The Abandoned Railroad That Fed Miami For More Than A Decade

Updated : Nov 14, 2019 in Articles

The Abandoned Railroad That Fed Miami For More Than A Decade

hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here again today your railroad archaeologist, so today’s video
is gonna be about the Publix distribution warehouse Publix is a mile
grocery chain in the southeastern United States they make some excellent subs
they have already made food like soups sushi and they’re all delicious they
have a huge distribution warehouse in North Miami that used to be serviced by
seaboard coast line railroad and maybe by CSX I don’t know exactly when they
stopped receiving rail service but this video is its story and also if you
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appreciate it and a big thank you to all you who do thank you enjoy the video hello ladies and gentlemen were all
ready to you your odor archaeologist who’s gonna show you today guess I just
saw a video on that sprayer when I was paved over and now I’m gonna
show you guys what used to be the public square so it came out from underneath
all other passes over pass away see you over here and I’m going to include the
Google Maps and see you guys can follow along right now I’m headed west this is an
original seed box but hasn’t seen action I’m guessing since the 80s if anybody
can verify that please comment below and let me know that’s where I began filming over there this is another video I I did I found
the video here a couple years ago and it hasn’t changed much since then which is
a good thing I guess today they have removed the rail so they respect to
history and other aspects look at the old wooden great classic here and then right up ahead is Northeast
stuck in the court and right on the other side of Northeast 2nd court is the
public’s warehouse so right here you have these seaboard engines that used to
come through here it’s a lot law deliver boxcars full of groceries on what not
here this is the public’s distribution
warehouse in Miami Florida by the way recrossing still intact and this is the end of the line okay so it’s a great neighborhood based
on the concertino barbed wire they have you facing east and there’s actually still
they advance warning sign over here you can believe that okay so you fucking stuck right there
and this is the advanced more inside which warns people that there’s an
apparent railroad incredible but you guys hope you liked the video leave me a
comment below let me know what you think keep subscribe if you haven’t hit the
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  • This was a good one, I like the way it goes through the grass like that. You guys have a ton of great abandoned rail down there still.
    We used to have a lot but the majority of it was tore up in Connecticut over the years. We still have some, but not nearly as much as you guys do.
    Also when I worked at Stop & Shop Warehouse back in the 1990's we used to get deliveries by rail every couple of months. I would have to go out back, unlock the gate and the train would Drive right into the warehouse, it was awesome

  • Interesting find! I am curious as to when and why Publix decided to terminate activity on the line. I could be wrong, but I feel like companies gave up to easily on rail transport in the 70's, 80's, and 90's. I read somewhere that shipping by rail can be cost effective even if it only going 20 miles away. At least they did leave some remnants of the line so that way if they do change their minds about rail transport, they won't have to lay a lot of new track. Glad to see you back in Miami! Hope your Chicago trip went well! Looking forward to more videos!

  • the sugar creek spur had some wooded crossing on it but all were replace when the sugar creek spur was rebuild for the pax mine glade to see it put back to serves hope some of the lines you film get rebuild one day that would be cool

  • Pretty cool, shame its abandoned. Also, that United Van Lines trailer that says McCollister's on it, it is from New Jersey. How do I know? I use to work there years ago and they're still there in business. Their facility is near RR tracks even though they don't get rail service (at least when I worked there). I used to see the train come thru there servicing other big warehouses and factories in that industrial park of route 130 in NJ.

  • Thanks for the video. Shame on Publix for discontinuing rail service to their warehouse. That has been happening alot over here in southern California. Looks like it has been raining over there. Try to stay dry.

  • Great video RailROL 82. So this is the spur that I mentioned in my comment on your 10 November 2019 video. Gladl you took us along this spur track to the Publix warehouse. It is a shame that Publix no longer receives rail service.

  • What a shame major retailers do not use rail any longer. I mean, itโ€™s right there next to the warehouse. Seems like it would make more sense to use rail. But thanks for keeping this spur alive for us rail Fans!! Thanks for sharing my friend!

  • I live about a mile from the Publix warehouse. That whole area has many Spurs that have been unused for a long time. It's basically a warehouse District. Thanks for putting up the video. Interesting.

  • Yep that is how I remember it. First time there was way back in 1991. Bringing in a load of Frozen deli meats. They were out of service and over grown back then.

  • Nice Video! concertina wire? Does the Florida National Guard surround this place after a hurricane? Ah, the good old days when all groceries were delivered by rail. Thankfully most of the United States wholesale food distributors still buy in bulk and in doing so still require rail service. The two big ones in our city still do and I would almost bet that almost all do to some degree. I remember my father-in-law as a wholesale grocer had a refrigerator car loaded with potatoes drop by the warehouse by in the day.

  • i like that little sarcasm…"great neighborhood"๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks bro…sad about all these old tracks never used anymore….

  • Very well done! Thank you so much โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’• for all you do! ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿš‚

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