Should I Retire from YouTube

Updated : Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

Should I Retire from YouTube

Rev up your engines,
james says I know scotty just talks from his experience but some of what he says is just
outmoded or not true anymore, your not watching all my videos, I’m still working on cars,
I have $100k worth of equipment, now mind you I don’t buy it anymore, companies give
it to me in the hope that I use it in my videos and they get pr, year ago I used to do advertising,
people would pay me to show their products, but I haven’t done that for a while, cuz I
don’t think that’s fair, they pay you, you might say things that you normally wouldn’t
say and they’d say you can say this but not that, now they just send me the stuff and
I say go ahead send me the stuff, I’ll try it out if it’s good I’ll talk about it, if
it isn’t well you know, if you really made a bad product it will be in one of my videos
saying here’s some products not to buy cuz their really bad, but I keep up with the times,
I have stuff that I don’t show on my video cuz most people aren’t going to go that far,
but like under my table there I got a new breakout box there you plug your data port
in for the scan tool, you plug that breakout box into it and you plug the scan tool into
the back of that breakout box, then it has all the pins where I can put my freeze frame
equipment into those and check all that, hey I’m not going to make videos about that stuff,
cuz it goes over most people’s heads, and I make videos for the masses, I would rather
have 100,000,000’s of views helping a lot of people out, then just thousands of views
for really high tech stuff that nobody is going to watch, so don’t tell me I’m outmoded
because I’m not outmoded, I keep up with the times, I get all kinds of information up to
date, so if you if you think I’m outmoded your not looking close enough, or your analyzing
it wrong, isno says why is chevy better than ford, well you must have gotten in a time
machine, maybe in the 50’s and 60’s chevy was better than ford they were kind of similar
but ford is so much better than chevy these days, gm quality has been going down for decades,
and I mean that’s just the way that it has gone, I learned how to drive on a chevy, it
was a great car but that was back in the 1960’s big v8 engine solid 3 speed automatic transmission,
now their garbage they don’t hold up, look at the check impala it has one of the worst
resale values in the world, their not good cars anymore, captain says hey scotty what
are the best english cars, ok the english car manufacturing has pretty much gone bankrupt
over the years, I mean even rolls royce no their not english cars their bmws you know,
they got bmw v12 engines, bmw owns the company, I mean if you want to pick the best english
car today you would have to say be the lotus because they have toyota engines in them,
their very expensive you know, the guy that oh I want my aston martin, their $200k and
up and their endless money pits, and they have bad resale value at least here in the
US, so I guess I’d have to say lotus cuz their cute little sports cars, but the english car
manufacturing industry it’s pretty much dead and gone, mr penguin, what do you think of
the land rover lr3 there’s loads of them here in england, ok land rover they started making
those little jeepy things after ww2 cuz they saw the american jeeps that the soldiers used
and they say’d let’s make our own and they did, little 4 cylinder engines, people liked
them they could run a really long time, and in england you can get parts for them cheap,
now here in the US, they became the snob car, all these people say I have to have a land
rover, well their one of the worst resale values, they fall apart, their pieces of junk,
the older ones they sold in england those things can run a really long time, but here
in the US not only are they money pits but the parts cost a lot, and I know in england
you can get parts for them pretty cheap, and it’s an english thing buy english, but I mean
are you really buying english their owned by tata the indian company now, it’s not an
english company anymore, khan says what engine oil do you use for your celica, well I always
use castrol in it and it’s an old car, so I use a 20w-50 oil in it and the old ones
you could go a little bit heavier, it always burnt a little bit of oil, it will burn half
a quart of oil in between oil changes every 3,000 miles, I’ve been using the 2050 castrol
for ages and it runs so that’s what I use in it, now in the really modern cars you can’t
put a heavier weight in it, but that thing doesn’t even have vvt in it, you can put heavier
oil and it isn’t going to hurt anything, the modern ones you can’t they got too much technology
but on those old ones you can put a little heavier oil on it cuz it has 240,000 miles
on it, silvia says what is better gorilla tape or regular duct tape, well I got to say
the gorilla tape is better, I got rolls of it in the garage, a company sent me a whole
case, a big box full of the stuff, and I thought I’ll try it out, well that’s all I use now,
one cuz I’m cheap and I got it all for nothing and I got a whole case of it and it’s only
little old scotty so I still have tons of it left, but it is strong than the regular
duct tape, I put it on all kinds of stuff and it’s harder to get on cuz it’s thicker
and when your taking it off you got to be careful cuz when it’s on the spool if you
don’t pull the whole thing it will start tearing off in strips cuz it’s so hard to get off,
but I do like the gorilla tape I got to say it’s good tape and it seems to last longer
than the regular duct tape it’s pretty good stuff,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell


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  • Only if it makes you happy. If it doesn’t agree with you, I’m sure you will be overwhelmingly welcomed back. You have a lot of followers. Thanks either way

  • You’re videos have given me the confidence to perform jobs on my own vehicles and saved me THOUSANDS in shop expenses: You aren’t allowed to retire from YouTube. Ever.

  • Scotty you the man. Dont let the hype and haters hold you down. They'll always be there. Keep doing your thing. Rev your engines baby! Bahbahbahbah

  • Do not retire, i used to work on my own car all the time, don't anymore since i got a company car so going to the garage is free

    I am EU i used to have a Renault R4 when i was young (born 83) it was totally mechanical i learned alot, then i had a R25 electronic
    ignition. I loved those cars
    Now its all electronic less fun tho. But i love to watch you ramble ^^ Like the old mechanics i used to bring my cars for more difficult repairs ^^

  • I’ve learned a lot from you and advise others as well , if you want to retire …. retire , I think you worked hard and deserve some time to yourself , but if you can continue helping others , why not keep a busy mind , choice is yours BG .

