The Insiders: November 7 2019

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  • Go for it Jamie Harrison, if one thing is coming out of this Impeachment inquiry it is the likes of Lindsey Graham need to be gotten rid of. Graham is slithering at the bottom of a pit of moral corruption. Is it me or what is it with these Republican politicians these days they appear to be extra loathsome, especially the non entity House Rep reps, they are bombastic and vile. The Republican Senators are going to be as irrelevant as the House Rep reps after the Nov 2020 Senate elections anyway!. (And Sleepy Sessions wants to be a Senator again!, some sort of partial immunity to possible prosecution down the line is it?).

    The Republicans will lose enough Senators to lose the majority control. THING IS, when the US folks see that in the polls near to Nov 2020, just enough will not bother voting for a Republican Presidential candidate, the domino effect.

    One less Lindsey Graham on the Worlds political stage will be a very good thing indeed. The best of the current polling though has Graham on 50% and Harrison on 43%, it isn't impossible though, things can change in 12 months, folks can feel that underlying repulsion of Graham.

    It is there, too many though have become conditioned to over ride that natural feeling, amongst Republican voters. They were of cause targetted over the years by the Jeff Kuhner brainwashers of the World to do so. In some cases it isn't that folks 'like' a certain politician, what is to like about these self intere$t opportunist rats after all, it is that they have been conditioned 'not' to loath them. A very unnatural thing, quite unhealthy. From what I can see Lindsey Graham has been possessed by the unclean spirit, possessed by the Trump.

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