Theresa May says Kim Darroch’s resignation ‘is a matter of great regret,’

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 in Articles

Theresa May says Kim Darroch’s resignation ‘is a matter of great regret,’

Thank you, Mr Speaker. Mr Speaker, this morning
I have spoken to Sir Kim Darroch. I have told him that it
is a matter of great regret that he has felt it necessary
to leave his position as ambassador in Washington. The whole Cabinet rightly
gave its full support to Sir Kim on Tuesday. Sir Kim has given a lifetime of
service to the United Kingdom, and we owe him an enormous
debt of gratitude. Good government depends on
public servants being able to give full and frank advice,
and I want all our public servants to have the confidence to
be able to do that. I hope that the House will
reflect on the importance of defending our values
and principles, particularly when they
are under pressure.


  • forced to resign after being called a 'pompous fool' and 'very stupid'… that's harsh… He's going to have a problem performing in bed after this.

  • Not the point. Undiplomatic diplomat leaked what CNN could have told you for free. Why is treeasonas May still adding to global warming spewing out hot air. Be gone with you woman.

  • Find out who leaked the memos. Anyone can have a personal opinion as long as it is kept personal. Whoever leaked these memos intended to disrupt relations between US and UK in the run-up to Brexit.

  • The UK power elite will protect its own, no matter how inept, stupid, and unprofessional they are. Their class loyalty is greater than their devotion to the people of the UK. With people like Darroch and May, no wonder England has fallen from being an empire, closer and closer to a third world level. No wonder they turn a blind eye to foreigners molesting and pimping UK children.

    If the Brits can not control security of their own diplomatic messages, it is time to stop supplying the UK with US intelligence data. Sloppy UK security could get American operatives killed.

  • Before we have left Europe we have the US controlling what we do. But that's what leavers wanted. More control. I hadn't realised they meant control by the USA
    Oh well pants off and bend down

  • So now Trump gets to choose who he does & doesn't want as a sovereign nation's ambassador to the US? This is fundamentally the bottom line. The response to his resignation letter should have been; "not accepted, you have our full support, stay there in post, we will investigate the source of the leak as an internal matter."
    The unofficial foot note could have been; " I won't be PM for much longer anyway, my successor will lose a vote of no confidence in a few weeks anyway, we will probably not get re-elected to Government, so Trump can go do one"

  • Have the Police been called in to find the source of the leak, or perhaps they're all tied up on other duties like the National Crime Agency investigation into the Arron Banks £8 million investigation ? Whoever said we need to get control of our laws ?

  • Remainer May loses a pro EU quisling in the US representing the EU – not the UK …. no great loss at all …. now hope we will get a few more Pro UK people in our public offices as opposed to the spineless and toxic Pro EU sellouts we are so used to ….

  • she has a cool and level head, compare to the man child trump, because people told the truth about him he lash out and threw a temper trantum, weak man weak leader

  • Kim Darroch quits as UK ambassador to US 'after Johnson remarks' ►

  • USA is our Biggest trading partner !! Our Foreign Office has leaked sensitive info Damming the President of USA ; Under Trump the US Stock Markets have doubled and unemployment is the lowest since 1969 ..he is a successful Business Billionaire …Kim Darroch has a BSc in Zoology ; No country would want to deal with an Ambassador who said this and now the media want to turn the FO mistake on Trump & Boris …you numpties !!

  • A long-term diplomat and highly regarded ambassador knowing much about national security voicing concerns by his peers over the leadership of one of the most important countries in the world is asked to step down.. yikes

  • Resigned? The tosser should have been sacked on the spot. Why the heck should Trump entertain him? How is it that Trump gets this kind of abuse, and is seen as the bad one, it's pure liberal crazy.

  • Thank you Theresa May and members of Parliament for shaming Donald Trump again. Remember, we Americans suffer the embarrassment every time the president speaks or Tweets and that he speaks for himself and NOT for our country.

  • …what is going wrong with you lads?…You are the Masters of Diplomacy and you are making one mistake after the other…The Emperor of the Planet is the only ally of Great Britain nowadays…and you have sent in the States an Ambassador who cannot keep the truth for himself?…I am wondering if the reason of this unbelievable behaviour of yours is due to the wrong proportion of the spirit that you are consuming together with your evening cup of tea…By the way are you still drinking the authentic Scots Whiskey or are you using Russian Vodka instead?

  • That's what happens when you are British embassador, and insult an allied country and its president. Should have kept his big mouth shut.

  • So are you PM, you are a failure that is representative of a failed people and nation. 3rd rate on your best day.

  • Trump wins again!

    Let the Russian jackboot crush the emasculated islamicized brits!!!!

  • So, she tried to stand up to Trump, but she couldn't stand up to the EU? What honesty did Darroch express? His reports were full of debunked nonsense, such as "collusion with Russia." Poor judgment, sloppy work, motivated by his own biases. Buh-bye, Darroch.

  • The Remainer who leaked the original attack on the US Govt is to blame our new PM Boris has every right to defend our special relationship and the Trump Administration

  • Great idea for the new diplomat. Dianne abbot with David lammy as back up she does like a tipple on the way home. But if she’s quest in the morning lammy can step in wearing her weave and no one will know the difference. No chance of her insulting trump either as she doesn’t have the vocabulary. Win win all round 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • I see the Deutsche bank will be needing a multi billion euro bail out,so all you remoaners in parliament ,I hope your doing your bit by digging deep into your billions to help your beloved eu out.the German economy will go into freefall along with the rest of the eu. Boris get us out sharpish


  • Sir Darroch is a British hero! The UK ambassador has said the truth and like Churchill, he does not fear Trump´s USA world domination.
    Boris born in New York is not a Brit but Sir Darrow is a Brit – and Brits do not quit.

  • Coming from one of the biggest failures in British political history, who herself, has resigned … the words are meaningless. Trump is 10 times that of May and even more then Darroch, both are just UK swamp creatures that have been screwing the people of Britain for various amounts of time and degree …

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