to find something or someone run across the room and then a massive slam. He flipped the light on and realised the noise
came from a cellar door that he had never noticed. So realising that everything sort of fell
into place and he realised this place is either haunted or someones living in the freakin
cellar. The next day they called the police who went
into the cellar and produced a very sickly skinny woman. She had apparently been stealing food from
whoever came to stay there and had schizophrenia. Shed been in and out of psych wards her whole
life and went back to one very quickly after she was caught. Now at number 2 are The Brooks Murders. Paul and Margaret Brooks had been married
for 50 plus years and had a bunch of children and grandchildren. Back in early 2013 the couple were staying
at a cabin in Lampe Missouri. What was meant to be a quiet getaway turned
into the red wedding essentially. On the night of the 31st of January, Anthony
Zarron and Christopher Allen escaped from a juvenile rehabilitation facility called
Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch. The boys broke into the Brookses cabin and
bludgeoned the couple to death. They beat them with baseball bats and then
stabbed them to death with knives. Keep in mind Paul was 70 and Margaret was
69. Like theyre already super old was there such
a need to be that brutal. The Brookses children blamed the Christian
camp for at risk youth who failed to alert any authorities or residents in the area that
some of their teens had escaped. The teens had recently been taken off psychiatric
medication without the permission of a doctor so i feel like there was a lot going here
that just ended in brutally. Both teens confessed to murdering the couples
at age 16 and 15 respectively and were sentenced to life in prison. And finally at number 1 are The Good Hart
Murders. The Robison family consisted of RIchard and
his wife Shirley and their 4 kids. In the middle of 1968, the family went for
a vacation at their Lake Michigan cabin near Good Hart. the family were inside the cottage when 5
gunshots came through the window and hit Richard. The killer then entered through the back door
and shot the rest of the family, making it a point to bludgeon Richard and their youngest
child Susan to dead with a hammer. The crime scene was then staged to make it
look like a sexual attack rather than a mass murder and since the cabin was isolated. The bodies werent found for a full 27 das
and by that point they had decomposed quite a bit. Richard was reported missing 2 weeks after
the murder and the first suspect was his employee Joseph Scolaro who had been MIA for 12 hours
on the day of the murders and who also had no valid alibis. Hed even bought both weapons used in the murder
and afterwards it was found that 60,000 dollars was missing from Richards businesses. Joseph had been left in charge before he went
on vacation so clearly it was money motivated. After failing 2 lie detector tests, 4 years
passed before the case was reopened and when Joseph heard about the impending charges he
committed suicide. He left a note saying he was a liar but not
a murderer. Well i mean, if you werent the murderer why
did you buy the murder weapons? And thats it for todays video guys! I feel like this list had a lot more killings
and creepiness and a lot less hauntings than part 1 in the series. Lemme know what you guys thought below and
as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one. Byee.

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