Take Master’s Words to Heart

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Take Master’s Words to Heart

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome all of you wity my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,
satsangis, SriMahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, visitors, viewers sitting
with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhana TV, Arra TV and two-way video
conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us having Nayana Deeksha
in two-way video-conferencing : Houston Aadhenam, Singapore Aadhenam, Uduvai
Aadhenam, Manhattan New York Varanasi, Calgary Amarnath, Charlotte Srisailam, Trinidad-Tobago,
Los Angeles Sherman Oaks, China, Hongkong, Los Angeles Aadhenam, St Louis Aadheenam,
Alaisprings Australia ,Oklahama Aadhenam, Ohio Aadhenam, Millvalley, New jersey Omkareshwar,
Seattle Aadhenam, Toronto Aadhenam, Kaula lumpur Aadhenam, Vancouver-Bhuvaneshwar, Tirvanmiyur
Aadhenam and some more cities joining. I welcome all of you with My love and respects. Today the 7th day of Meenakshi Brahmotsavam;
Devi is gracing all of us on Svarnarishabha Vahana, the golden Rishaba, Bull Vehicle,
and Mahadeva is gracing on Sarvalankara with roman crown. Only in Madurai temple, even
the cultures which came later, the best parts of those cultures were absorbed into the worship
and tradition. So the crown He is wearing is actually the Roman style crown. The tradition
says that once the Roman king came to Madurai on a friendly visit and offered his crown
to Sundareshvara, from that time the tradition of putting Roman crown on Sundareshvara exists,
and still that original crown is there in the temple as it is, and it is maintained
and preserved, still Sundareshvara uses that crown once in a while, and let’s receive
their grace this day. I will continue to expand on 10th verse of
Isavasya Upanishad. anyad evāhur vidyayā-anyad āhur avidyayā
| iti śuśruma dhīrāṇaṁ ye nastad vicacakṣire
|| 10 || Please recite along with me: anyad evāhur vidyayā-anyad āhur avidyayā
| iti śuśruma dhīrāṇaṁ ye nastad vicacakṣire
|| 10 || I will read out the translation: “It is said that by vidyā, the knowledge
cognized from the right context of grasping the Truth, Consciousness and the superficial
knowledge acquired from the wrong context of grabbing, without cognizing the subtle
Truth, certainly the different result is achieved. Similarly, it is said that by avidyā, the
authentic actions and the ignorant actions a very different result is achieved thus having
listened to those wise beings who explained the absolute principle to us. Listen. Without the context of seeking, even
renunciation can lead you into laziness. Lot of people talk as if they are renouncing just
to justify their laziness, dumbness, stupidity, understand. No, I get many lectures like this
from people, utterly lazy and bored, tired, but when they talk they talk as if they are
renouncing the whole world. Listen. Renunciation is not renouncing the action, you grow grass,
feed the cow, milk, then make it as curd, churn, get the butter, boil it, and make ghee,
offer the ghee to the Deity, Divine, God, Guru or whatever, that is renunciation, sacrifice.
You don’t even grow the grass is not sacrifice, understand, that is boredom and tiredness.
Many people don’t even take the effort of growing the grass, they say, “Oh, everything
is Maya.” Without understanding the context, even the greatest truth can be missed, misused.
Missed and misused. Seeking, honest seeking, authentic seeking,
being integrated to your seeking, is one of the most important alignment you need to do
in your life, every day. Because it is only by seeking your Being is kept in the most
possible, highest peak awareness; in the most possible, highest peak awareness. So listen,
keep the seeking alive. Let the seeking become your first response to life. Let the seeking
be the source of inspiration for you to live. Let the seeking be the energy to live. Let
the seeking be intensity to live. anyad evāhur vidyayā-anyad āhur avidyayā
| iti śuśruma dhīrāṇaṁ ye nastad vicacakṣire
|| 10 || Without the
context of seeking, the most subtle truths are never cognized. Without the context of
seeking, the most subtle truths are never cognized. Cognizing the most subtle truths,
in the right context happens only by you keeping your seeking alive. Everything, deity worship,
attending satsang, reading the scripture, doing voluntary service, pranayama, yoga,
spiritual practice, whatever you are doing, should strengthen your seeking, should make
you more and more strong, seeker. Depth of your seeking should be increased! Don’t
ever think without seeking any higher thing can be achieved, no. Everything, every higher
thing, is achieved only by seeking. I just want to dedicate one or two days continuously
to repeat the importance of seeking so that even if you have missed, now you are catching
it! Seeking. Today, also, keeping the purity of your seeking,
let that be the Vaakyartha Sadas. Let that be the Vaakyartha Sadas. See, once first time
when you hear Guru’s words, with so much of seeking, interest, excitement, you enjoy
it, start picking up many things and internalizing as part of your life, and then after some
time, your seeking comes down, you listen but take it for granted, “Ok, Ah, like this
only he talks, it’s ok, I have heard enough,” slowly, slowly, when you take Guru’s words
for granted, His words for granted, How many years you may listen to satsang,
you create a huge iron wall around you, the Guru’s words never penetrates and becomes
part of you, because with each word you created a pain pattern, how not to allow that into
you to get internalized, how to keep that away from you. Either your earlier failures,
or thinking that I tried but it’s not working out, He is great but it’s not going to work
out for me, developing some kind of these patterns, thought trends, and seeking is also,
when it is lost, even if you live around the Master for years listening to satsang for
years nothing happens to you, you have become a dangerously un-trainable, non-transformable,
understand. Taking the Master’s words for granted, not
taking them into your heart and making your life align to it, not using the words of the
Master and reinventing your life and restrategizing is the worst thing can happen to you because,
listen, because, other than the Master’s words, there is no anchor available to planet
earth. Please understand, anybody who has drowned in the ocean of samsara, the ocean
of delusion and bondage, the only anchor available to raise yourself to the next level is Master’s
words. From the other plane of existence, the only bridge available to this plane, this
universe, is an Enlightened Master’s words. If you don’t catch that and raise yourself,
nothing else- no puja, no meditation, no spiritual practice can help you. The highest spiritual
practice is catching the Master’s words, constantly reinventing yourself and re-strategizing
yourself. Reinventing and re-strategizing and yourself is the only way, re-strategizing
yourself, with every Master’s words, reinventing yourself, with every word of the Master, is
seeking. If your seeking is alive, you will go on reinventing
yourself. You will raise yourself by yourself! You will be so alive! So active! Understand.
You will be so brilliant, so energetic, because seeking is the most powerful, most powerful
way you can exist, you can experience you. So again, the subject for today’s Vaakyartha
Sadas, I wanted it to be keeping your seeking pure and how not to take Master’s words
for granted. How not to take Him, His words, for granted. I wanted this to be your subject
for Vaakyartha Sadas today. With this I bless you all. Let you all radiate
with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing Living Advaita, the Eternal
Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.


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