Top 10 retired Adult film Stars Life After Career Ends

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Top 10 retired Adult film Stars Life After Career Ends

Top 10 unforgettable ex-Porn Stars Who Live Normal life After Porn Ends Mary Carey
At one point Cleveland native Mary Carey was making $300,000 per month doing porn.
P.S. Not Mariah Carey After retiring, she ran for governor of California twice promising to legalize gay marriage. Election took place October 7th, 2003, she lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now she focuses on comedy and acting and has appeared in a few reality TV shows. Asia Carrera
Asia Carrera Lemon was a Mensa International member who walked away from a full academic scholarship so she could appeared in 389 adult films. She is an atheist. As in 2014, she wore a colander in honor of the religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for her Utah driver’s license photograph. Now she’s a stay-at-home mom raising two kids in Utah. Raylene
She appeared in 456 films during her career. Raylene acted in the “dirtiest of the dirtiest” videos until she was scooped up by Vivid Entertainment, where the footage was “less disgusting.” She is now licensed real estate agent. Tera Patrick
Tera Patrick started her career in 1999 and appeared in 130 films. Tera now runs the production company, Teravision INC and is a millionaire. Tiffany Million
Tiffany Million appeared in 129 titles during her career. She now runs her own business as a licenses private investigator. Houston
She was the first porn star to receive a $1 million paycheck and auctioned her labia trimmings for $50,000. Today Houston is church going single mother and cancer survivor who graduated from nursing school with 4.0 GPA Jenna Jameson
She was once considered ‘The Queen of Porn’ and has won more than 35 adult video awards. She started her company ClubJenna while she was still doing porn and is now worth $10 million. Sasha Grey
She stared in 315 films and was the youngest person to win AVN’s Female Performer of the Year Award. After retiring she has become a mainstream actress, appearing in movies, TV shows and voice acting for video games. Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn followed her big brother, adult film director Buck Adams, into the family business and she had a 17 year career in porn. She now runs a real estate practice and does sobriety counseling. Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann starred in 522 adult films and directed another 53. She is probably most famous for her Sarah Palin impersonation. The 43-year-old Lisa Ann only just recently retired from porn. She has launched a porn star boot camp to help people who are trying to get into the adult film business Lisa Ann also hosts a weekly fantasy sports show on Sirius XM. Subscribe for more videos


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