The DISTURBING Onision Problem, YouTube Rewind 2019 Reaction, PewDiePie, BTS, & French Protests


  • The show. ITS TOO BIG! We can't control it. EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD FOR THEMSELVES!!!! Also these kinds of videos, given the final topic sometimes get hit by Youtube so maybe be more inclined to share this episode today. Love yo faces!
    Timecodes: YT Rewind (00:08), France (4:17), TIA (7:53), Onision (9:06)

  • Bro, you sound very sick, we apreciate the news but take care of your helth man, rest up, surp some medicine and come back when you're felling better
    Greetings from Mexico!!!

  • 1:03–1:09 basically telling us we ain't shit and we don't know nothing so shut up and watch and stop complaining is what I got from the entire text on the screen

  • I definitely don’t know the whole story but I really don’t understand why this girl continued to be friends / intimate with Greg when off the bat she says he was weird & said “I can’t wait to get you pregnant” within first 5 mins of meeting him. Hello? Why the fuck did you continue with this dude? I don’t think anything in this situation is right but I have to say this girl comes across very very dumb. Then goes to say that he alienated her mom….. lady you make your own decisions own up to something

  • Onision is a loser that calls himself a veteran but dropped out of the military because it was too hard for his delicate brain.

  • Literally reading these texts blows my mind any right minded person would even respond to even if they were your best friend.

  • The crazy thing is that Greg never actually DENIES anything. He just calls everyone stupid, and downplays what he does by using certain language to make what people say sound crazy. Hence the grooming. He does it even with his audience.

  • If you want an awesome #YoutubeRewind2019 check out JayLaws!!!! Really wraps up the past 20 years and hits you right in the feels

  • Wow I don’t no who the guy that Phil is talking about but it sounds like he has a 1st class ticket to hell. Enjoy your stay gross ass petter ass.

  • I wish for this year's rewind they should've done something with the last decade, rewind the 2010's. It probably would've been really interesting to see

  • I think this rewind video would have gone down well if they paired it with a Spotify-esque your year in review data. That way we see YouTube’s lists but also personalize it with our top videos, creators, genres, etc.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't care about those stupid Rewind videos? And who doesn't think they were all that horrible…… I've definitely seen a lot worse come through this platform cough*DO5, Paul Brothers*cough

  • If you don’t know anything about Onision, please research more to see how he is a genuinely awful person and he needs to be legally reprimanded for his disgusting actions.

  • How come one allegation completely destroyed tobuscus but the millions of allegations against onision doesn’t completely send him into irrelevancy. I mean he is irrelevant but like somehow he’s still going

  • The whole Greg and Kai thing has been something that I’ve been finding out about from various different sources but I must say your video here was one of the most coherent and informative videos, loved hearing your view in things would different like to see more of this 👍

  • I think what was bad about that rewind is just the loss of potential. While I do think it was a major step up from last year it still feels like a major step down from years past. This was the first full decade that youtube existed through. I think it would have been cool to see a youtube 2019 rewind that went back all 9 years of the decade vs. just this year. Now its just a lost opportunity. Think of all the throwbacks that could have existed with 10 years of youtube throwbacks. Thatd be nostalgic and exactly what rewind is supposed to be about. Youtube could learn a thing or two from spotify wrapped. The thing that most upsets me about this is I grew up in this decade so the lost opportunity hurts all that more for it. Thats just my opinion though

  • just a small quick question…why was BTS in the title? there wasn’t anything about them other than one mention…..

  • Take Pewds out of this thumbnail please. What are we talking about? A silly year end montage or a predator harboured by the company that sucks at montages?

  • Can't say I'm totally onboard with Mr. Hansen's online activity, but yeah he nailed, this couple is skirting the line of slavery.

  • Myself and my friend have always had big problems with Greg, he’s always made people feel bad for who they are and every detail about them. I am very thankful someone is giving more of a breakdown in a serious less joking manner.

  • Onision has always been such a toxic human being. He's always been toxic and radically malicious throughout his youtube career.Youtube should've taken his channel down years ago. Really hope to see his mugshot.

  • Dear philly d. Almost 1 month ago i wrote you about the situation i nChile. Where people where being mutilated by the police. Where protests happened every single day due to inequiality i begged ypu to cover it as Chilean media was silent about it. It feels quile lke shit that people dont give a fuck about latinamerica meanwhile something happens in france and boom, info every Where! I guess its too late now, but it wpuld be nice if you could inform people about what is happening in Chile,

  • come in, look how poor I want gold, a yacht car, but without you, there’s no where for support, thank you, I thank you

  • The fact that Greg won’t do an interview to CLEAR HIS NAME just proves he’s guilty. Also it’s disgusting that the FBI is involved and has opened this case but when Chris Hansen reaches out to the CEO she just hands him off to a different department instead of DELETING HIS CHANEL. If not for rating underage girls or making fun of eating disorders than at least the abuse of the copyright system. YouTube is FUCKED UP for letting him stay on this platform.

  • Heh, Logan Paul posted a video with dead people in it and he barely suffer any repercussions. I doubt youtube will do anything. Unless it someone they hate, like Pewds

  • When I was 18, I sent Onision a sexy photo of myself for one of his videos. I regret it now, and I think no human being should ask their fans for any sexual or naked photos. It's so demeaning.

