Starscream, YoU dArE aBaNdOn mE ?! – Transformers: Prime

Updated : Oct 26, 2019 in Articles

Starscream, YoU dArE aBaNdOn mE ?! – Transformers: Prime

She went in.
Unbelievable. Really? Have you… met her? Miko, get back here! It would be kind of
interesting to see. You know, if it were…
Safe? A stripped mine can be
structurally unstable, Jack. I promise to step lightly. Just don’t tell your mom. Uh, lord Megatron, far be it from me to question
your intentions, but I do not understand why we’ve returned here
after all this time… alone. Uh… Every last trace of Energon
was extracted from this mine. There’s nothing left. Indulge me, Starscream,
won’t you? Miko! Mi… Check it out! Now, this would make
an awesome rehearsal space! Hello! Hello —! Are you ready to rock? Whoo-hoo-ow! Arcee… Found something. Bulkhead? Bulkhead, do you read? Scrap. The mineral composition down
here is causing interference. Okay, maybe the acoustics
aren’t perfect. Well, we’re here. Ratchet’s gonna want a sample. How intriguing. Incompetent fools! This mining equipment
should have been relocated. Why is it still here? A most valid question. My apologies, master. I believe sound wave
was in charge of coordinating transport. But in fairness, during your
interstellar travels, we all had to assume
additional responsibilities. Clearly, mistakes were made. Yes. Clearly. Every last trace
of Energon extracted? Lord Megatron, I can explain. Explain what? That you’ve been hoarding
a supply of Energon for your personal use? No! Not exactly.
You see, I… Do not take me for a fool,
Starscream! I have been wise
to your transgressions from the beginning. Not only did you pluck
the dark Energon from my chest in a failed attempt
to snuff my spark, but you tried to raise
your own undead warrior with it. It’s no secret that you lost
an arm in the process, which you’ve
since had replaced. You know about that?! Sound wave is quite competent
at surveillance, I can assure you. The fact is, Starscream,
despite your treachery, I’ve allowed you to carry on
this long because I took
a certain delight in following your string
of failures. But you’ve finally
become tiresome, predictable. You’ve hit rock bottom. Master, please! Give me one more chance!
I beg of you! You have ceased to be of use
to me, Starscream. So you shall simply
cease to be. Stay down! Haaah! Starscream,
you dare abandon me?! Scrap! What? No!


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