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Sri Siva Shankar Baba – About Baba | Vishwamitra Nadi | with English Subtitles

Details of what is mentioned about me in palm leaf manuscript (Nadi Astrology) is compiled in this Book Please read Vishwamitra Nadi The person who reads this nadi has never seen me Only my thumb impression was sent to him in 1992 He is none other than the guy who predicted Rajiv gandhi’s assassination before the incident and his prediction was published in a tamil journal “Junior Vikitan” On reading that article, one of our Samratchanites sent my thumb impression for nadi reading Listen yourself what was predicted about me in that nadi This was predicted by Maharishi Vishwamitrar The up coming statements are mentioned by Maharishi Vishwamitrar in his manuscripts Nadi: “YOU will be playing different roles in everyone ‘s life based on what is required for them to succeed in life, like a Guru, Guide, Philosopher, Doctor'” I play all these roles for the people who come to me right from health advice, business advice, spiritual advice Nadi: “Almighty is living in the form of LOVE inside you” Lord Rama represents Dharma (Righteousness) Lord Krishna represents Brilliance Buddha represents Kindness Lord Jesus represents Sacrifice So the form in which God has come in my body is “LOVE” … Love Personified… Its a new Veda (teaching) Its the 5th Veda, Love That’s my form Naadi: “Siddhiyil nee maha Siddhi petravan”. Siddhi means Power So it says that I have got the ultimate power.. Meaning: you have reached the levels where Lord Shiva himself stands next to you and blesses you with what you wish Meaning: Though you look like an ordinary human, you are not You are DIVINE Meaning: Though I stay here as a body, I can split my soul and spirit, go around the world and come back into my body again i.e. transfer from one body to another Where ever I travel, I stay alone and lock my doors.. Reason being, I leave my body and go around the world in the spiritual form and help the needy who pray to me and come back Meaning: The snail hides itself inside the shell. Likewise, I hide all my powers inside myself, People will not know of it. Meaning: The omnipotent, omnipresent “Lord Narayanan”, ruler of Earth is staying inside me Meaning: you can lit 10 candles with one It does not affect the the candle which is lighting other Likewise, my service to others with my power does not reduce my power So, when you see the Ayyappa’s form in my trance Its the actual Lord Ayyappan who comes out, Its actually me You all go to Sabarimala to pray, the same spirit is inside me I have got the boon from both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu So I can give anything which is needed I am in the form of “Shankara Narayana” Adi Shankara asks, “Kacha Baghvan” Who is God ? Answer: The one who is holding the form of both Shankara and Narayana in his Soul is God So Siva Shankar Baba (Me) is God I have both the forms inside me I can give both spiritual grace and materialistic wealth Thats what is mentioned in that nadi Since Lord Shiva is happy with my service to the people He has blessed me with this form of Shankara Narayana “Ayyappa” Meaning: I can give boon! if someone believes in me and ask for any thing, I can give them I have the power of attorney from God I can bless them with anything that they need if they have trust Nothing can tempt me I am not amenable to be attracted by any worldly pursuits Would you believe if someone says that they have seen God in person, see, It is said in this nadi in 1992 I have seen Who ever sees me now will think that I am like any other person Lives, eats, sleeps like any other person You people will have to meditate, perform puja and other rituals and religious services But I have completed all this in my earlier births So, not require to do anything in this birth That’s my power If I wish for something to happen, in my thoughts, it will happen for sure The one who has the focus can perform anything According to Thrivalluvar, If you perform Thavam (penance), you can achieve anything People do not understand me because I don’t ask them to perform any special puja or remedy rituals I will just hear what you say and bless you with some fruits or eatables People are confused! People wonder, why Baba doesn’t spend time to listen to my problems Instead, simply offers some vibudhi and ask me not to worry Actually while listening to you And if I pray in my mind that your problem should be solved It will get resolved But I will only decide when I should pray for your problem to be resolved Its not a grocery shop to simply purchase what you wish I need to prepare you to be eligible for the blessings and then give you the boon But if I wish, it will happen If I pray, I can transform anyone from rags to riches Its all power of penance But there are rules, “Conditions apply” Everyone knows that I do not discriminate anyone based on their financial status Actually, wealthy people are nuisance, as they expect to be respected I am very comfortable with the innocent and middle class people I am not after the rich because I don’t need money I myself is a very rich man I do not need money from anyone There is no religious/caste based discrimination here All are equal here No one know who belongs which community here I am a focused person like a horse tied to a bridle I will not get distracted and will follow the path of honesty without getting distracted I won’t compromise on Dharma I will not tolerate on any compromise for Dharma and will follow the dharma to the core. Why should I compromise? I have to adjust you, only if I am in need of anything! The only thing I desire is to leave the world and live with God So I don’t compromise on dharma! I have no desire for anyone’s belongings (money, material, any worldly attractions) whatsoever.. Mr Guna is chasing me to donate $1 million USD for the past 3 years I said let it be with you, I don’t need it Mr Neelakantan Sir, wanted to donate money I advised him to open a deposit in his name and direct the interest proceeds alone to the trust and someday if he thinks that I am not a good person, he can stop the interest outflow to the trust I am very very different person These are the examples that I do not have desire towards money and other worldly attractions In every way, I am a different thinker I do not desire for anything I have come to this world only to help others I am a “Trikalanyani”, meaning, I know all past, present and future But I do not reveal to people For a “Trikaalanyani” like me, no post in this world is a match, not even POTUS.. Told my Vishwamitra in this manuscript (please repeat that) I know what you all think, but I don’t reveal ..instead, play innocent as if I don’t know anything.. Lord Shiva has sent me to solve the problems of the people and guide them in the spiritual path I speak non-stop for hours, Why! Because, Goddess Saraswati lives in my tongue I can answer any question without any preparation That is because Goddess Saraswati is speaking on behalf of me I need not follow the attire of any Sanyasi or a saint No one have this power According to Vishwamitra, if I say, all 9 planets will obey my orders My touch cures people of there disease and sins That is why I bless people that way I can cure any curse on a person imposed by black magic I used to do it, now I have stopped! In malaysia, a person was cursed by black magic based on black cobra spirit They will take the spirit of a cobra and pass it onto the target person The cobra’s spirit will avenge everyone from the victim’s body No one could cure this I had cured this black magic curse I have cured it for many, But It is a thankless job, people don’t understand the effort.. Why should I waste my penance on these ungrateful people Also, it is a time consuming activity.. The spirit will ask for favours before leaving the body So I had stopped it! Would you believe that, according to Vishwamitra’s nadi, I have the 3rd Eye, The eye of Lord Shiva But it is not visible to the naked eye Meaning: There is no one is eligible to be my Guru in this world All the mantras are given to me directly from the celestial world People may think you are an ordinary Guru, But you are not! You are GOD, according Viswamitrar Why should he lie? He has not even seen me Just based on my thumb impression he has written so many things about me in his manuscript So, to reach this heights is very tough But by God’s Grace, I have reached! So to use me or not, is your fate I will not be calling everyone saying I have power come to me If you have good time, you will come to me If you have faith, things will happen for you But I don’t bless you with trust This is not a ration shop for me to sell faith So I don’t give you faith But if you have faith, I can do anything for you If i cannot solve your problem, no one can solve your problem Even Vishwamitra has said that no one is eligible to be my guru So what will you do by researching on my powers So have faith That is the only thing I expect from you If you have faith, I can do anything for you If faith is there, I will do anything for anyone There are no preferred or unwanted persons to me, everyone is same So develop faith!

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