Signals Folded Abandoned Railroad Crossing

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

Signals Folded Abandoned Railroad Crossing

hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, the railroad archaeologist again in Chicago Illinois came across
this abandoned row across the Pacific so we’re trying to get to that time when we
need keys emergency contact employers but I wanted you guys to see it on this
side right here you can see the grade
crossing ones it’s ready people actually so this is all voter order and looks
like a on this side you see if there is a
theory so I’m gonna cross the street I’m gonna keep the Google Maps in this
location so you guys can follow along get to know we’re in the middle highway
and we’re gonna come over here alright so emergency contact info like sitting here as long and then this
is the juicy part there is obviously no power commercial the registry needing
and see if I can find a date on the rails to
it all here we go 1947 look at that real well that one is really oxidized never seen
anything like that before and then there used to be one over here
– I’m guessing because I look at the ties how beautiful look at the changing of
the leaves for fall so if you guys ever saw it changes the
last time I actually use CN the niggas cool down that way into some moist robes and these purrs over here the one that
was over here there’s no traces it this is where mother came out on a
branch stop right here but there’s no foot stems you get to see the place all righty guys thank you for coming
along with me on this to it let me know what you think in the comments we
subscribed hit a notification valve you have it and look forward to more videos
on what is it something guys thank you bye bye


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