Top 10 CREEPY Abandoned Schools

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Top 10 CREEPY Abandoned Schools

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive. Once buildings of knowledge and learning,
the abandoned structures contained within this Archive have withered away over the years
to become decapitated houses for the unknown. Stand silently in the empty hallways of these
creepy abandoned schools found around the world and you may hear the ghostly echoes
of life through the hollow halls. Ah, schools in session. Your first assignment is to subscribe to Top10Archive
and, for extra credit, click the bell. If you have a message for the Top10Archive
professors, leave it in a comment. 10. Whiddy Island National School, County Cork,
Ireland It wasn’t a matter of financial ruin that
forced Whiddy Island National School to close – but a dwindling number of attendees. The stone, one-room schoolhouse was erected
in 1887 and, as the population of Whiddy Island dwindled, so, too, did the need for any system
of education. The striking blue furniture remains in the
schoolhouse, though the years of abandonment since its closure in 1947 and possible short-term
use as a museum shortly after is evident in the layer of dust that coats every surface. While far from destroyed, the former schoolhouse
looks more like a recluse’s hovel as Mother Nature threatens to overtake it. 9. Edmonton High School, Edmonton, Kentucky
The almost pristine brick facing of this 1920s school gives it an illusion of still being
open, but as you approach and see the glassless windows and collapsed interior, it’s clear
that Edmonton High School did not survive its years of abandonment. A sign hangs near the school’s main entrance,
claiming the property for the Metcalfe Old School Trust, Inc, a mysterious not-for-profit
organization operated by local real estate appraiser Russell Estes. While the exterior still has the old school
house charm, its interior is a mess of collapsed flooring covered by no roof. 8. Tome School for Boys, Port Deposit, Maryland
Plaster has fallen off the walls, damaged and rotted over time, iron banisters have
twisted and rusted, their intricate embellishments permanently disfigured, and entire sections
of the once grandiose building threaten collapse within years. The Tome School for Boys’ century-old history
can be seen all throughout the abandoned school, coated by the ash of a 2014 fire at the hands
of an arson with no respect for artifacts of yesteryear. Founded in 1894, the school served as an all-boys
school until the Depression forced it to close its doors, allowing the United States government
the opportunity to use it as a naval training center until 1986. 7. Chianan Home Economics Vocational High School,
Taichung, Taiwan Why this Taiwanese school was abandoned seems
to be a mystery to even the deepest reaches of the internet, but there’s a stark eeriness
to the condition it was left in. In the series of photographs captured in 2013,
much of the school is still intact, though scenes like the library filled with books
strewn carelessly about indicate a hint of chaos. The desks stand precisely where they would
have when class was still in session and the antiquated computers, painted with a layer
of dust, remain untouched. It’s like the terrifying scene at the start
of a horror movie where everyone is missing and all signs point to a hasty evacuation. 6. Holley High School, New York
The stuffed animals left behind at the former New York high school are recent additions
left by brave explorers, but their presence in the deteriorating auditorium is only part
of the school’s horrific charm. Built in 1931 and abandoned in the 70’s,
the remains of Holley High School show signs of her original beauty amidst the crumbled
plaster, peeled wallpaper, and piles of debris. Maybe the most unsettling room in the entire
school is the auditorium, which looks to have been taken over by some evil, corrosive rot. 5. Minamikawa Elementary School, Japan
At 66 years old and having been abandoned for just over 20 of those years, the Minamikawa
Elementary School near Tokyo appears to be in surprisingly good shape. The untouched building shows no signs of decay,
save mostly for the faded paint job on the main door, and doesn’t’ even sport the
telltale signs of neglect like dust and rot. The fact that it is so clean looking is just
as creepy as the more dilapidated schools in this Archive. It appears to be immune to passing time or
is maintained by an unseen force or caretaker that refuses to let the school go to waste. 4. Middle School Number 3, Pripyat, Ukraine
A victim of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the entire town of Pripyat in the Ukraine
was abandoned a day after the explosion in 1986. It took two days to evacuate the town and
the state of the school shows just how hurried the process was. Children’s books and papers still litter
the ground and the bulk of the empty school looks to have been ransacked as desks are
thrown about and furniture is stacked in otherwise empty hallways. Maybe the most haunting sight that’s been
captured is the room filled with what must be hundreds of gas masks just thrown to the
floor. 3. Lillesden School for Girls, Kent, England
From 1855 to 1999, an imposing mansion in Kent, England served as the home of the Lillesden
School for Girls, but once the educational institute shut down, it quickly became a ruin
on an unkempt estate. While greenery threatens to overtake the outer
walls of the school, the interior struggles against the years. Beyond the vandalism, like a pentagram etched
into the floorboards, the school is quite literally falling apart. Plans to turn the building into apartments
threaten the historical significance of the former school for girls, but with each passing
year, the building grows more decayed and fragile. 2. Bennett College, Millbrook, New York
This once proud women’s college was once a striking structure of the early 19th century. Its large frame brought an elegance to the
small New York town as it overlooked the 22 acres (89,000 m2) of grassland that it resided
on. Today, the school wears its 110 years as its
architecture threatens to collapse on itself. Mother Nature now threatens to tear down the
school with overgrowth that stretches up to the roof. If you can get inside without falling victim
to the many hazards, you’ll find hallways flooded from burst pipes, floors coated in
rotted wood, and the very vague memories of The Bennett School for Girls’ 90-year history
as an active school. 1. Anderlecht Veterinary School, Brussels, Belgium
There are probably very few places where you’d find the preserved remains of animals and
not feel that your life is in danger, and though the Anderlecht Veterinary School was
once such a place, today the empty school is a horror-filled relic. For over 20 years, the Belgian school has
sat unattended to, its crumbling rooms looking like the remains of Doctor Frankenstein’s
laboratory. Curiously, most buildings surrounding the
school have been converted into luxury apartments while the oddities within the gothic structure
continue to decompose over time. And that’s the final bell for the day. Don’t forget your assignments to subscribe,
comment, and click the bell. If you’d like more creepy lessons, you may
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