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Hello! Hello guys! Today we are going to do something that I’m really excited about because I had never heard of it but when we…

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Exploring an Abandoned Detroit College

In this episode we're continuing our exploration of Detroit's abandoned sites with the Highland Park Community College the building began its life in 1915 as…

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We Found 1940s Medical Equipment in an Abandoned Sanatorium!

In today's episode we're exploring an abandoned Tuberculosis sanatorium that dates back over a century ago. When it was built, it was one of the…

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Get the F*** out Get the F*** out Get the F*** out

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Employee caught sleeping inside abandoned Power Station

There is somebody ! It's april first and... it's obvious we aren't alone. What an huge building man. -Allright we are done at 5 pm.…

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Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant – MASSIVE Turbine Hall!

In today's episode, we're exploring one of the most incredible structures ever built for the purpose of power generation. The Port Richmond Generating Station. The…

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Exploring The Ruins of an Abandoned Train Yard

This building stands as a sort of tombstone for a former American giant. You might pass this and assume it's the byproduct of some failure,…

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Urban Exploration: ABANDONED 1700s Stone Houses

So here we are at the remains of a... stone structure here Another one This house was built according to the sign 1785 and it…

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ABANDONED House – Left Everything Quick (Abandoned all Belongings)

Abandoned Fireman's House I see they left the lawn mower So let's go inside and take a look Right now I'm in the living room…