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The Evil Within Gameplay part 6 Saving Joseph and Kidman

alright guys so welcome back to another gameplay of the evil and my name is Joseph so welcome back guys to my channel don't forget…

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Get the F*** out Get the F*** out Get the F*** out

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Don’t Blink: Japan’s Abandoned Sculpture Garden

(bright music) - [Narrator] This sculpture garden located in Japan was primarily unknown to the world until 2016 when a photographer stumbled upon it. (bright…

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Employee caught sleeping inside abandoned Power Station

There is somebody ! It's april first and... it's obvious we aren't alone. What an huge building man. -Allright we are done at 5 pm.…

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I’ve never seen him cry before… (insanely scary)

he is actually crying we should say bye '''''''' I've never seen him cry , alright let's go SHOTS FIRED! l l l l l…

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Exploring an Abandoned Textile Mill

Right now are exploring an abandoned textile mill that was built in the early 1900's it is dark in here There's was pretty good chance…

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anything you can see let me know Bob take monster hunter in the house let's see what you got or you got nothing on Papa…

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Cry Plays: Stories Untold: The House Abandon [P1]

Hey there. This is stories Untold the house abandoned you They pull up to the driveway of the family holiday home and park the car…