The Reno Sheriff’s Department Loses Their Retirement Money – RENO 911!

Updated : Sep 06, 2019 in Articles

The Reno Sheriff’s Department Loses Their Retirement Money – RENO 911!

My name is Glenn. My name is Bill,
and who here likes vacations? I do. But it’s tough to take vacation when you only have five days
allotted the entire year. You know what? We’re going to do
a little magic here. What would you say
if we took those five days, we took those five days
and we … abracadabra,
made them 10 days? 10 days of vacation time! Wow. Is that happening?
Is that happening? It can happen.
Is that? It can happen if you believe in
the program we’re talking about. We’re talking about
a program … who wants to book a vacation?
No one, right? No. Who wants to think
about where they’re going? Who wants to call up
a hotel or go online? That sounds like a lot
of hassle to me. Exactly. It is a lot of hassle,
but not anymore. If you want 10 days,
all you have to do is vacation at one of three resorts that
we have predetermined for you. A resort like a resort, resort? It’s a resort in the greater
Tampa metropolitan area. Wow.
Fuck, yeah! And they are so nice. How about
a place called Casa Laguna? Casa Laguna! It all takes place
right here … I like the water. … here and here in Tampa. Guys, it is so beautiful.
You’ve got to see this place. You are just a short tram ride
away from the beach! Yeah! How can we possibly afford
this on a cop’s salary? Well, that’s the thing. What we do is,
we go like this … Oh … Oh! Boom! What are we talking about
right here, guys? We’re talking about Tupperwares. Yeah. All you’ve got to do is sell
over $50 of Tupperware to three to five friends … Every week for
the next six months. Easy. Easy. And then you will qualify
for the package. Easy. What was your favorite time
in your life? When you had sleepovers
with your friends, guys? Yeah.
I love sleepovers! Everybody all together, right? Well, we are going to give you
a bonafide dorm room experience because you’re going to be
sharing this condo with up to seven
different people! Some of them, the beauty of it,
you don’t even know them, so you make new friends. That’s good people We’re going to talk
about security too. Every window has bars on them.
You are protected. You’re not going
to have to worry about your stuff getting stolen. If you’re afraid of other things
that might happen at the beach, such as shark attacks, did you know that the occurrence
of a shark attack, the odds of that happen
are so minuscule to almost be negligible? It’s so negligible it
makes me wonder why you even brought it up. Well, we have to bring it up
by law. So we get 10 nights
in an all-inclusive resort, two rides on a tram,
a job, mandatory lectures and all we have to do is sell
$12,000 worth of Tupperware. Exactly!
Exactly! I’m going to the Tampa area! Yeah! We need an investment from you
for the Tupperware. No problem. You’re going to put
some money out … Right. … and then you’re going to
get that money back. Takes money to make money.
Am I right? Yeah. Come outside to our van, and we are going to give you
that Tupperware. Tupperware!
Tupperware! Tupperware! Tupperware! Tupperware!
Tupperware! Tupperware!


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