  • Meant to be catching the Eurostar (the high speed train under the channel between London and Paris) on my first ever trip I saved up for myself (for literal years), and looks like my trains are going to be cancelled- and even if they aren’t, it’ll be too unsafe to go anyway. Pretty disappointing, but I guess I’ll just have to reschedule :((.
    Also Onision is trash. Throw his ass in prison.

  • According to some sources, I believe Onision is a veteran but he was discharged generally for being a Conscientious Objector. I’ve met one during my time in service and has similar traits to what Onision is; mainly in particular being a narcissistic.

  • I haven't watched a Philip DeFranco video in a long while, so when I clicked on this and was greeted with "What's up you beautiful bastards!"
    I'm glad somethings never change.

  • People will always dislike youtube rewinds because they can't have all their favourite random 40k subscriber minecraft and fortnite channels on there.

  • Last story is really sickening, things like this exist in the world, and people really have to be careful who they associate with. It was rough to sit through and listen to all that toxicity.

  • When I was younger. Like in middle school I used to watch onisions videos a lot cause my friend liked his videos and I got interested. I thought he was entertaining watched him frequently but then he started to speak a certain way that just sounded so negative and hateful and controlling I automatically stopped watching. He didn’t seem like a nice person. That was years ago he must of done worse things after the time I stopped paying attention to him.

  • So I dont agree with doing anything and anyone under age
    AT ALL
    but the way he's behave is explained here and in other places he seems as a VERY strict primal dom
    As someone who is is in the bdsm/alternative lifestyle and relationships punishments tattoos(or branding) degrading all are all are common things with hardcore or strict primal Doms

  • At this point YouTube can't win with Rewind. I think people think it's cool to join the masses to dislike the video. There was nothing to dislike about that video. It was 'meh' at worst.

  • Talk about the celadon bankruptcy that happened this weekend that left thousands of truck drivers stranded with no way home and out of a job

  • @Phillip, I know you are sick (can hear it in your voice) but that voice is exactly what I think you will sound like 20 years from now. Feel better, man.


  • Phil – Please take some time to rest and recover – your fans & family want to see you healthy. Take care of yourself for your family. Take care of you. PLEASE. LOVE, Your fans xx

  • whenever I hear the name Onision i think of his "service" he described while trying to be in the air force.. lol dude was too weak for the Air freaking Force, and got discharged.. dude is a waste

  • Guys someone made a predator song lmao on greggy poo. Good shit honestly. If u can send it to Greg in any means.

  • This ones Rewind was just undeniably worse. The last one you could at the very least cringe at, for as much as I hate doing that cause I am really not about cringe or cringe comedy. But this one was just… BORING. I stopped halfway through… I think. I dont even remember where I stopped.

  • i liked the fact that they are not making pewdiepie the face of youtube and only showed him once. that guy should go back to playing minecraft, not make poorly researched opinion videos about women he dislikes or videos promoting alt-right ideas

  • I personally get a passive aggressive vibe from the rewind. “Apparently your better then we are” I don’t know. It’s just my energy I guess. It makes sense though. In the beginning of all the rewinds the rewind was described as a gift to celebrate creators and now everyone’s hating on it because their not living up to its original purpose.

  • It's hard to support protesters who target innocent common civilians and I when I see people coming in from all over Europe to Paris just to vandalize

  • Cry baby, self-obsessed people online complaining about something? How surprising.

    People should reflect that many creators thrive on petty drama; try not to associate yourself with that, it rots your brain, makes you tribal, etc.

  • Thank you for being the only one actually talking about the onision situation. It's a huge thing that's been going on way too long and is finally coming to light in an epic way. This should be first class tea!!

  • rewind was meh! i would have had van girl do the intro say hello my name is "blank and because i don't know here name" it rewind time", then cut to a seen to team trees, seen. the do a zoom out to space to we love the earth, then zoom in to each country to show each, rising youtubers of 2019. The last person who they show pulls out a lip stick with hairs on it. then camera moves to the apple tv show tati video then you see a remote flips the Chanel to James video. the tv turns signal get interrupted by shane Dawson show on screen. then someone turn off the tv.

  • Personally, I'm a fan of the new rewind. I can't imagine how hard it must be to encapsulate ALL the YouTube communities in a way that feels faithful and fulfilling to said communities. Plus, I had a chance to have a peak at videos that were big to those communities, which gave me a sort of "in" if I want to dip my toes into their content.

    However, at the end of last year I thought it would be really neat if, instead of one singular rewind that attempts to squeeze all of YouTube into one video, there could be multiple rewinds for each community– possibly with direct input and curation from a handful of figures from each. A big part of YouTube since its inception has been how it's given a platform for creators to produce their own content, (mostly) on their own terms, and I think most of us can agree that we and the platform itself has lost sight of that magic. To put rewinds back in the hands of the creators would at least bring us a step closer to that and a more well-rounded look at our overarching community.

  • I liked this video. You weren't talking super fast and you weren't yelling into the camera. It was chill, understanding and enjoyable. Nice!

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