Student Loan Official In Trump Admin Resigns, Proposes To Wipe Out Student Debt | NBC Nightly News



  • Passing the buck to the tax payers😀😀😀
    Wait for more taxes😁😁😁
    Nothing has no tax now😄😄😄😄
    Its a no brainer😊😊😊😊😊

  • Isn't that a shame? Beholding a grudge a over people who sincerely want to make the world a better place not just for themselves but for all. You will however freely give away your good earned money to drug addicts and embezzlers on the side of the road. What a strange world.

  • Here is an idea, instead of building the useless wall ,
    Pay all student loans ,
    I bet that would get any body reelected ,and become a hero to boot.

  • The first thing that should go at universities is mandatory meals. These meals average $9.00 each. Whether the student has time to wait in the cafeteria line or not.
    When you count it up for a year's worth of schooling, that's a lot of money. And it's a racket. The stated intent is good nutrition, but the nutrition is really only as good as the food a student actually eats.

    The end result is the school lining it's pockets while the students end up in excessive debt. I can cook very well for a family of 4 for the $28 a day student's are having to she'll out for cafeteria food.

  • You are a nation on the verge of extinction and you're worried about your student debt? When Trump turns the keys over to Putin he's not going to care about your student debt…but you may be drafted into the Russian army, so bone up on your Cyrillic.

  • Once again like always you people were sold a bill of goods that was designed to enslave you even more than you already are. Do your home work fools before you jump on the next federal Government Loan Scam. The Federal Government took over student loans in 2010. We will go threw this once again because most of you can't seem to get a grasp on the situations when they are presented to you as a legitimate means of borrowing . Any time the Federal Government takes over a situation it will not be a positive experience for any one but them. They took over the student loan business because of the back log of people who could no longer pay for their initial loans that when they fell into late payment interests buried them even further into debt. Remember student loan is the only debt in the world one can not negotiate away from. The Feds did the same with student loans as they did when the crash of 2007 hit and the feds bought all the toxic mortgage loans back from the banks, fanny may and all the rest of the illegal loans. The truth is when the feds buy back bad debt they slowly filter the toxic loss back into the system for the consumer to pay back gradually and ever so slowly. . The feds are not your friend people so stop crawling to them for your loans you cant pay back, your food and anything else they offer you. YOU CAN NOT AFFORD THE GOVERNMENTS HELP DO YOU UNDERSTAND. THEIR PRICE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE TOO HIGH. THEY ARE LOANING YOU MONEY THAT HAS ALREADY LOST IT'S VALUE. The feds have no business in the student loan industry. This all started when colleges and lending institutions were gouging students with inflated prices and interest rates for there loans. This forced the Feds to step in and take over the student loan business. So in short all of you believed the institutions who were there to educate you and protect you did just the opposite. They over charged you, put interests rates you could not meet and then increased interests when you defaulted. If that wasn't bad enough continued to raise college teachers salaries beyond there market value. Colleges and professors got rich and the students had no guarantees and debt they couldn't repair and for the most part are broke with no guarantee of job security. So you agreed on the loans, the high interests and the agreement the only loan you can never forgive is your student loan to the Feds and you agreed to all this with absolutely no guarantee of a job when you finish college. What a sweet deal. Once again you believed in your government and institutions. That will teach you to do business with these crooks again I would hope. No news here, business as usual, the 1% getting richer and you flat line at best. God bless America even if Washington did murder and steal it from the Native Indians. Yes people America is a stolen land so please enjoy your stay in the worlds largest reservation. They will allow you to come, stay, seek employment illegally but you will need a passport to leave. Is this really what all of you voted for????????????????????????????????

  • The only form of financial 'aid' is in the form of student loan forgiveness. Free 44-million Americans from this financial prison you people in Washington created. Forgive all of it now!!!! Student loans are a scam and a form of loan sharking.

  • Student loan debt is the symptom of a larger problem. Curbing the rate of increase on tuition is what needs to be the focus. When it grows twice the rate of inflation year after year after year, forgiving current debt didn’t solve it the problem. It sounds good to give people money and defiantly benefits that individual, but the real sustainable solution is minimizing the tuition increase in the decades ahead. That’s much more complex than a chat box discussion, but nobody is focused on that with legitimate solutions. There are good ideas out there, but they are much more complex and wont fit on a bumper sticker 😎

  • Prior to student loans and the GI Bill, tuition didn’t grow at near the rate it grows today. Supporting our service men and women with the GI Bill was well intended, but it would have been better just to give them the additional funds as compensation and not as a benefit that had this sweeping impact. They earned it, just give them the money. Prior to that, the college tuition situation was much more simple and grew at a modest and sustainable rate. Once people had to go to college to use their benefit or could borrow money to go to college, colleges had no incentive to curb the rate of growth. They now had a large influx of cash coming in and were going to use it and continue to expand it. It’s only natural but the side effects have created quite a significant problem.

  • The ral problem is universities who have raised tuition costs beyond all reasonable bounds simply because students can pay it by signing a piece of paper now and worrying about the consequences later. It's a basic economic principle that inflation rises with the expansion of the money supply. That expansion is student loan funds availability.

  • Easy for betsy devos to say that. She is a billionaire and has never had to work a day in her life. What qualifications does she have to be running the us dept. of education except being a donor to the trump campaign.

  • Why stop at student loans? Mortgage is a huge burden for millions of American as well. You know what, credit card debt too. Let's get all of them. Like many social issues, people ask the wrong question. The real question should be why the tuition and text book are so criminally high???

  • So you are saying that you want to pay off the irresponsible, let the criminals get away with their ill gotten gains and punish everyone that avoided this particular scheme?

  • these "student loan" things are like signing up to be a Share Cropper economic slavery NOW economic slavery TOMORROW economic slavery FOREVER

  • Let them pay it themselves! It was there choice! How it that fair? Socialistic Ideology dummies Millennials losers are worthless for their own choices..

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