Tara Talks: Opening to Reality Means Full Engagement (Not Resignation)

Updated : Sep 06, 2019 in Articles

Tara Talks: Opening to Reality Means Full Engagement (Not Resignation)

[music] I know for myself that there’s some
realizations that repeat over and over and one of the ones that is most, you
know, full and intense and big is that every time my heart gets broken open by loss there’s more of an attunement to what it means to be unconditionally loving. Every time… And yet I know that, for many, when we talk about opening to loss and opening to change there can be a misunderstanding; it’s almost like, okay change has happened I’ve lost this job or I lost this relationship… and an opening can have a feeling of resignation or passivity, like “This
disaster happened, okay, we’re accepting it”… And so I want to right from the start
say that my understanding of really opening our hearts to this changing life, this, you know, the sorrows and the joys, is what enables us to then respond to
our life with courage. And I’ll say really in a very particular way: if we hear news like there’s been a mass slaughter of humans in Nevada, in Las Vegas, and something in us really gets the realness, like that could have been my son or my sister, and sees the faces and gets the real “ouch”, the pain of it, like this is real… Then it’s a natural response to want to make a difference in some way to prevent others from suffering more; we don’t want those kind
of weapons to be available – we act more… So the kind of opening to impermanence
I’m talking about directly leads us to courageous engagement with our life. It lets us live more fully, more honestly; more true to our hearts. [music]


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