Should Andrew McCabe be fired days before retirement?


  • YES…

    Trust Jeff Sessions to weasel his way out of having Andrew McCabe arrested, its par for the political course he has been travelling since he first recused himself. McCabe was a central figure in a wider FBI, DOJ IRS & FISA cabal, a treasonous Democratic secret circle under the auspices of Obama & determined to overthrow the duly elected incoming President, and place Hillary Clinton in the oval office, and should have been the first of many arrests. Watch Sessions ignore the real legal treasonous hanging offence ramifications of this attempted coup d'état & FISA authorized spying & eavesdropping on Americans citizens.This is the worst crime perpetrated against the office of President since the founding fathers first endeavoured to establish a government for the new American citizen’s that would be immune to corrupt elites. Also, watch Sessions continue to ignore calls for a second council and maintain his foot dragging to deliberately undermining his own
    authority as AG. Sessions has already proven that he is just like the rest of the anti-Trump Obama-Hillay NWO no border globalist republicans. If the reader also checks out McCabes interview on CNN the reader will notice that Mc Cabe is
    making use of the old time stage magicians’ trick of miss-direction, by refocusing the viewer’s attention away from his own deliberate treasonous illegal acts and on to President Trump, which he known the far-left Media will latch onto like a dog with a bone.

  • Take his pension. Make that an example for any person in power who is dishonest. Not telling the truth is unforgivable.

  • You Can lose a Fed Pension after Retirement…
    if you are guilty of committing crimes. Only lowly clerks tend to suffer this Penalty.

  • Right on the money !     There is a whole lot about to come to public light very soon.  Be ready for an eye opening March and April.

  • sad, but he had to be fired.!!! welcome to the real world MR ANDREW McCabe.!!! feel the burn the average american had to live with on 2008 & 11. karma is a b**ch.

  • Hell yes, he deserves what would happen to at least 200 million other americans in the private sector of society, or does being in the capitol hill elite lift him from this?

  • Andy, you got exactly what you deserved. Did you really think that you would get away with it? You must have been as sick as a old hound that ate a skunk when you realized that Trump won the election.


  • He should be fired and lose his pension and be brought up on charges of obstruction for his role in not prosecuting Clinton and the people around her for this vile cover up of crimes and treason. He was involved in the illegal move to obtain a FISA warrant under false information which amounted lying to a FISA court judge. He should be concerned about going to jail.

  • Dam, you people are so cold. He did serve this country for more than 20 years. Two days before retirement! Nasty people.

  • McCabe has been punished and made an example of. He deserves it. He may face much more serious problems down the road. He's broken the law and probably deserves jail time. McCabe's also another example of someone who got in bed with Hillary Clinton and is now paying a price for it. Maybe Hillary will help him out. Don't count on it.

  • Sunny Hostin just made a complete fool of herself. "I do not know what he did or didn't do." An equally uninformed audience breaks into applause.

  • Laura mentioned the Republicans' epic fail: the 9/11attack. Thanks Laura. Both W Bush and Condi Rice made their "no one could have imagined an attack by flying planes into buildings" kiss offs soon after in spite of having been pre warned by intelligence reports regarding Bin Laden. Some of us still remember.

  • Lmao!! you republican pricks are a bunch of idiots, you believe a haphazardly put-together report like this is worth firing a career civil servant AFTER 22YRS OF SERVICE IS GREAT?!! , then what about the Bone-spur President who refused to go to war?!!! you continue to treat your patriots like this, and you will find Russia in your backyard quicker than a gay parade, cause the FBI will stop working for your ungrateful asses!!!! you really have to be dumb to think firing him 3 days before he's suppose to receive his pension is a good thing and does not have anything to do with McCabes upcoming testimony? FOX can spin this all they want but the truth will be revealed soon enough, can't wait for the new spin fox will have on that day….lmao

  • Again watched a Fox news report without specifics and still don't know what happened. Ingraham only demands perfection from those she attacks. Disgusting propagandist.

  • This just proves how paranoid trump has become. Their excuse for firing him is laughable. This is a dictatorship in action. You people better wake the hell up.

  • Trump is a piece of slime. They fire a man who has spend 22 years of exemplary service for an mistake is bad enough but to be crapped and gloating on it publically is low and un becoming of any human decency.

  • So the lady on the View doesn't know what McCabe did or didn't do, but she's troubled that he lost his pension by someone in the Trump administration.. Now if that isn't the prototypical "woman" political analysis, I don't know what is.. Even though this issue can be easily looked up and understood and a rationale analysis can be made, she still doesn't care enough to look at the facts, she'll go w/ her "feeling".

  • Trump has no junk in his past!! This was a guy who took $15,000 from middle class "students" for a seminar and lies. Trump is nothing but a lying snake oil salesman.

