Updated : Sep 21, 2019 in Articles

SVG Announces Retirement

Hey everybody just want to make a short
video to update you on my personal plans and plans for the team. Going forward
I personally am planning to retire from professional dota 2 as a player. It’s a
very personal and individual decision and even though our recent games have
not been up to the level that we expect them this is not the main factor for my
decision. Personally I’d like to pursue other things in my life and try and find
fulfilment in other places and so that’s what I’m gonna try and do. I’d really
like to thank all the fans that have supported us especially my teammates
they were amazing and Forward as an organization they were extremely good to
us and I appreciate everything that everybody has done to help me my career.
I don’t really have any regrets. I’ve enjoyed my time in the scene. I’ve
enjoyed a lot of the games. I’ve played meeting a lot of the people, going to
multiple TI’s. It’s genuinely been an amazing experience I’m just ready to
kind of move on and do something new so once again thank you to everyone who
supported me and good luck in the future

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