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This Adorable Tiny Puppy Was Abandoned in a Doghouse | The Dodo Little But Fierce

And then I see the little
house moving. I’m like, And then her little head just comes out. Just a little fragile little puppy…. At that moment, I was like, It was cold, it was raining. Whoever dumped her —
they felt that it was OK because they put
a blanket in her house. So I put her in my truck. I remember putting her
in the front seat. And I think at that moment, she knew deep down that that was it. with someone that was gonna care for her. The first thing that I noticed was her eyes are very soulful. I named her Jila because of her eyes. It was a tough 2 or 3 weeks with her
because her skin was so hot. But it was that constant nurturing. She wanted to be held. and I don’t think she ever got that. I believe that maybe
she was an outside dog. Despite the neglect that
she had to go through, She was just so tiny that showed us something else. I think that was her way of showing us that she appreciated
what we were doing for her. After she was completely healed
and her skin cleared up, We had been looking for
a dog for my son who’s 8. And she was just so small and so tiny. And I said, “That’s it! He’s gonna love her,
he’s gonna adore her. Just like she is a baby to him.” And it was just perfect to know
that we could get her and make, what started
very bad for her, a whole lot better with our family. I remember the day that
she got dropped off, it’s like she had just been there. She had no problems with the other dogs. They played immediately and it was just so easy
for her to adjust to our home. When I look at her, what
I see is the word joy. Sometimes I don’t know
that she even remembers being thrown on the side of the road. She’s just so overwhelmingly happy.

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