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Como investir seu dinheiro nos EUA. Deixar na poupança é um bom negócio?

Hi everyone! Let's talk about a serious issue today? Angelina filed for divorce! no! It is not what I'm talking about. let's talk about money?…

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Exploring Abandon Building (Held At Gun Point)

Bro imma ask you one more time why is there lights A'int nothing in the back nothing here hold the camera since you don't have…

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I’ve never seen him cry before… (insanely scary)

he is actually crying we should say bye '''''''' I've never seen him cry , alright let's go SHOTS FIRED! l l l l l…

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Blue Span Ranked with RawDota

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Jenny Slate’s Proposal Story Involves an Abandoned Castle and Mouthfuls of Sausage

-Congratulations on your engagement. You just got engaged. [ Cheers and applause ] Double high five. I just met him backstage, Ben. -Yeah. -Very good-looking…

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ABANDON ALL HOPE | Hello Neighbor #8

Ooh... Spooky. *creepy music* Oh! That's different. Are we in a city? Uh huhhh... Okay... Alright... Interesting... *door slams* Oh, hi. *loud bang on door*…