  • I repaired an exhaust leak today partially because of your video on FiberFix. it worked great! way beyond my expectations honestly. Wasnt about to spend $60 on a 2" spot weld job

  • It's really your choice but people need your expertise! I have a question and don't know anything about cars being a girly girl. My 2014 Toyota camry le a/c is not working, and the a/c, heat, outside air switches are messing up. The mechanic checked leaks and there are none. Freon added. Cost $130. When i switch on the air, i get heat. The outside air light comes on when i put the a/c on feet/body and body. The outside air light goes off when i put it on feet and defrost it goes off but still get hot air? Rarely at times the a/c goes on? Mechanic says they have to do electrical testing next week. I am distressed with car payment, insurance and car only has 40k miles! 🙁 He says if i need compressor its probably $1000 or more!!

  • Scotty there's always going to be haters you keep doing what you're doing it's very much appreciated!!

  • Question Scotty, I drive a Scion IQ 2012, the auto lock in the door will not work on the drive side. I have changed the battery in the key, but it might be in the door. Any ideas? What should be done

  • Dont quit Scotty I just found your videos and subscribed and watch all your videos and I have learned so much from you Thank You.
    Also whats your opinion on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant with only 135,000 miles on it?

  • Continue spreading your wealth of knowledge. What sets you apart is that you enjoy what you do. When you possess that type of rare unrivaled passion for an interest, the exchange of information is butter smooth lol but seriously, it really is so fluid and easy to interpret. … bkz it has become a labor of love to discover new things and thereafter chop it up with when engaged with others- not work. So again, say bye Felicia to those with negative opinions and never stop these videos. Hell, I only just became a fan and started watching these lol

  • Hey scotty, I've got an 04 40th edition silver Mustang 3.9 competition motor. I've got this really bad handling in any kind of rain/ weather even with top notch brand new tires. I've got a popping sound at times when turning my wheel like a CV needing some TLC, but I've been told it is my rack and pinion. Problem is I have perfect fluid levels! Also have this loud lifter sound that sounds like exhaust from my ac dripping water but it is more lifter sound! My rpms rev up and gives a timing scare more so when my AC is turned on. Thoughts? I love my car it's a beauty and nobody can figure it out! Thanks

  • Denf would appercaite it if u stayed I use your videos all the time and you help me alot im new car owner and i have 94 mustang v6 and 2012 Hyundai accent and you helped me w alot of things. Would really suck to c u go but gotta do what u do

  • Seriously Scotty just hang it up no one takes you serious anymore with all the ranting about brands and talking about your POS celica let’s see you actually working on some of them shitty ol cars u love so much

  • Do not retire. Retirement is for pussies. You make a huge difference in people's lives with straight to the point and good advice with humor. That is rare in today's world. I plan on working into my nineties, even if it is pouring beer and coffee.

  • A YouTube is not a job your required to do its a place were one to share ideas and express your own inportince of respectful comments especially when it comes to vehicle's. .as you yourself scotty sharing your experience. ..thank you for your time and making the effort to helping people who can understand great Advice. one should be taken advantage of when buying reliable vehicle…..

  • Man you have help me fix a 91 jeep, 05 bmw 89 olds 08 Chrysler 10 -05 Camry now my 10 Dodge Charger….. I would be 👍🏾🚈🚍 without you 😂

  • No, absolutely not. Before today's technology came along we hung out in garages and swapped information, stories, and experiences. Being a 60 year old truck driver hanging out is mostly a thing of the pass, but thanks to YouTube I'm still hanging out in garages. I find myself at your garage quite frequently.
    You are very knowledgeable and present information clearly. It would be a shame to lose you.

  • Keep doing your videos. You are helping lots of people. If people don't like your opinions, then ah well, they will probably still watch anyway haha.

  • Wrong Scotty!! Ford and Chevy neck and neck in the 40's, 50's and 60's. NO WAY!! in the 40's Ford had their flathead V8 that was reliable but no power while Chevy had a PUSHROD I6, the stove bolt 6 among most reliable engines EVER! Besides you could hop it up and make power too! Then in the mid 60's Ford dreamed up twin I beam worst design front suspension EVER while Chevy still had a solid axle and it was just fine thank you!! BESIDES THAT: Current Ford pickups have a DI twin turbo V6 that SUCKS esp in the HEAT! While Chevy has DI still better than Ford. But the winner here is the Dodge HEMI- it still has port EFI and meets emission no problem thank you!! We love our HEMI!

  • NO NO NO NO retire from utube, Scotty. I just found you, and this ole gal needs good advice and smiling watching you. !!

  • Scotty, I don't really comment on YouTube. Ever. I mean, look at my profile picture (what??) You have literally been teaching me so much! I'm currently making my 2001 Chevy Malibu work for now but it's been a bit of a losing battle. Currently looking for a Toyota or Honda, I just need a solid beater to get me where I need to go. And you're helping me figure this out so thank you! And you're hilarious so that helps insert horse laughing meme 😂

  • This is one of the very few YouTube channels I binge watch this channel if it goes away I don’t know what I’ll do…obviously with over 2.3 million subscribers, there’s more people that like you than don’t like you. Keep going as long as you still love doing it.

  • the only time I think you're wrong is when you poo-poo on subaru. I had 2 manual transmission subarus and they're the best car I ever had.

  • No Scotty hang in there buddy like your shows?
    just been busy here lately I'll get around to seeing you…🤙

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