  • So, we should fire Sessions for lying under oath, right? FOX will spin the web of bullshit where all Democrats need to be held to the highest standard and Republicans can lie cheat and steal with standing ovations.

  • Everyone has to live upto the protocols, policies, honesty and integrity but the president. What a hypocricy.

  • Typical public sector view that you should still get your pension even when you screwed up. They are so detached from the real world.

  • All these wanna be Russian Trolls who are Americans…you must like the scent of Putins Ass in your face from every speech given by President Shithole…
    Damn…time for an airfreshener called Truth…haha…dont worry…Mccabe will flip for Mueller…hahaha

  • Fox news is so gross. People are sheep they will follow anything that only sounds true, but isn't. 21 years of putting up with political bullshit and the man can't even get his pension because of it? I smell lawsuit. Or at least a book.

  • 4 Star General is calling for Donald to be removed from office. McCabe served this country. I agree with the 4 Star General…DISGUSTING WHAT DONALD HAS DONE.

  • I agree. Treason should be punished. Trump is also in BIG trouble. Once the investigation is over, he's gonna have to leave the country. Democrats won't go easy on him. And Republicans (the most honest and just of the two parties) won't show him any mercy. Good luck, Donny. Nice knowing ya! YA FIRED…from the best country in the world. The U.S. of A.

  • mccabe lost not only his pension he also lost all benifits healt care dental optical he really screwed himself by lying they put martha stewart in prison they claimed she lyed

  • "When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history," he wrote. "You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but will not destroy America… America will triumph over you."

  • McCabe deserves retirement like everyone else for the rest of his life….
    Of course he also deserves a firing squad….

  • He betrayed America, he spit in the face of our democracy, he should be held accountable. Time after time we see that the elite get special consideration where you and I would he thrown in jail.

  • All Democrats lied about Russia links, collusion, over all they lie about everything.
    They all SUCK !!!!!!!

  • Why you just fired this Mccabe piece of shit and not send him to dead penalty for treason. Wake up real Americans!!!

  • Yep, welcome to the world of at will employment! Now you have it and oh wait, now you have nothing. What is good for US is good for you.

  • It’s fine they are firing him for the lying but why did they wait a whole year right before he retired instead of doing it when he was supposed to be caught everyone is dirty in this.

  • good work Rupert's (thats Rupert Murdoch much to the shame of us Australians) hit squad at it again. To you American patriots just think for a second…… thats all it takes, do you really believe Fox News and Donald Trump over the FBI and the CIA/ NSA (most of you should look that up) and your armed forces. Really? There are literally thousands of your men and women that have worked hard to defend your country all over the world. At the coal face when they face life and death they think beyond this silly attack media bullshit – you need to start doing that! If you think its normal or dignified to shame a man who has given 20 years of his life to doing a demanding job that HAS to be under the radar and then take away his future to make a political point and these media tarts make fun of it – AND you celebrate it… Lets just assume that he is human and has made some mistakes in his time.. do you think anyone gets to be 2IC in the FBI? Again just think about that. Do you think that he proved himself? Do you think he saved lives before he became a media target? Do you think that he was successful in prosecuting crime (drugs, terrorism, slavery, fraud… whatever takes your fancy). Of course he was and IS. Have some respect for your country man who has done a lot more than most of using his life (certainly more than me). In a few years this will look very different.


  • The Trump administration (this is now a contradiction in terms) is one huge cluster fuck and McCabe is its latest victim. It is also typical of this Mad Tea Party that, over a year after the elections, we are still hearing nothing but vitriol about Obama or Clinton. Could the White House please stop blaming people who are not in power for the current mess which is of their own making and get on with the business of running the country? Ffs, just get on with it already and stop running around in circles looking for the next person to blame for your own inadequacies. Previous Republican administrations, for better or for worse, managed to get things done. It is high time this one did too.

  • agree macabe should probably be indicted, but what is jeff sessions doing firing him for lack of candor – sessions himself should not only be fired but executed for treason along with trump they are both totally disgusting

  • handcuffs  for comey McCabe brennan lynch , Clinton and all involved in corrupting our political system.

  • What horse shit is this. Anyone of us would be fired on the spot and loss everything and no one would say anything. But if your connected to a politician nothing happens. 1.8M in pension sounds like we just saved 1.8M.

  • he has plenty money coming to him from the Clintons, soros, and the other communist who are working against OUR POTUS  we don't need to keep supporting him and his ????

  • If you were gonna put down the hammer should have done it THEN…. Firing someone days before retirement is just poor form makes it look petty and cheap….FUNNY AS HELL….but super petty😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • should he? absolutely…..he should also be bankrupted to pay back taxpayers for all the money he made screwing us over.

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